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case 580B lost foward and backwards

case 580B lost foward and backwards

I just got the backhoe a couple of week ago, after mooving about 3 truck loads there was hydrolic oil everywhere so I had to weld one cylinder that cracked and repack 2 other ones, then I keep going and within the next 30 feet of doing my driveway I can not move annymore.... The seller has dissapeared. Please help me

I found a couple of similar problems on the site but not the same combination as I had, here is what is going on with my backhoe. Case 580B diesel 4 speed.

-It is running fine mooving back and foward for a couple of minutes (5) then transmision oil presure drop and does not come back up again so I can not move anymore.
-If I shut the engine for 5 minutes it goes away and I can use it again for anothe 5 minutes.
-sometimes it sarts to make some noise, some kind of rhattle that goes away when I press on the clutch.
-I did a transmission oil and filter change and I noticed alot of litle metal particules in the oil, the oil was grey almost like mercury.

Thanks for your help

Re: case 580B lost foward and backwards

That was disappointing it breaking down on its first job,sounds very much like the shuttle charge pump is worn out or is starved of oil,there is a suction strainer on the pump pick up pipe that can get blocked,with metal in the oil its a good chance the pump is shot,you will need to wash out the oil compartment,blow out lines going to the cooler and the cooler itself to get rid of any metal that might ruin the new pump,the Case part # for the pump is A37570,you can buy an aftermarket one from EPS WY 307-235-2119,considering the price I would remove the old pump first and be sure its needed and will cure the problem,the pump is located underneath the control valve on top of the shuttle housing,remove the valve and then the cover,Case have an online parts site,Google Casece parts and it should bring it up,

daniel case
Where does all the metal particules in the oil comming from? Is it from the worn pump or does it come from somewhere else? I understand that I have probally blown the pump because of the metal particules but where do they usually come from or where do you think they would have come from in my case?

Should I take everythig appart to investigate peice by peice and look for over used gears ir other parts in the torque?

How much time does it take to change it?

Do I need to separate the backhoe to reach it?

thanks again for your help

AJ Silver alloy flakes usually comes from the torque converter but so would noise if a bearing had failed and the stator was hitting the housing,its one of thoes things that has to be opened up to know for sure.

Jeff 1979/80 580B with power shuttle trans. Was digging into clay with front bucket - heard a metallic snap and now the machine won't drive forward or back. Any idea what I snapped, how to trouble shoot? Any help very much appreciated!

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