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580K Power Shuttle No Forward

Tim I have an early model 580K. I found out that gear oil had been added to the shuttle instead of hyd. oil. It was then driven on the road about 4 miles to a job with no problems. It was worked at the job for a good while then forward started slipping under a load and got progressively worse. I have since drained the shuttle and cleaned the suction screen, which was clogged, and refilled with good hyd. fluid.

This did make a difference in forward for a short time and then the slipping returned. I again drained, cleaned, and replaced fluid at least two more times with not much change. Reverse works fine the whole time.

Now the only forward movement it has is in first gear with no throttle. It will crawl on engine idle but when throttled up any will start slipping and movement will stop. You can manipulate the forward shuttle lever from neutral to forward and it will crawl a little better but slips at throttle up.

Is this the forward clutches that are gone? I have read about a spring that breaks in the shuttle sometimes, could that be the problem?
Again forward slips but reverse works fine and strong. Please Help?

AJ The early K has the Borg Warner Velvet Shift shuttle,when the Belleville spring fails you would lose forward travel,if the clutch pack discs are worn or if the oil pressure is escaping due to a worn piston seal,having a strong reverse says that the torque convertor,charge pump and reverse clutch pack is ok,apart from doing a pressure check and checking the control valve and the clutch cut out there is nothing can be done to the shuttle in situ,there are several aftermarket outlets for a rebuild kits for that shuttle,equipment parts source is a popular supplier.

Tim Thanks for your quick response AJ. With your best guess, could the gear oil that was added into the shuttle have caused the forward clutches to play out?

Is there a plate or cover that can be removed to inspect the clutch plates?

What type of tester do I need to run the pressure tests that you mentioned? If you can answer those three for me I will try not to bother you on it any more.

Thanks again, I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

AJ If only a small amount of gear oil was added to top it up I don't think it would have done any harm,but its hard to know what could or could not happen,I have came across several that were filled with engine oil by mistake with no ill effects,I am asending you an email with some useful links.

Mark I have a similar condition on my early 580K. Where is the pressure tap at on the shuttle to verify pressure? Can the control valve assembly have a plugged orifice on the forward side?
randy hi
i'm new to this site so hello to eveyone. i bought a case 580k which has 9000 hrs on it. i started doing some much needed maintenance. changed trans/hydraulic cooler in front,replaced all seals on 4 hydraulic cylinders.
i took out bottom drain plug on torque converter housing and quite a bit of oil came out. i don't think there is supposed to be oil in the housing. do anyone know what might be leaking. it is a phase 3. any help would be appreciated
thanks in advance

Randy Stevens Was moving some dirt around and had just started backing up when it just stopped moving. Have no forward or reverse. Any ideas?

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