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1986Case 580 super e won't go into forward

RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN My 580 will not go into forward until it has warmed up for at least 10 minutes, and even then it has very little power, I have no problem with reverse, anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
AJ Sounds as your forward clutch pack is not engaging,first off is the oil level correct,it is checked with the engine running on low idle,the shuttle in neutral and the transaxle in fourth gear with the parking brake on,if ok the next thing is to disconnect the clutch cutout solenoid to eliminate any electrical fault,there is a plug on the solenoid pigtale that can be disconnected,then check the linkage is moving the valve,the solenoid needs to be tight as it holds on the D plate that moves the valve,if still no joy a pressure test would be in order,if you have a manual look up the troubleshooting for the shuttle,very little can be done with the shuttle in situ,if this happened suddenly it could be that the belleville spring broke,if it getting worse by degrees it could be an oil leak on the piston of the forward clutch or the plates are worn,when you have a strong reverse it says that the torque,charge pump and reverse clutch is ok.

I'll check out all the issues you mentioned tommorow, hopefully it won't be a major job, this issue was happpening in the winter months but seemed to have worked itself out in the warm weather, so I just assumed it was a problem with the fluids being to thick in the colder months.

Re: 1986Case 580 super e won't go into forward

If you suspect the fluid there is no external filter,drain the fluid,take off the little oil pan from the bottom of the shuttle,take off the oil pickup strainer and wash it,check the o'ring on the top end of the pipe,doubt if there is a blockage there or its drawing air seeing reverse is ok,but it is a service item the fluid should be changed every 1000hrs and the strainer cleaned,the fluid is Case TCH,if you do not have a manual I can give you a link to where you can download one.

nick perugini i have the same problem i have installed new plates....charging pump the could it be the valve assembly? i rebuilt it myself and took my time and seemed to have no problems rebuilding it. i can take it apart again ...i just want to make sure it wasnt somthing else . i had to use a rubber mallet to force the piston from the fwd cylinder .is it supposed to be that tight? should i just get a rebuilt shuttle this machine was used verl lightly with 2500 hrs its a 1986 super e
RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN I found that my transmission cooler was leaking, and that's why I was loosing fluid from the power shuttle. I picked up a new cooler and drained the power shuttle and tourque converter, and replaced the fluids. I found some metal filings in the pan, which I cleaned out, but I was nervous I'd need a new shuttle, but after I put it back together it went in forward with no trouble at all. Is it possible the lack of fluid was the problem and if so what are the odds I got away with out damaging the power shuttle?
AJ The fluid is critical with that shuttle as it holds very little about a gallon between the torque,shuttle and cooler,the engine needs to be running on low idle,the shuttle in neutral and the main transmission in fourth gear.

Billy Hi AJ I have just about the same problem. I have a 580 Super E 4WD. Shifting into forward, neutral, and reverse is no problem. Operates with full potential in reverse; however forward only works for a min or two right after it starts up. There are no fluid leaks and pressure test was well within variance. I thought it might be the torque converter until I read your post. I found the Relief Valve Assembly (part of the hydraulic cooling system) and the Control Valve (part of the output shaft and control valve assembly). Should I check both of them for clogs or worn pieces? As well, do you think it may be the forward Friction Plates or possibly a worn Belleville Spring? I look up all my parts on the Case site, which is hard to read and incomplete. Could you send me the link you have to a downloadable version of the manual or post the link. Thank for any help you can give.


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