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Case 580C fluid being blown out

Shawn I have a 580C that runs fine. However when running it this weekend I noticed an oil trail or some kind of fluid trail from under the machine. It appears to be coming from a hose that is attached to the top of the valve cover. The hose hangs down but I did not see where it may need to be attached to.

Is this some type of blow by hose? If so, is it normal for it to blow oil or whatever type of fluid out onto the ground.

I was not running the machine hard so to speak just moving some top soil around in 1st or second gear. The engine temp. was holding around 160 to 180 degrees on the gauage.

Any suggestions. I hate to keep leaving died streeks in my lawn.


ghitch75 that doesn't sound good.....what does it smell like?...oil,coolent,diesel?

btw is your power steering still workin'? C blew the shaft seal on the steering pump and the fluid went in the crank case...but never came out the blowup pipe

ghitch75 blow by vent not blowup
Shawn Honestly, I'm not sure what it smells like. I'm confident it is not coolant. My guess it is either diesel or oil. The engine is a 188.

My power steering is working but the fluid leaks out somewhere. On another post I made on the site it was suggested that I have a seal leaking and that is probably why I'm getting a drip above the front axle area underneath. I have not addressed that problem yet.

I always seem to have adequate oil in the engine. I'm starting to think based on your post my steering fluid may be going into the crank as well. This may cause the excess to be push out this blowby hose.

Hope I have not caused any damage to the engine. It was running strong as ever when I was done for the day.

Is it difficult to replace those seals?

Thanks Shawn

DENO Tractors with a lot of hours do loose some oil out if the tube. if you have a lot comeing out you could have a blown head gasket or a bad cylinder ring. Need to run a cylinder pressure test to find out.
ghitch75 no the seal is easy to change.....the fluid is oil any way just thinner.....pull the pump and pull the gear and the key...pull the seal and drive the new 1 in....
Jim Brassfield I have a probably mid 70's model 580c landscaper with loader and rear box blade. I had brakes but was loosing a lot of fluid in loader arms so rebuilt them. Along the way, the brakes quit working and as soon as I put it in gear - forward and reverse it takes off!
Surely I am low on hydraulic fluid...but correct me if I'm wrong. Whether I am or not - where are all the locations to put fluid in the tractor?
I have a nut and oil level on the left side that I add fluid and found one place to add on the right side that goes to the tranny. Is there another?
Please help!
Jim Brassfield

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