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Stalling problem david brown 885 gas

Paul I have a David Brown 885 3cyl GAS. When it warms up it dies as though it is starving for gas. In the past, I would wait for it to cool down and it would run good again until it got hot again. It has gotten worse to the point now it only runs for a little bit then quits. Choking does not help. I don't know now if it is fuel or electrical at this point. Any help?

Leon Try replacing the ignition coil.


paul Thats the first thing I did was replace the coil. No luck.
AJ Usually if the engine starts fairly easy indicates that the ignition system has no big problem,saying that the plugs and points condensor and coil need to be in good condition,your problem sounds more like lack of fuel,you need to start at the tank and establish that there is a full continous flow leaving the tank and that the tank is vented,if not fix it,flow ok check the fuel line is not running close to the exhaust causing the gas to vapour lock,the carburetor next,check the needle valve is not blocked or the float sticking up,check that the carb mounting bolts are not loose or any other joints on the manifold,if you got a timing light the type that you put one lead in a plug lead and the other onto the plug use it to test the ignition next time it stops on you,when it stops put on the timing light on any of the plugs and try to start the engine,the lamp should flash every time it fires on that cylinder,if you got a flash it rules out the ignition,no flash the ignition has a problem which can be anything from the condensor to the actual ignition switch or any wire in between.

Derek Put some conditioner in the tank. Seafoam works good and sparay some on the carb while it is running. The float is hung up. Mine did the same thing

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