MTD Yardmachine 18HP Tractor won't turnover

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MTD Yardmachine 18HP Tractor won't turnover

david coates My 18HP briggs and Stratton powered tractor has had both spark plugs replaced and a new battery installed. When I turn the key it growls once or twice but will not turn over. I am not sure if it is the starter or the solenoid. How do I determine?? Any suggestions - or is there something else it could be? ( I am a beginner )
jimmie townsend
i have a new riding lawn mower yardmachine which i bought from walmart and a new battery and i have tryed charging it and it still wont turn over what do i need to do or does it have a place to prime it other then the choke.

jay double check battery connections possible reversed connection or short
jesse I had the same problem with mine. I think that there is a factory defect with these machines. I changes my battery twice and still had the same problem. Now it will hesitate then start.
Marc Pilotte I had the same problem when I purchased a used machine. I purchased the recommended battery from Walmart the first year and had problems starting the machine. Constantly had to re-charge the battery. The following year, I went to Sears and bought a heavt duty battery and haven't had a problem since.

Larry Mace My dad had a similar problem with his 16.5 hp Briggs powered Yard Machine. We went to our local repair shop, starter in hand, thinking that was the problem. We were told to check the rocker arms. Sure enough, they were VERY loose. I adjusted them to within specs, and it now runs like a new one.
Jeff I have had a Yardmachine for about 5 years now. Is your's trying to start at all or is nothing happening when you turn the key? Here's a few things I have learned about mine over time.

The carburator is horrible about clogging up when sitting all winter. Use the fuel additive that you can pick up from any mower shop.

Change the oil.

My battery also went dead on me. This happened in the second year I had it. I bought a new battery, ($40 or so) and haven't had that problem again.

Frontend is plastic, it WILL break if you are hard on the mower. We have a small farm, (not big enough to have a real tractor), I have been tough on it.

The steering colume section is plastic and WILL break. See above.

Now I play with the ignition switch when it doesn't want to start and it will fire up. So, will be changing that next.

I've moved on to a different brand of tractor/ mower. But, 5 years of hard labor isn't bad for a $900 garden tractor. Everything on it works, (except the ignition right now), it's just the body that is falling apart. It is going to make one fast go-cart.

Good luck on your's.


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