Nuffield 460

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Nuffield 460

dave Has anyone got a paint code for a Nuffield 460.

Engine block is cracked between cylinder liners, but runs ok. Is this typical of Nuffields?

david kierans Hi dave,

Ive recently bought a nuffield 460. There was water getting into the cylinders and i discovered that the block is cracked between piston liners. I replaced the cylinder head gasket and it appears to be cured. Ive been told that this problem is typical with this BMC engine but they usually run ok. Ive a colour code at home, ill look it up and mail to you. Im in the process of restoring my Nuffield.


Michael Cronin I have restored a 460 about 3 years ago. Engine (100mm bore, 3.8L BMC) fully reconditioned. Now blowing bubbles into radiator during warm up only. Checked CHG - perfect. Suspect small crack in block. Hopefully it's stable. Otherwise running fine - av 2L/Hr diesel consumption. A few comments: new engines need careful attention during run -in. May blow oil up exhaust for first 100hr - this will abate with good hard work. Avoid a lot of tick over work - they coke up. Also, keep the fuel pump settings low to help avoid this. Be careful to bleed cooling system well when starting first: they are prone to over heat. Drill a small hole in the thermostat! If you have no decent moderately heavy work for yours, find some! A few hours on a generator would be excellent every month. Regards, best of luck.

mick brady how will i find out the year of my 460 it was a barn find no number plate but i have chassie numb thanks mick
samuel bacon I have an old Nuffield 460 but there is a problem engaging the PTO. The shaft spins in idle but it wont engage. Is there a proper procedure?
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Jan-Eric Johansson I am also restoring a 460 and have had the same problem as you concering waterleakage. The solutin for me was to find another engine, which finally turn out succesfully. What is missing for the time beeing is the colour code and I will be very obliged to you if you can transmit it.
Whith best regards
Jan-Eric Johansson
Centralvägen 18
S-812 31 STORVIK

dave i av a 460 and about to give it a entire rebuild, first just to recondition the engine n that for use but in time everything, any tips, hints or problems i may come across
Patrick C Hi from Wsdtern France, We have a Nuffield 4/60 recently introduced into opur collection. A Very good tractor, was seen as the Rolls Royce of english tractors in it's heyday.
There are four valve pushrods that are bent due to stuck valves at some time; wOULD ANYONE HAVE FOUR THAT HAVE COME FROM AN ENGINE YOU HAVE CHANGED???
Any help would be appreciated Thanks Pat

carl mcsween The manual says the fuild for the transmission and hydaulic system is motor oil instead of hydraulic oil.

Is this correct? We replaced the oil with some hydaulic oil, the pump will not engage. May be someone could shed some light on this matter, I would very much appreciate.


Carl McSween

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