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Spark plugs last only 3 months

Ken Hiebert - Crown Valley Auto I have a customers 650G Satoh tractor that we have to keep replacing the spark plugs every 3 months. the tractor runs great on new plugs, but eventually it starts running only on a few cyls. Then, while engine is running, we pull off a spark plug wire at the distributer cap and pull it far enough back so that the spark still jumps to cap, then it runs nice. Sometimes you can actually put the wire back on and it will keep running good for about an hour. Other times you have to keep the wire a distance from the cap.
rich4 What is the color of the plugs, or maybe you have too cold of range of plug. Many older tractors demand a hotter plug than normal. Also check plug wires or replace them. Also replace condensor.
bontai Joe I agree with Rich, you have something out of spec in the ignition system, either the wrong plugs, too small a dia, plug wires, or poor quality plug wires, or condensor or distributor and rotor.
bontai Joe I had a thought overnight, is the customer using premium fuel, something over 91 octane? Is he using some sort of fuel additive that could be causing this? With todays E10 fuel absorbing water and causing problems, some folks are pouring all sorts of additives in their fuel tank, and maybe that's the problem?
rich4 Bontai you seem to have a handle on all sorts of tractors, are you a mechanic, collector or just love tractors. I am just a missplaced farmer from the past and can read and turn a wrench at times. I currently own an import compact tractor,so I have been reading a lot more about repairing problems and so forth.
bontai Joe rich, I did work for a small Deere/Gravely dealership part time for over 2 years back in the early 1980's. I did repairs. deliveries, and sold a few. I bought my first Deere in 1979, and have done 97% of the repairs on it myself. Currently have 3 Deere, 1 Bolens, and one "other" that I got just for the wheel weights. So I guess currently I'd say I was a part time collector, with a mechanical background (my real job is designing industrial machinery).
THE ORGANIC MECHANIC Replace the plugs with NGK-A12 end of problem

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