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mid 70s Ford 3400 TLB newbie questions

Kee Kratz My father just bought a mid 70s Ford 4500 TLB. The bucket cylinder on the backhoe leaks. I'm wondering where to buy a new seal kit and if is a job I can do myself. I'm pretty good with my hands and a little common sense goes a long way. Also, there is a plug with the word "filter" on the left side of the loader frame. Is this where you add hydraulic fluid?
Shaun Wallace The loader fills under cover on nose piece. Has dipstick, small hole to pour in. NH can supply need 19- no off backhoe its on control support or take apart and get seals from Hercules Hyd supplyer.
Kee Kratz
Re: mid 70s Ford 3400 TLB newbie questions

actually, I checked the numbers and it is a 1970 model. I think the hydraulic system flows through the loader frame. what exactly is the "nose piece"? I've posted a picture of the "filter" I was referring to in the original post. I unscrewed the filter, but there is no dipstick. I can see fluid down in the hole. I've also heard that the whole tractor uses the same transmission/hydraulic fluid. If so, where do I check for either a dipstick or is there plugs to remove and fill the case until fluid flows out of them? I appreciate all your help.

Shaun I have the same tractor, and here it how I go about servicing mine. There is no filling at the front of the "nose" of the tractor. There is no dipstick to check the hyd. fluid level, but you're correct in saying that you can see all the way to the bottom. From what I was told by the Ford dealer, you take a long piece of dowel rod or metal rob and put it inside the loader frame (where the plug is at the top) until it reaches the bottom. You want to fill it up with until the rod reaches 15 inches worth of oil. As far as the type of oil, yes, the entire tractor uses the same hyd. fluid for the loader, transmission, and differential. Sometimes the parts books will call them something different, but if you look at the numbers in the owner's manual vs the number on the oil bucket itself, they are the same.
Larry Moon I have a 3400 industrial model. The problem I have is that after I have ran the tractor for 20 or so minutes transmission fluid leaks out around the gear shift. can someone help with this problem ?

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