What is the pull rating of a Super C?

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What is the pull rating of a Super C?

John I was given a super c and was just interested in knowing more about it. supposedly it only has 24hp, but I find that hard to believe since the thing can pull more than my truck in low range, I think. I wonder what a hp then compares to now. my truck can pull a ton and this super c im sure can pull more. any ideas on torque?
corey John,

Did you try tractordata.com ??
May have some useful information there about the Super C.


bontai Joe Your tractor has extremely low gearing, probably weighs more than your truck, with the weight mostly over the drive wheels and the motor puts out huge amounts of torque at low rpms, plus the tires are designed to dig in and pull. Farm tractors of that era were not designed for comfort or style, but to do heavy hard work all day every day.
bontai Joe Ok, I was off on the weight, the tractor weighs 2891 pounds with no extra weights on it, and has 20.7 HP at the drawbar (equal to lifting 11,385 pounds 1 foot in 1 second)
John I was at that site and I still am clueless as to understanding what 20hp at drawbar really needs, i need some sort of comparison to the numbers of a chevy truck that I can relate with. that site does not even show the torque rating.
bontai Joe Your truck's engine numbers are derived in the lab. Tractors are tested in the real world, so 20.7 HP at the drawbar is what is really available to pull with. Your truck's engine is designed to put out max HP and torque at a much higher RPM than a tractor engine, so as an example you can rev up the truck to 4500 RPM and dump the clutch and jerk out a tree stump with minimal control while doing it, or use a tractor at 1200 RPM in the lowest gear and pull out a tree stump with much more control and safety. It's mostly low rpm torque, lower gearing and better weight distribution that allows the tractor to do more. A horsepower has been and continues to be 550 foot pounds per second (most live horses can not achieve this).

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