Adam & Company - antique Road Grader

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Adam & Company - antique Road Grader

Pam This appears to be very old, has the old iron wheels on it,shows to be produced in Indiana, a series 10. serial # 8278.. Where can I find out more information about this roadgrader, the age, the value? Thanks, Pam
clueless It's Adams (sometimes J.D Adams Road Machinery) who made road eqpmt (graders etc) for a long time. Don't have any direct info (you didn't say whether powered or horse-drawn), just some parts catalog info:
Neither 50 bearing catalog,50 fan belt catalog show Series 10 (begin with #15; cover many back to late 20s or so, but incomplete, and of course wouldn't list if horse-drawn!)
Looks like merged into LeTourneau-Westinghouse, builder of road const dirtmovers in late 40s; I'd try Googling Adams Motor Graders, etc, and the other tractor sites, as well as the site. good luck.

bontai Joe It was interesting to Google this old equipment! Some really neat old stuff that was horsedrawn that I knew nothing about. I hope Pam gets the info she needs, and shares it with us.
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Jim Sanning We recently purchased a horse drawn road grader at a farm auction. It is in excellent condition but we can not find a manufacturer name on it. each pice has a part # and all mechanical parts ar free and in working order. We have no idea where to get any info on it. Help??
joan dumm Our son recently purchased an old road grader with a nameplate clearly marked 'RUSSELLTEN GRADER" Would appreciate any info.
Andrew Krueger I just posted a short video clip of our Adams Road Grader on

Rocky Lear I have a gallion t500c road grader that I am parting out we have already gotten rid of the motor, radiator and several other minor parts. We would also be interested in selling the machine whole.

We are located in Berea Kentucky

Donna Duncan We have a AdamsLeaning wheel horsedrawn grader No.10 serial number 9259. My mom and aunt would like to sell it...someone has approached them but wont commit to a price so we need to find out on our own how much it is worth...any information would be appreciated.


John Sauerwein I have a Adams road patrol no. 3 Serial No. 58280. I would like to know it value
Marvin bules I have a Square Deal No. 2C Serial No. 5870 Leaning Wheel Horse-drawn Grader. I would like to know the history of it like the color and the year it was made. Do you have color picture?Thank you for any help you can give me.

Marvin Bules

Murray Millward I have a Road King No 8 Serial #433. any on know what the color would have been when manufactured?


Ron I have a picture of what I think is a 1900ish road grader with the words KING JUNIOR on the side. Where can I find info on this? Thanks, Ron
Maria Lentz Does any one have any info about this old grader?Thanks Maria.
Lyn Chandler Can anyone give me an idea what a mule drawn road grader in poor condition is worth?
Bill McGehee I have a J.D. Adams Road Patrol #4 horse drawn Grader. How do i find and original picture to get the original paint scheme?
Thank You

John Jackson I have recently purchased a Horse drawn Austin Manufacturing Co. Road Grader. #281902 Do you have any information on this grader as of the date of manufacturing.
rob dannels We have to graders for sale please contact me for more info Thanks Rob 641-660-5516
maria lentz HAS anyone information on glide road graders? Thanks!!!
Re: Adam & Company - antique Road Grader

I just got an old horse drawn grader and have no idea of the make I suspect it might be an Adams. I found what appears to be original very dark green paint. Does anyone know what other colors or color scheme belongs?

STANLEY KEESE I have a Square Deal No 1G horse drawn road grader sn 542 mgf by J. D. Adams & Co. I believe the original color was dark green. It appears that all is in working condition. I remember my Dad using it however he converted to a tractor pull. I would like to know the year they were made and if there are any parts. The part I need is the crank rod to the front wheels to make them slant left or right. Thanks for any info.
Glenn Hall Stanley, Hope you have had other replies but if you haven't I may be able to help. Would your machine be a 1C Adams. I own an Adams 1C that I am rebuilding. The one I have is missing the crank to offset the rear wheels. I would like to talk to you we might be able to help each other out. Thanks in advance Glenn 269-276-3362
Glenn Hall Andrew, I enjoyed the video and would very much like to talk to you about your grader. I need help restoring one just like it(missing a part). Please contact me, Thanks in advance, Glenn 269-276-3362
Glenn Hall Stanley,hope this message gets to you.I have a grader like yours and we should be able to help each other out. I have a part missing from mine. Give me a call or email Glenn. 269-276-3362
Joyce Williams I have a raod grader that looks very much like this one, does anyone know the value of it ? Tks for any information u can send my way.
larry lentz I found a old horse drawn grader. It is a 2 man grader 1 guy sit on the front seat driving the horses and the second guy sits on back seat running the controls. It is made by the Glide Machine conpany Minniapolis Minnasota. 501 huron street se about 1914 ?? If anyone has any information about these great old graders please let me know. Possible original color?? and any other information would be greatly appreacied. THANKS LARRY..
Re: Adam & Company - antique Road Grader

I have an old motor grader. Not sure on the year or manufacturer. Any ideas on where to start?

Lloyd Bonifas I am the proud owner of an Adams co. leaning wheel grader square deal 2c Have had it for thirty years excellent condition everything works telescopic steel drawbar would consider selling but dont really know its value. I live in Bellevue Ia. about 25 miles south of Dubuque on the mississippi river . Any info you might have would be appreciated.
larry lentz I found some old red paint behind one of the gears so I assume it was originally painted red does anyone know about the color of this glide grader?? Thanks Larry...

don on july 4th.souris,manitoba,canada we @prairie lane auctions will be selling a #10 adam slant grader,plus other equipmentand will be on web by
don on july 4th.souris,manitoba,canada we @prairie lane auctions will be selling a #10 adam slant grader,plus other old equipment and will be on web by

harold we have 2 blades about seven feet long,with adjistable handle to set appears to be horse drawn. the serial#is 2208E,by jd adams,the rest of the information is not to br made appears to be like a driveway grader. there is 3 feet between the you have any info on this or what it should look like? thanks harold
Dennis Owens I recently bought one of these Glide horse drawn road graders. I would like to know what year they were made. Also, what factory color were they?


Randy Owens Dennis, you will need to post a picture of it on here.
Randy i have been asked to look around for i guess it would be called a hub cap for an antique road grader.. it is owned by my local township they are wanting to restore it, but the left front wheel is missing the piece to hold it on properly. the grader that they have is very similar looking to many that i seen on here, so im hoping someone has what we need. all i can tell u about the machine is that i found red paint on it.. it is horse drawn, and id say its a moderate to large sized grader.. if anyone has any parts for them particularly the spherical outer cap that goes on the outer hub of the tire. if anyone has anything like that please email me some pictures or on my phone 724-333-6218 and i can also sent some pictures of the machine
Patti We have a J.D. Adams Road Patrol, serial #3067 and are wondering what it might be worth. Anyone have any idea?
D.R. I found a J.D.Adams king junior, can anyone tell me the value?
Gary Price Does anyone have the color combination for Model 83 Serial 391, Adams Leaning Wheel Grader?
Bonnie I have an antique road scraper, but it is a Western Wheeled made in Aurora, Illinois. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to put a price on this item. There is Western Wheeled Scraper in the Smithsonian but just a different model. Would appreciate any information. Thanks
M. L. Burns Just like to add a comment about J.D.Adams factory in Indianapolis. I was employed at the Belmont plant just out of High School working as a mail girl, teletype, and switchboard in 1951. My father retired from there after about 30 years in about 1970 or earlier. My Uncle retired from there. My husband was employed there with 29 years when the factory was closed in 1984. It was LeTourneau, Westinghouse Air Brake Co., American Standard and now our small pension comes from Trane. The name changed many times over the years. My family worked as inspectors, machinist on a lot of the graders.
ted rowe when i was sixteen i was employed by the ADAMS ROAD MACHINERY LTD of paris ontario canada it was a subsiduary of the main plant in INDIAN APPOLIS . iam now 80 years younge but i still remember much about the company . i have worked in the road machinery business almost all of my life the last 35 years before my retirement in 1990 i worked for the CHAMPION ROAD MACHINERY CO LTD.


Dave Lang I am looking for a good grader that I can
pull behind my tractor

Dave Lang I am looking for a good grader that I can pull behind my tractor.
Dave Lang I am looking for a good grader that I can pull behind my tractor.
Kurt Im looking for some 1400x20 road grader tires new or used 847-740-9181
Danny gardner I have old Adams road grader I want to sell I don't know the year model but it has an engine and also has three steering wheels I got offered 2500 but I'm firm on 3000 I have pics call and I'll send pics (870)919-7734 located in north east Ar
Danny gardner I have old Adams road grader I want to sell I don't know the year model but it has an engine and also has three steering wheels I got offered 2500 but I'm firm on 3000 I have pics call and I'll send pics (870)919-7734 located in north east Ar
paulo roberto sartori boa tarde, gostaria de receber fotos da velha adams de danny gardner. muito obrigado
Re: Adam & Company - antique Road Grader

I have an Adams Road Patrol #4 road grader manufactured in Indianapolis, IN - serial # 10366 - can anyone tell me more about them? what they are worth? If anyone is interested in purchasing - i am interested in selling it - please contact me at I am located in Northern ILlinois - near Rockford. Thanx

HAINE Bauduin I have a Adams road patrol no. 3 I would like to know it value

Teresa Murphy needing info on this horse drawn road grader came from Jenkins estate in Oregon 40 yrs ago we have used it now and then been around sense i was a kid now its mine and would like to find
out the year and worth
thanks for any help with this

Katy I purchased a very old Horse Drawn Adams 3 man road grader recently. I have no idea of it's value or year it was made. It looks to have been made for a team of 6 horses.Two men would sit up front and operate the horses and one man at the back operating the controls. If anyone has any information on it I'd appreciate it. It has the original instruction name plate on it as well as Square Deal. I don't have the grader moved home yet so don't have access to the name plate information. If anyone has any information please send me an email.

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