value of 1947 co-op model 30?

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value of 1947 co-op model 30?

Jeff Tractor is in original, very good condition. Metal is straight. Tractor runs and has wide front end. What would the value of a tractor like this be? Seller asking $1.000. I have never collected or restored before. Would this be worth purchasing?
bontai Joe This is a 40.8 PTO HP tractor and just about any brand in that size range will fetch $1000 +/- in running condition. The Co-ops are not as plentiful as some others, but they are a nice machine. The engines were made by Chrysler, and with sites like this one (SSBtractor that runs this forum) supplying used and reproduction parts, almost anything can be repaired. Now as with all things old and used, condition means a lot in determining value. So if this is in running condition, is it just barely running with puddles of leaking fluids under it?, or does it sound like Rolls Royce trained mechanics have maintained it ot better than factory new? That leaves a lot of space betwen the 2 extremes, where you need to check for leaks, good compression, smoooth shifting tranny, no extranious noises, no smoke, etc. Also check the wheels (rims) for rot from being filled with ballast, condition of tires. The rear tires are a LOT more expensive than most newcomers to tractors realize. it's easy to spend $600 or more for a pair of rear tires. Just some stuff for you to ponder.
Jeff Thanks Joe for your reply. This tractor had been previously shedded for 27 years, idles wonderfully, never heard a motor run so smooth. Has good tires and rims. No puddles, very driveable. Only thing that appears wrong is a slightly bent left front rim. Has rear hydraulics, no 3 point. Was 3 point available on this model? Thanks again, appreciate your help!!
bontai Joe I don't know enough to say if a 3 point is available or not, my source for the info I put above doesn't say. 3 point hitches became almost standard equipment in the 1950's so this may pre date them. Is this gonna be a working tractor or a restoration project that will mostly be seen at shows and parades? I ask because getting an aftermarket 3 point might be more of a challenge, than for more popular (plentiful) brands like Deere or Farmall. Does it have a rear 540 RPM pto to drive implements? or a wide cast iron flywheel on the side to belt drive stuff? or both?.....

Just did another google search and learned that this is the same as a Cochshutt model 30 sold in Canada.

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