Farmall Super A, What's it Worth?

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Farmall Super A, What's it Worth?

Deborah Conlin My husband has a 1952 International Farmall Super A. Its been at rest for at least 10 years. It's in excellent shape. All the tractor needs to get it going is a new battery. Does anyone out there with tractor knowledge in pricing these old girls, know about the going price on this type? I would appreciate it very much for a response. Thank you in advance. Deborah
nomad its worth is in the eye of beholders, i've been told so many times by the collectors. So, if you are considering to sell it, that means, you don't/didn't like it, and its worth in $$$ is zero or less then zero.

Deborah Conlin Oh no, we don't want to sell it. She's an old beauty. My husband bought it years ago and has all the goodies that go with it. We were just wondering. We love the ol' girl. Thanks for your respond. Deborah

sammy the RED $2200.00-$2600.00 with the equipment.

nomad if you don't want to sell it, then it must be priceless for you. Ok, you are just curious of its worth in $$$ if you considered to sell it. Someone above appraised it by a value of $2200-2600 and this looks reasonable even though i have no idea on its worth. But, a thing i have to mention is that; antique objects have no rule in their market price. This "unknown price" is the general rule in antique markets including antique tractor market. Many antique collectors including tractor collectors have been missing this important point and appraise antiques.

For example, i remember an antique object which was bought by an unknown (small) dealer of a small town at a famous auction house for $500tousands. There were many similar items, but that one had a very small difference than the others. Before it was sold people on such forums had been appraising it a worth of about $1000-5000. But it went high at auction house; $500.000,00. You understand what i mean? By the way, after it was sold, some people claimed that it was sold so high because of seller's performance (presentation, intentional misinformation, worth/market speculation/stirring, etc) and some people claimed its selling price ($500tousands) was reasonable. What was the truth, its true/real worth? Nobody knows except the seller and the buyer. Ok, any average person in antique field shouldn't hope such things much because such things may rarely happen, sure. But, also sure that if it happens, it will always happen in antique fields, - will never happen in the field of new items.

So, as a conclusion, your tractor price would be between $100 and $1 million and even more if it has something interesting, somethings original and if you hire a knowledgable speculator expert, if a potential (rich) buyer wants to buy it very badly, etc etc. Good luck if you ever decide to sell it.

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dennis you have to consider the area you are in. if the super a is in good shape dont take less than 3,000. that would be the going price in long island ny. another part of the country, its worth more or less

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