Antique Ford 600 Jubilee 1961

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Antique Ford 600 Jubilee 1961

Susan Alarie I have inherited my grandfather's red (hood) and gray 1961 (I think) Ford tractor which I know is a Jubilee of some sort. It is running well and we blade the driveway, snow, do some plowing, lots of mowing of pastures and small hay fields, etc., with it. It was used more as a horse by my grandfather, who drove it all over this rough terrain after he was too old to walk the hills. It has been a good one. In the mid-70's he had it overhauled. We have done some normal maintainence with it since then. I really need to know what it is worth because I can not move large bales (1500 lbs.) with it and with horses, I really need a tractor that can do this. Can anyone advise me as to what to ask for this tractor and where to list it?

Greg Hendrick If this is Fred Wolfe, you sent me an email about a Harris tractor I have, I can't get your email to accept another picture or reply. thanks


teecee The "Jubilee" was manufactured in 1953, the fiftieth year of the Ford Motor Co. I don't believe you can properly call a 1961 600 a Jubilee.
Susan Alarie This is my problem. We think the old Ford is a '60 or'61 and a 600 model, however, it was one of a special edition which had a red hood and front end when all other Fords of that two year period had gray hoods. I am trying to isolate what these tractors were called and why Ford only made the red hood for a couple of years. Maybe the tractor is a '51. If granddad were here he could tell us iin a second. Any information anyone out there can give me would be appreciated. I am thinking of selling it and really need to know its value as an antique.

teecee I have done a little more research on Ford models. The 9N was built from 1939 until 1942, when the 2N was introduced. Very few were built during the war years and the 8N was introduced in late 1947 as a 1948 model. In 1953, the Golden Jubileee (NAA) was introduced and it was built through 1955, when the 600 and 800 series of tractors were introduced. As I remember, there were Workmaster and Powermasted models. According to my information, the Jubilee was the first model with an overhead valve engine. As I remember, the distributor on the 9N was on the very front of the engine; not sure just how it worked. According to my information, the 8N engine, drive train and axles were red and the hood, fenders and wheel rims were a "warm" grey. Previously, the entire tractor had been grey. The 9N had the left brake pedal and clutch on the left side of the tractor; in the 2N both brakes were on the right. The 2N had a starter lockout. The 8N was the first with a 4 speed transmission. As a Farmall and John Deere man, this is all I know about Fords.
Cooper Talley This tractor sounds in very good shape and I think it would fetch a good price, so you my start an asking price at roughly $2,000 unless you can definatly tell that is has been ragged over the years. People also like to know what they are buying ,but I don't think that someone would buy a tractor like that and not know what it is. This tractor is a very sought after model so watch out for people trying to pull one over on you.

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