Jaques Mighty Mite Tractor

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Jaques Mighty Mite Tractor

Homer I have a mighty mite tractor that i'm trying to restore. Need inro on this tractor and some parts. Would also like to purchase some origional equipment for same. Will be greatful for any info.
Thanks, Homer homelandga@netscape.net

Bob Miller I have a mighty mite tractor with a disc and plow attachment I would like to sell. It is in rough shape. Make me an offer.
Homer Hi Bob,
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm interested in your Mighty Mite Tractor & equipment. If it's in real rough shape I could probably still use it for parts. Is it all there, does it run, can you send pic's of it? Where is it located and it would be easier if I had a phone number so we could discuss it by phone. Thanks, Homer homelandga@netscape.net

Austin Homer Bob,
Call me concerning the mighty mite tractor you are looking to sell. My cell phone is 912-288-3957, my home phone (i'm only there at late night) is 912-496-7478.
Thanks, Austin

Homer Bob,
If you get this message give me a call please about the mighty mite tractor you have for sale. My cell number is 912-288-3957 and my home number is 912-496-7478.
Thanks, Homer

Austin Hi Bob,
When you get a chance please send me some pic's of the Mighty Mite Tractor you have for sale. I never did get them before.
Thanks Austin "Homer"

Phil Hood Hi:
I'm looking for aJaques Mighty Mite to restore or a Jaques-Frazer Model T..
Please send pictures and requested Prices for parts

Jerry Jaques I want to buy a Jaques Mighty Mite Tractor. I'm the grandson of J.C. Jaques, owner of the Jaques Power Saw company that manufactured the Mighty Mite.

Please contact.

J. Givens My father has a 1947 Mighty Mite tractor. Call if interested. 615-452-3037 and ask for Charlie Givens
F. Elson I have 4 jaques mighty mite tractors and 1 jaques frazier. I do have some sales litature and a manual. I'm always looking for new information and espically manufacturing dates of the tractors and equipment. I have been trying to research the story of the Jaques Mighty Mite for around ten years and would be very interested in speaking with you. Please email me back and I will email you my address and phone number. Thanks. F. Elson
darwin i have a 1947 without the engine i have most evrything else including the clutch and would like to sell all
Austin Homer Darwin,
Thanks for the info!! Is the mighty mite you're offering to sell complete except for the engine? Do you have any equipment with it? How much are you asking and where are you located? My phone number is 912-288-3957, please send yours.
Thanks, Austin

FRANK Darwin give me a call, and we will discuss what you have. Thanks Frank cell number 419 305 5308
darwin homer and frank i sent pics march 2 let me know if you got them darwin
Homer Darwin,
I got the pic's today.
Thanks, Homer

Gordon I have A jaques mighty mite .
In good shape .would like to sell I haven't found out the year. Model-10 Runs good
with plow and disc harrow

Austin Homer Gordon,
Thanks for the contact regarding the mighty mite tractor you have for sale. Where are you located and how much are you asking for the tractor? Some pic's of it would be great. Please email me your phone number.
Thanks again, Austin

Austin Homer Gordon,
You can email the pic's directly at homelandga@netscape.net
Thanks, Austin

Homer Gordon, I did not get a responce from you!! Maybe my reply is just not getting through. Anyway, how much are you asking for the Mighty Mite and where are you located? A phone number would help.
Thanks, Homer homelandga@netscape.net

Paul Dean I have an anique tractor that is a Jaques. It has a crosley engine. it is a small farm tractor red in color. 1947 I am looking for any info you might have. Who made it is it american or possibly Canadian? Need info as I show this at antique tractor shows. I have only seen one other.
I also restore and show garden tractors and larger. I am now restoring a John Deere LA.
Paul Dean

George Hughes I recently acquired a Mighty Mite and hope to restore it.
Are there any sources for info on these tractors.
Mine looks likje it was red in color andeverything except the clutch seems to be there except there must have been some sort of hood ornament fron the holes that are in the hood.
Any pictures and or info would be greatly appreciated

Austin Homer George,
There are pic's available on the net. Still some manuals & parts list also. The holes in the hood were most likely where the gas tank support straps attached. Bring up images under the Google serch engine on the net and type in mighty mite tractor. You'll find some good pic's there.
Good luck, Homer

George Hughes Thanks for the reply. I looked at some of the photos that I found.
Mine is a Model 10 powered with a 10 HP Clinton the engine is missing a carb but has compression and the magneto has spark.
The transmission is free but the seals and bearings are gone..
It looks like I have to remove the rear end to take the transmission out as the drive shaft is splined on both ends and doesn't look like it will come out without sliding the rear a couple of inches.
Thanks for the time
George Hughes

Jeff Enjoyed reading all as we are restoring one. Could you tell me where to find decals?

George Hughes Jeff
I have found no evidence of any logo or signage on my tractor.
I do not believe it has been repainted and the condition of the sheet metal is quite uniform
We are working on 2 tractors and am interested in any hints you might have or sources that you have turned up.
The clutch assemblies are missing from both units and the transmissions and final drives seem to be pretty muc intact though thr transmissins are in need of new bearings
I am new to this restoration business so it is any experience for me

Austin Homer Jeff,
Glad to help with mighty mite info. Also glad to know there are others interested in saving some of our historical farm & garden equipment. Right now I don't have a clue about where to find decals for this tractor or if they even had decals. I do know they had a 1/2 inch wide gold stripe around the hood that made a V shape downward toward the center of the grill. Hope this helps.

FRANK ELSON I have looked at a couple other tractors with the crosley engine. Only one of them has a crosley tag on it. Send me a few picture of your tractor and I will take a look at it. I will look for the names and addresses of the others crosley tractor owners and mail them to you Frank Elson 112 s. hanover st. Minster Ohio 45865
Jeff Austin, George
Thanks for the input. We have an add from an old farm magazine with a pic of a Mighty Mite. It shows a "Jaques" emblem running diagonal across the front of the grill. It runs up hill from l to r as you look from the front. It also shows the gold stripe you describe.

Marion Thompson George Please contact me for dating your tractor. Will give all help that i can. Your tractor's wood have hade Twin Disk Clutch made in Racine Wis. Have restored 2 Jaques Frazers and am working on my first Jaques Mighty Mite. Serial no. 3090 With ZZ B-S engine. Bilt about 4-21-1948.

Marion Thompson George Please contact me for dating your tractor. Will give all help that i can. Your tractor's wood have had Twin Disk Clutch made in Racine Wis. Have restored 2 Jaques Frazers and am working on my first Jaques Mighty Mite. Serial no. 3090 With ZZ B-S engine. Bilt about 4-21-1948.

Marion Thompson Hello F Elson Glad to be off help. Can date all of your tractors. I have 2 Jaques Frazer's and 1 Jaques Mighty Mite all dated 1948. I can now date Jaques Frazer's , Jaques Mighty Mite's, Farm King (crosly engine), Ottawa, and Crosly tractors. I also have a time line on the above tractors. I have also bin trying to get more information on these tractors sense 1972. Marion
mdthompson19@yahoo.com--- 309-582-2511--

Keith I am looking for the rear hub that holds the main and drive gears for a Jacque Frazer Model T. Can anyone help? Thanks
zane Still looking for a mighty mite tractor, consider most.

western arkansas

jody brown hello, I have a mighty mite tractor which I have running but would like more help on dating the tractor and tring to find attachments for.I can submit pictures if this is ok. anyhelp would be appreciated. Jody Brown 1-717-359-7980 in the evening
Matt Brigich My grandfather just gave me a mighty mite tractor. I'm trying to find the original colors and any pictures of a restored tractor. Also, could you please tell me what the original color of the 10inch moldboard plow cultivator and disc is. Thank you so much if you could e-mail me this information.
Fred Gladbach I have access to a Jaques Frazier tractor.
I guess it was built around the 1940's.
Am intwerested in any thing about the tractor including it's valuew.
Thank You,

Fred Gladbach Wold still apperciate any information on the subject tracto
BARNEY BARCO I noticed that your message is several years old so don't know if you are still interested in purchasing mighty mite tractors. I have a model 10, ser #1928 in very good condition with some accessories, all painted green.it has been stored in a barn for many years and needs very little restoring.

Many thanks, B Barco

Timothy Norman Hello I am looking for a Mitey Might tractor, attachments and manuals. In the new england area. Will respond! Would also consider a shaw duall Will pick up
Prince Stevens I have a Jaques mighty mite tractor -running. Would like information on it. I need a hood.
Tractor appers to be complete. Any information would be appteciated.

Zack Baker mt dad has a mighty mite tractor believed to be a 1948. it has a sears roebuck engine on it that looks to be swapped due to the 1/4 inch plywood spacing it up. we need infromation on the clutch. im not sure if it is all there. looks to be mostly but not connected to engine. any info, where to find info or pictures would be great. thanks
Brian Wilcox Is your tractor still for sale ? how much ? where are you located? Thanks Brian KS
Mike Alvarado I am looking for a jaques fraizer tractor in restorable condition or restored do we have any out there
Jacob L. I have a Mighty Mite that is missing the hood i am interested in buy another on for parts. i am also interested in any manuals and or origional attachments you might have. feel free to E-Mail me
Kevin I have a nieghbor with a jaques mighty mite
The orig hood is gone and it was lengthened
to accept the Ford model-a engine that is
in it now It also has a stainless ford radiator
shell It has been this way for 40+ years motor
is stuck from sitting. Any interest out there?

Kevin Patz

Ian Scianablo Hi! I have a Jaques Mity Mite Tractor that has been sitting in my yard for 30 years! Since my father died I have had lots of people expressing an interest in it. The black plack is there with the serial number. It is rusted. The engine might be missing. Still, people have been trying to buy it from us for lots of years! Have pictures!


Jacob L. Yes, I would be interested. Where is it located?
TrAcToR JiM Hell, everyone I just picked up a Jaques Mighty Mite in exc. cond- minus the engine,but I believe everything else is there,I believe its a model 10, was wondering what size engine came in it,HP etc... and what would be the easiest engine to put back in it to have it run,(swap), I also have an economy king garden tractor that has a blown head gasket (easy fix)and was thinkin of putting the whole engine ,trans,etc in the mighty mite(the economy eng is a 14hp Kohler which kohler's are very reliable). any info or opinions on this swap ,I need to get it done for a mud hole event just to ride around on and maybe pull a few 4 wheelers out!!haha also where could I find the skinniest an tallest v tread type tires to put under the mighty mite for added clearance, I like to cut threw the mud, not push it especially with the tractor being 2 wheel drive. so any info on the skinnyiest,tallest,v-tread design tire would be great-brand,tire size etc....thanks alot everyone, and if someone or a couple people can answer these questions-I will label you as someone knowing there shit, and the hell with everyone else! haha P.S.- dont forget about the tires!!skinny,-,and tallnot 6ft tall either maybe 4 ft? thanks guys!!
dan a bergeron I would like to purchase a manual for my mighty mite tractor mine is all there but rough, I need to restore it but sure could use a manual
Doc Edwards We have a model 10 for sale!
Doc Edwards
Re: Jaques Mighty Mite Tractor

We have a Jaques Mighty Mite Tractor model 10 for sale in Nampa, Idaho! The engine turns but I havn't put any gas in it. I wouldn't expect much from the fuel system.

Rodert Thearp I Have Jaques mighty mite for sale
I think it is 1946 has been restored
I live in west tn. 2900.00 obo

Mark Conboy Any information on parts to restore TE frazer tractor Thanks
mike baran I'm looking for any retro fit for the clutch assembly. My #10 had the twin disk with the fiber. Would like to try something else. Anyone have any ideas@
Mark Conboy Need ideas for restoring fraiser tractor
Lewis Shackelford I have a Jacques Mighty Mite that I am thinking of selling I got it out of texas about 26 years ago dont know alot about them only what i've found on sites like these.
robert moneymaker I have a mighty mike tractor with belly bar type mower,disc,culivator,and roto tiller frame you put the motor on. I'm not going to re-store, i would like to sell it to some one who would.
robert moneymaker I have a jacques mighty mite tractor,sickle bar mower,disc,culivator,and tiller frame for sale.
Mark Conboy I have a Jacques tractor that I would like to restore. Before I start into this, does anyone know if there are any parts still out there. Thanks mark

Mark Conboy I have a Jacques tractor that I would like to restore. Before I start into this, does anyone know if there are any parts still out there. Thanks mark

Mark Conboy Any ideas for finding front rims for Jacques tractor

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