Adams Leaning Wheel Grader

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Adams Leaning Wheel Grader

Bill Tommye Marion We have found a adams leaning wheel grader with the id plate still on it.It was used by ny Father along time ago and had sat forgotton in a field.Now my wife and I have brought it home and would like to find out some info on it.It is a model # 11 and any help with finding out when it was made and the value of it would be wonderful.We spotted a picture of a model # 83 and it looked like it was john deere green.Would really like to restore it all its parts do work on it.Just really rusted and no paint on it left.Thanks for any and all help.
Jane Hanas I am also interested in the origin of a Adams Leaning Wheel Grader model 84. Where can I get any information on this grader?
Thank you.

Don Hopkins I own an Adams motor grader which once belonged to the Army Corps of engineers which at one time was Dark olive drab green.That may explain the green color of the machine your describing.I'm always looking for parts so if you decide to sell or part yours out or have any questions feel free to contact me. Don Hopkins
My brother is also looking for information on a Model 84 that he has found at his hunting camp. I would appreciate any info that you can gather...I will forward any I find as well. Thanks

John J Schmaltz Hi, I have a Adams leaning wheel grader #22
I would like to know when it was made and any otherinformation that is available on it would be appreciated. The serialnumber is #458.

thomas l ferguson I have a adams leaning wheel grader no 1c
with serial number #2754 any info would be
appreciated. thanks

John C I have an Adams Leaning Wheel Grader #111, Serial #588. It's missing some of the gear mechanism for the leaning wheel. Any ideas for parts or a good picture of what this mechanism is supposed to look like would be appreciated.
Scott I have a Adams leaning wheel #8 any idea on value
John Whittet I am an intern at Collier Memorial State Park in Southern Oregon. We have a restored Adams leaning wheel grader here at the logging museum. Unfortunately, I don't have a history of our model, or any of yours, either. What I can tell you is that ours is John Deere green, with yellow highlights. It is much the same colors as the Green Bay Packers green and yellow. I am assuming, because we have no background history, that the colors were chosen from original paint colors left on our machine. Our serial plate is missing as well, so I don't know the model type. Hope this info helps some of you.
biilll marion thanks for the reply our grader is a model 11
rick l. i bought an Adams Leaning Wheel Grader #8 from an ad here on YT about three years ago...from my searches on the net and a very old thread from here, the correct color is not John Deere Green, but very close to Rustoleum #7738 hunter green (i have pics to back that up). and there was stenciling on various parts of each model which also varied depending on the date of manufacture.
those stencils were indeed yellow. close to the John Deere yellow (have pics of that too).

i also have an original parts manual for the No.12
(which meant that it had a 12 foot blade. the rest of the iron work and mechanics were pretty much the same model to model.

just finished the paint on mine and used it at the County Fair this last weekend!!!

would correspond with other serious Adams fans!
may be of some help, and may learn something in the process!!!

Floyd Green I just bought an Adams Leaning Wheel Grade too and I am having trouble finding info. Have you had any luck getting more info? It seems every reference here on the net is another person looking for info. Nobody I can find has found any.

Floyd Green I just bought an Adams Leaning Wheel Grader. I have been looking for any info. Would it be possible to get a copy of your parts manual? Do you know where I might look for more info? I do not have any idea what I have.
Howard I have a chance to purchase an Adam's Leaning Wheel Grader, Model #83, It's in very goo shape, still has the original paint, yellow and green. I don't know what would be a good price. I tried to find out on the web but not much help. Do you have an idea?
Dave Just wondering if you have found out anything on the grader. I have a #7 that belonged to my grandfather.
Tim Smith We just found one this on a Jeep trip this last weekend on a back round (read OLD dirt road) to the Grand Canyon. We have no idea how old it is, but thought it was worth a picture. Hope you enjoy it.

We just found one this on a Jeep trip this last weekend on a back round (read OLD dirt road) to the Grand Canyon. We have no idea how old it is, but thought it was worth a picture. Hope you enjoy it.


Tim Smith


Tim Smith

ralph bell Just bought a #7. Would love to have any pictures or manuals you might have. Thanks.
Tim Randall I have a model #48 with rubber tires. It was use by Douglas County in the 50tys. I bought it because I worked with the last people to run it. I want to also restore it but cant find a color photo of one.You can find a black and white in old tractors .com Tim
Tim Randall Ihave a model 48 Tim
Tim Randall I would like to see it. Mine is a model #48 Tim
Tim Randall Iwould like to talk to any one about the color of my model #48 adams pull grader
jo jansky I have an Adams Leaning Wheel Grader No. # 10, maf. by Jo Adams Maf. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. It has four metal wheels. Does anyone know the value of this grader?
It is still intact, including the old seat and steering wheel.

Dave Bullock I can help you with your questions about he adams leaning wheel.
Ara Spirit We just returned from Toroweap, the secluded Grand Canyon North Rim at the end of the most isolated 90 miles of dirt road and found one that was used by the Park!
I will post pictures for you in a day or two...
Be well... Ara & Spirit

Mark Hendricks I have an Adams leaning wheel grader, model 104 on rubber tires, serial #1955, in good condition. Not sure of it's value and interested in selling.
jim thomason I have a adams leaning wheel grader ser#83 what is it worth.
Barry Stokes I have an Adams Leaning Wheel Grader # 8 for sale. Serial # 3391
Please email me for info if interested.


Alberto Estrada. My father in law just got a grader, nice looking and in good shape, totally in work shape.
Does anyone knows when modle 104 was made?
Just wondering.

eric Does any one have the front and back seat assemblies for a 111 or 1c and if so would u please email me the dimensions of them at

don luckenbach I have aadams grader watch fobe does any one know anything about it
Shelley I have a Adams Leaning Wheel Grader #111 Serial #3062 that still works with a little tlc. I would like to sell it, and was wondering what price it would sell at? Thank you.

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