Dynahoe Backhoe

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Dynahoe Backhoe

Jim Have a Dynahoe Backhoe with a 6 cyclinder F245 Continental gas engine. It has a pierce governor and I am looking for the bolt with an attached spring that goes into the end of the governor. An help or suggestions are most welcome. Also a manual for this machine.
Crystal my husband just purchased a dynahoe 140 bachoe, We are also looking for a manuel for it. So if I have any luck Ican let you know via e-mail.
Paul If you find a source for a Dynahoe backhoe manual please let me know. I have also recently purchased one.
Paul We found a source for dynahoe manuals. Check at www.doepkerindustrial.com
or call 306.933.2414

Eric Fitzgerald Any luck finding a manual for your backhoe?
I bought a 72 2wd deseil that needs some work. thanks if you know of anything

George Butts My son has a Dynahoe Model 190 - probably at least 25 years old - he needs a swing cylinder kit # H-109513 and we haven't been able to find one - apparently they are no longer made - Do you have any source for getting one?
Dave I have a Dynahoe 190 and get my hydraulic packing kits from a local industrial supply house. The packing is standard chevron style and can be purchased by size. You need the bore and rod diameters and number and style of packing materials. Most industrial supply or hydraulic repair shops will be able to source packing for you. Hope this helps.
Mike Kattner i have a Hy-Dynamic Dynahoe backhoe 190A 1963, i was able to get a parts/service manual for mine from Crane Specialist in Manheim PA, they deal with bucyrus erie and Terex products Terex which now owns Dynahoe also all parts i needed to bring the machine back to life i was able to get through this place, the phone number is
717-664-3536, Val Kirchner is the parts specialist i dealt with.

Ken Clark Does any one know about dynahoe brakes? I've got a model C (Hy-Dynamics). It needs brake work. I took the wheel off and it appears I'll have to pull the axles, at least the caps to get the drums off. Anybody have any help?
bob f looking for a rear end for a 1977 dynahoe 190
Bob McCloskey George,
Try Dave Laing, Mr. Dynahoe in Northern NJ
Cell # 908-337-4157, he has New and Used parts, he is the parts dealer and repair center for Dynahoe in NJ.
Good Luck,

Tim B I'm looking for a front bucket control valve for a 140. These parts are hard to find, but I know their out there.
Dave 190B Try ebay search dynahoe

Tim Byrd Can anyone tell me the part# for a early model dynahoe 190 front bucket control valve?
Tim Williams Did you try Minnpar.com?
They had springs for my brakes.
Tim Williams

tim Williams I have pictures and instructions for brakes on my my 160 C. Replacement and adjustment.
Email if you need them. Dynahoe's RULE. tewilliams1957@bellsouth.net

tim Williams I have pictures and instructions for brakes on my my 160 C. Replacement and adjustment.
Email if you need them. Dynahoe's RULE. tewilliams1957@bellsouth.net

Gary Popp I am looking for parts to fix my brakes on my Dynahoe....Any place to start would be great.

Tim Williams I bought my brake shoe return springs thur Minnpar.com. That was the only thing wrong with mine inside the wheel. I also had to replace the master cylinders and they do not make a kit for my size anymore. It was a 3/4" and the new ones were 1". I have pictures that i can email if you have DSL, or I can mail you a cd of the pictures.
I also have information on adjusting the brakes.
tewilliams1957@bellsouth.net Tim Williams - Alabama

Tim Williams My 160C Dynahoe uses GM dextron type transmission fluid in the torque convertor that is checked by the dipstick near the brakes.
Tim Williams

Frank Siepker I have some Dynahoe Model A Dynahoe parts availble: Whole Engine, reverser, Transmission, and power steering parts. I replaced with late model engine and trans. Contition Varries. E-mail me for details. Thanks, Frank Siepker Traverse City, MI fsiepker@cecelec.com
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alan robinshaw Help please: have need for a power stearing piston for dynahoe backhoe 160.
Tom Gordon I have an older Dynahoe 190. IT runs great but my Hydralics went out. Tried new filters ,oil, and pump. Any one out there Know were to get parts or some one to work on it in South Jersey.
Kaycee Thank you for the information I called and was able to get one also.
Chris B please help i have a 190 dynahoe and i need the left front outer knuckle (spindle)
Paul Larson I have a dynahoe 120 with a diesel, some vintage of Ford. Does any one know what it is or where I can get parts. Also are any parts manuals or parts dealers around for the 120.
Roland 1980 Dynahoe 190-4
Motor 4 cylinder detroit diesel.
The oil pan got crushed bad and needs to be replaced. My question is can it be taken out without taked out the motor. Thank You Roland

walt strick I'm sure this question has been asked but can't find it in FAQ. Where is the Serial number on a Dynahoe 190-4? I believe mine is an early 70's model and looking at the parts manual it seems to be in the 1100 to 1300 range. Also does anyone have asource for service manuals?
Tom Heyer Roland you don't have to lift out the engine but you do have to take off the pickup tube be careful because if the gasket on the end of the tube falls out and you don't put it back you can really screw up the engine.
maurice where would i find a back bucket for a I90?
R. J. PAQUETTE I am looking fora hydraulic oil cooler for a 1986 Model 190. Dynahoe Loader Backhoe w/ Detroit 353 diesel engine.
Billy Sanders Looking for a muffler for a 190-B with a Detroit.
Frank Rogers looking for parts for a model #160 differential.
preferably part # 7-302 side gear (1)
7-309 thrust washer (1)
7-411 ring and pinion assembly

219-962-3190 219-805-0278
thanks, Bud

Neil I have an '82 or '83 190-4 series 3 and have a bad yoke in the rear and can not find it any one have one or know were?

Part #s

bill morey i am lookin for 1970's model dynahoe 190 backhoe parts. please send replies to email address, thanks
Wayne Gorman looking for T98-D-8 range tranny for D190 Dynahoe
need countershaft gear (teeth 43-22-20-16) and 2nd gear (teeth 40). Looking for parts or used range tranny.

Lawton I am to buy a Dynahoe 190. The guy tells me it is a 1988, is this likely, I cant find any mfg dates to help me verify. Also, the unit looks pretty straight, is $7500 a good price? Thanks.
Joe I just purchased a Dyna Hoe and need a manual for it. Here is the model # 160. I can not find any information on the web. The hydraulics need to be repacked and trying to find 12 ply tires for it is impossbile!! LOL
I tried the link listed above yet they didn't have Dyna Hoe listed...any place else to try?
Located in east TN as well.




Bruce I have a 160B and am in need of the rear drive shaft that goes from the universal back into the axle housing. How does it come out? do you need to split the axle in half?

Eric Does anyone know where to get the hydrolic repair kits for dipper stick and main hoe arm. part # 116837 and 116839? Thanks\\\
Also I have a manual for model 160 if anybody needs I could have copies made.

alan robinshw I am looking for a steering arm I think the no is 3133s1267 driver side.One end tapered with a key way that mates into the wheel hub. dynahoe 160 Please email if you can help.Thank you much.
chris dunn Hello I have a mod 200-4 Dynahoe I need the rear steering spindle #41 in the manual. Any help please....thanks

Roy i have a 194-d 4 cyl.detroit for sale with manuals runs good 150 hours on rebuilt engine .

Matt I have a 1981 Dynahoe 190D Backhoe and I am looking for a shuttle shift hydraulic transmission & torque converter for it. Anyone out there know of or have used parts for this?
Hillcrest Fleet & Auto
(607) 722-7163

chris is this the one you sold me in ny thanks for telling me the tranny was going
Charlie I just purchased a 1980 Dynahoe. It has the hammer option. Does anyone know the model. Its a 2wd? I need the gas pedal and shaft for it. Thanks
Charles J. Coppolo Sorry, its a 1981.. See my message above
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Dominick I have a early 80's dynahoe 190d anybody know where i can get a service manual not the owners
Scott I have a 190-4 i got it to clear my land my frend did all the driving i don't drive it much it's to big and to much power for me @#$% out of me if someone is looking for 1 let me know befor i get beter at it.

Michael Lowrie how do i find out what model and year my dynahoe hy-dynamic is. any info on power sterring, and brake's

jim Hi all i have parts books and operators manual for dynahoes. I do have some parts left in stock. I have been a dynahoe dealer for 25 years. Thank-you jim gps equ. 614-231-0096
Tom Hello all,

I've owned a 78 Dynahoe 200-B since 1999. I have the original parts and owners manual. If you need parts you should be aware that the numbers have changed many times, so its hard to find a dealer that can translate to the right part number with this machine.

Anyway, I use these guys...http://www.hoffmanequip.com/ They are in NJ.

Also, while it is probably obvious to many of you, I was/am a neophyte to heavy equipment when I bought "the beast"... It is usually easier to find parts for the components that make up the backhoe such as a Detroit Diesel 4-71, Allison transmission or even the Rockwell Axle assembly.

One more thing, there was a metal tag on the backhoe that had all the specs like the type of engine, transmission etc. This proved very useful for finding parts.

John I have miscellaneous Dynahoe parts available. Most for 190-4. Seal kits, brake parts, pins, locks rear bucket shanks & teeth, u-joints, splined yolks, tire & rim, hyd.cylinder and factory o-rings.
jim Hi dose anyone have left over parts for sale. I stock dynahoe parts and always looking for new and used. thank-you jim gps equ. 614-231-0096
Carole my brother-in-law owns a dynahoe 140. It looks like the front end has to be rebuilt. Does anyone know who does this kind of work?
Carole can any steering parts for a dynahoe 140 be found or made? Can 170 dynahoe parts be used on a dynahoe 140?
Tim Williams Go to www.groups.yahoo.com/group/dynahoeowners
we have close to 250 members that own thiese great machines.

Carole Thank you Tim. my membership is pending.
Al Gerner I have a 1979 140B two weel drive does anyone know if the optional twin a trol controls for the backhoe are available and where I might find them.
Eric Clarke I have purchased a 190 Dynahoe Serial #D50106E. I am looking for cylinders rebuilt kits. Does anyone know what year this machine is and where can I get a manual at a reasonable price?
Tim I am looking for teeth for a backho bucket on a dynahoe 160. Does anyone know where I can find any? Or is there anything compatible with a dynahoe? Thanks
Thomas I'm able to drive my dynaho 140 only on #1 gear, front and reverse, however that stoped too and now I'm only able to go in reverse. Anybody has transmission, perhaps any other ides? Also needs brakes.
SBB I just got a Model C
the engine runs strong but wont go over any hill
just stop moving
Will try to change the fuel filter...any other ideas
I do need the cross reference for those maybe napa

i have 19258 and 19260

thank you for any help

SBB I just got a Model C
the engine runs strong but wont go over any hill
just stop moving
Will try to change the fuel filter...any other ideas
I do need the cross reference for those maybe napa

i have 19258 and 19260

thank you for any help



Dynahoe Backhoe model c no Power

I have a Dynahoe backhoe C that I had hard time to move up the hill
Just wont go, so I changed both fuel filters
start again idle real good but them lost the RPM ..........

The machine just idle at one speed, I press the power pedal and nothing , no rpm change at all.

any ideas ?
ty much

Pete Richardson I have parts for a 160c backhoe, differental,transmission,swing cylinder and lift cylinders. 941-322-1498 (FLORIDA)
Norman Hanson Hello Jim:

I need some help in locating a leak from the shuttle to the torque converter housing. Mine has leak that is substantial. Replaced the seal have checked every place that could leak. Still leaks after the 4th transmssion removal. Has some one been down this road befor and could help in locating the problem?

Thank you Norman

Norman Hanso I have a serious leak in the torque housing. Have replaced the seal and checked every thing. And still leaking. Perhaps a copy of the torque and shuttle transmission page would help me locate this frustrating leak.
scotty richardson My brother-in-law has a dynahoe 190-4 that needs a new hydralic oil cooler. He has had a hard time finding one. Any info would greatly appreciated.
George Hi,

I am in need of A new or rebuilt Master Cyl.

for my 1979 190-4 series III Dynahoe.The bore

size is 1 1/2". I could also use some other

parts also. Thanks...........George

Norman Hanson Hello Jim:
I need a print out of the shuttle transmission, I'm having a time with a serious leak into the torque converter housing . Have put new seals O rings and it still leaks.
Any help would be appreciate.
Thanks Norman

jeff i think it is a 1970 around theredyanhoe 140 looking for a tranny pump and a torque converterit has a detroit diesel in it .any one have these u can call me at 1508-662-7248 thanxs jeff
Norman Hanson just replaced all seals and O rings, had the torque tested all ok. Leaks worse than before.
Any ideas as to where the oil is coming from?

Billy I have many used dynahoe parts hydrolic oil coolers,radiator,mufflers,front and rear rims,many cylinders,buckets(front and rear),booms,dippers,stabilizers,and cylinders,
Billy I have (2) Dynahoe 190B's for sale everything works on both of them lights heat wipers guages one has a 4-in1 bucket both have rebuilt engines w/ about 200-300 hours on them they were used for minimal snow removal over the past five years have many extra parts will sell for the right price these machines were well taken care of they just need some paint asking price $9500.00 each will make package deal for both
Tim Williams Billy and others
Please go to our yahoo egroup website at
We have over 300 members and it is free.
We have manuals, files, serial numbers and photos. We have parts and need parts. Some have years of experience. ALL owners welcome.

milos m` I have dynahoe 190 year 1975
I just purchas it recently and I need seal for left hand steering column also brake. I think it have air brake but not shure.
seriyal #4d1711e does it sound right.
also need cab for it.

Duke these are all the numbers that I could find on a old Dynahoe that I am looking at can any one tell me the model or year of this machine? 69-a-164753, d140ad13278, 3-69-trc21n
John FOR A DYNAHOE 160 1971 - I`m looking for a differential gear set ( CROWN 33 teeth 12 mounting holes & PINION 7 teeth 3305 B81 3529 ). The crown has numbers stamped 35290-B8173 ... the 0 could also be a 6. It`s a bit worn out.

Let me know if you can help. Fax 450-773-7183 or e-mail me at

AL Borges I am buying a Dynahoe 120 and I am looking for a shop manual repair manual. If anyone can tell me about this machine I would greatly appriciate it thanks to all
eddie need water pump for 160A detroit diesel please email soon as possible thank eddie
Wayne Salvador Looking for Brake parts for '73 Dynahoe 190 backhoe.
I can't locate neoprene brake cup/seals rear brake cylinders. Information I have ON CUP IS: 2" WAGNER LOCKHEED brake cups with the part number FD 2230 1X46.
Please call if you have a source: Wayne @ 208) 859-5405

betty dorough I need a part # 79380930 for a dynahoe Model 190

Gordon They are Willie jeep master cylinders if you are still interested I can get you the part numbers and address.
Chris Bernicker Looking for Left front spindle either a 160/190 late 60s thru the early 80s will work my # is 914) 490-0255 thanks
Kelly Tippetts I am looking for a 12" bucket for my 1976-190 if possible with rock teeth
geno model a for sale june 2010 hartford, conn on craigslist
Bama A friend of mine recently bought a Dynahoe backhoe and wanted my help in working on it. I personally have a Case 580K so I am not familiar with the Dynahoe brand. I will say this much about it, this thing is a beast and one huge machine.

This thing has a back boom system that stretches out forever and a front bucket you can fit a small house in. It looks to be about a 60's or 70's model with a Detroit Diesel that fires off like a new one. If you stretch the back boom all the way out I bet this monster will measure about 40 feet long or more from front bucket to back.

Anyway, I took the radiator off and am in the process of repairing it. He has mentioned that he would trade this beast for a bobcat of some sort. Just so you all know.

In North Alabama.

Need help with dynahoe 160 stabilizer hydraulic cylinder leak. Need parts and advise how to get the cylinder head off... or maybe just replace? It is rusted fast.

Jeff I am lookig for a hydraulic steering pump for a Dynahoe 160. Can anyone help ?? new or used. Thanks.
Mike Edwards
Re: Dynahoe Backhoe

I have a 1973 Dynahoe 160 that I'm parting out; . Has a 353 rebuilt Detroit motor that is currently out of the unit. I've given up the project and am willing to sell it by the part or as an entire package. It ran good and will run even better with the new motor. Just needs someone who wants to put her back together. Let me know if you're looking for parts for are interested in the whole thing.

Donald Heldorfer I am parting out a 160AD and have a hydraulic steering pump and other parts.
Bill Ramsey I am looking for information on Dynahoe model A with a continatal gas engine. I would like to find operators and Parts manuals and I realy need a picture of the mounting of the engine in the front with the pump.

Thank you,

Ernie My Model A (4 digit s/n I guess about 1966) is more and more often running hot 220-235. Some times it will drop to 180 for a while after cooling but heads back up strangely; replaced the thermostat, checked over the radiator - its fine; Don't see fluid really moving in the the radiator. It's a no pressure system. Any one have any experience with this, know of a water pump rebuild kit, have a pump for sale? Is it an impeller?? Any help much appreciated!!!
mike mike please email me if you still have this machine
Ernie Still running hot so I guess it's either a too lean fuel mix issue or ignition timing being off. There's a pointer on the L/H side front engine but NO marks on the pulley I can see so with a timing light it's a strobe show rather than any help there... There's a 3/4 inch hole in the housing below where the flywheel is but I'm not seeing anything a sight line will offer a timing point of reference there... Anyone with a Model a or with an L-Head Continental Engine that can offer suggestions/help? I suppose I could advance the distributed and see if that helps, Any Ideas??
Ernie I have a Model 'A' do you mean the water pump or hydraulic pump??
John I have two brand new dynahoe 190 staqbilizer cylinders for sale--new never used
Gordon Mike wanted to now if you still hae your 160
jeff cummings does anyone know the weight of model 140
William Huelas Just bought an old , HY-DYNAMIC DYNAHOE, the back is missing but 2-55gal drums of sand work fine. Question, Where is the dipstick located for the engine oil, and it struggles going up hill. Any help please
Re: Dynahoe Backhoe

We have a dynahoe backhoeoe with straight 6 gas engine. We want to selll it it starts,needs some work or parts backhoe. call (802)265-8208 we need manual

Jorge Morales Anyone knows who manufactures Dynahoe 140 and what year is a 140 model?

If you need any parts for Dynahoe tractors call 1-800-889-3382.

R.G.Billings looking for a master cylder for dynahoe 190 B
Bill have a 190 in very good shpe save it will develope no power was hooked up 12 voltbut would hardly start,switched to 24 volt now it starts but will just barely pull itself.has 353 detroit ,non turbow/new injectors.any suggestions?
Pete Padavana I have a Dynahoe 190-4 and I am looking for the overhaul seal kit to rebuild the outriggers and boom. I am also looking for 6 bucket teeth,6 rubbers and 6 pins.
Pete Padavana I have a Dynahoe 190-4 and I am looking for the overhaul seal kit to rebuild the outriggers and boom. I am also looking for 6 bucket teeth,6 rubbers and 6 pins.
ibeams/mike looking for a steering arm for a Dynahoe 160
Matthew Lewis I have a 190-4 that I'm parting out. Recent rebuild on engine, joystick controls for extendahoe. Only piece that is non-functional is front end because of a stripped pinion shaft. If interested please contact me at (919) 247-5815
ken need water pump or rebuid kit for es 244 continenal engine if any one can help let me know thanks, ken
Pete Fleming Need: wheel cylinders (rear 2 in cup)
Rear rubber brake lines
Rear bearing cups and cones (4)

bob caron Need a Battery cover for my 1970 160 Dynahoe. Please reply if available with price. Thanks
anthony I have a 200 dynahoe. I'm looking for a vibration damper if that is what it is called.It on the trans.were the driveshaft hooks up.The u-joint bolts to it.401-749-6231
mike Own a 160. Looking for a oil cooler
mike I havand have a 160 machine and have to replace the 2 water pump belts. Do i have to remove the hydraulic pump.
Thanks for any help.


Norman Hanson Hello looking for the 2 md gear in a T 98 - 1 R transmission has 33 teeth. Hope some one might have one. Norman
Ken Hi, I am looking for a place to buy a new air filter for my Hy-Dynamic Dynahoe backhoe , I have the original parts and reorder # but I have had no luck finding a place to buy one most places can not reference the old part numbers.
Thank you for any help you guys can give me,

Here is what I have and need.
FARR company PAMIC C-12233-4 RE ORDER # P-12-U

It is one piece but looks like there are 12 filters in the one UNIT.

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