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Has anyone heard of a 1930 SCOOPMOBILE front-end loader. Model #LD5-BT. I'm wondering who made them ???

R. Wagner Wolfe My former husband's grandfather, Gus Wagner, and his brother invented Scoopmobile. Gus's son, Stan, still lives in the Portland (Scappoose) area on the family farm.

Try looking up vannattabros dot com forward slash iron29 dot html - there's a nice little write up on there, plus pictures and a website for enlargements of those photos.

donald henjum FOR SALE FOR SALE



PH#954-987-7723 HWD,FLA.

hshouck I have a Scoopmobile...running and working, on my land in Quincy, Plumas county, California. H.S. Houck
George Chambers I have an almost complete collection of 3 wheel Scoopmobiles. The only Scoopmobile made in the 30's was the "A" model, I have a working 1938. I also have an LD-5P which is a deisel powered articulated 4 wheel model about 1956. The LD series loaders were made in the 50's through the 70's. They were made by the Mixermobile Co. of Portland, Oregon owned by the Wagner brothers.
Steve Avella I have a 1961 Scoopmobile 4X4 articulated loader.. It's a great old machine.... It has a Walkashore gas motor in it... I've owned for about 20 never quits.... Steve
Daniel Wear I have a three wheeled scoopmobile identified by title to be a 1961 Wagner serial number H1905. I am searching for any information such as a service manual or others that own a similiar machine.

Jasa Ross My grandpa has 2 scoopmobiles the one we always use is a 45' model according to what he told me it is on its third motor and he said he ran it when it was brand new at Holly Sugar factory in Hardin MT. I am not for sure what the the other one is I know it has a data plate on it but I never looked at it. I know that I learned to run it when I was about 12 or 13 and I wouldn't trade it for any other machine. Someone once told my grandpa that it was the machine of 1002 uses my grandpa said that he was sure it had been used for far more uses than that. Pleas email back with any replies I am very interested in learning how many machines out there are still working.
mike wallace i am looking for a rear brake drum from a scoopmobile ld-7.the axles are clark#130646.the drum is approx.18 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep.does anyone have any ideas?thanks mike.
George Chambers Sorry Mike, I don't know of any LD7's in the area. The LD models are fairly scarce even here where they were built! You might look for something from another machine like a Michigan loader, there may be some usage of the same axel?


Kenneth Monroe Hey Kip, my name is Ken and I have an old forlift that you guys (Wagner) built. It says on the info plate: Wagnermobile Scoop, Mod. C-...

Can you give me any information about it or able to direct me to where I might get information about it? I need a distributor for it and is hard to find one in good shape much less any information on the machine itself. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at
Thankyou in advance for your time and attention in this matter.
Kenneth Monroe
RCS Interprises

Kenneth Monroe Hello Mrs. R Wagner Wolfe, my name is Ken and I have an old forlift that you guys (Wagner) built. It says on the info plate: Wagnermobile Scoop, Mod. C-...

Can you give me any information about it or able to direct me to where I might get information about it? I need a distributor for it and is hard to find one in good shape much less any information on the machine itself. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at
Thankyou in advance for your time and attention in this matter.
Kenneth Monroe
RCS Interprises

Daniel I am interested in the location of the data plate. Could you tell me where it is? I believe that my scoopmobile is a ld7? It has three wheels, like a backwards tricycle.

Jasa Ross If I remember correctly the data plate is located behind the seat on the right side. I also think that it is riveted on the machine.
Matt O'Brien Greetings Ken and Dan:

Ken: You recently asked about a Type C Wagnermobile. I can't find a manual either, so I had to buy the parts manual for the model "H." They are very similar. I have a model "C" and a Model "H" that I am using to put together one machine. Anyway, the Model "C" has the Chrysler Flat Head 6 in it. Actually, BOTH of them had the chrysler flat head 6 in it. Manuals for that engine can usually be found On E-bay every couple of weeks. As I am not going to use that engine and I think you said you needed a distributor, I may have one for you.

Dan: I don't think an LD-7 is a tricycle design. I know the LD-3 and the LD-5 and the LD-10 were all articulated loaders--wagermobile was the first to invent the articulated loader. So, I am not sure what you have. They made a couple VERY old models in the three wheel design. A Model "B" for instance looks like a forklift with a bucket on it.

Good luck. I'll be working on my machine in about 2 1/2 months--I am trying to finish another machine right now.


Kim Sanchez my dad is looking to buy parts for a 1952 scoopmobile frontend loader is the someone we can call to talk to about the parts.
Joe Phipps I have recently aquired a scoopmoble LD150 and it is in need of some parts or a parts manual if there still available.can anyone help? Thanks Joe
Joe Phipps For Sale: Scoopmobile loader model #LD150 capacity 5500lbs, serial #2710, motor #95371 Guessing late 60's early 70's runs good, complete tractor, needs minor work. willing to sell or trade for wheel loader or skid steer.
Thank Joe

Joe Do you have more info on what model you scoop is?
I own a scoopmobile model LD150.

Mike there are two scoopmobiles for sale on ebay by right now!!
gus devolve hi mat
do you own a scoopmobile
my dad has a scoopmobile that you
drive sideways i was woundering if
you could lead me to some pictures
i would appreiciate that

Markus Selšnne Greetings from Finland!
I have 1953 Scoopmobile HP2126, Serial no.G-5000.
It is a great loader! I have found 3 Scoopmobiles in Finland beside my Scoop. Does anybody know, how many Scoops was sold to Finland? Were can i found some information of my loader?

Jim Fritchey I have a 4 wheel Drive Scoopmobile with a J.N.-130 Cummins engine and I need an Exhaust manifold for it.
Any Info would be appreciated.
Thank you
Jim F.

charlie petrick Matt O'Brien,

I have a LD 10, serial #210. Would like any information you could give me. Also have an LD 5 parts machine.


Doug Cobalis My friend has a "Wagnermobile Scoop" made by Mixermobile Manufacturers. It's model number LD-5 with a serial number 200. I am looking for any information on how to find a manual for this machine.
Jim Fritchey My machine is an LD-7A and I do have books if they will help . I can copy them if needed.
I still need an Exhaust manifold for the engine of this machine , Cummins JN-130 if anyone has such an item.
Jim Fritchey

Paul Sant I have an old metal sign with an S inside two alternating circles with "MODEL LD-5P" bolow,it is red,can anyone tell me what this is from?
Ron Bowers We have a LD-7 with a bad rear drive in the trans. , the engine is new rebuilt and we would like to sell it all for a reasonable amount. If any one is interested please e-mail me at It was bought to clear land and it is all done now plus the owner has passed away and we have no more use for it on the ranch. We live in a small town south east of Dallas TX.

BRIAN i'm looking for the 4 speed transmission on the model H scoopmobile would you know were i can find one or were can i get the caged needle bearing for the main shaft
Steve McNicholas Scoopmobile and Mixermobile information and photos are in my family files,because we were the export dist. from 1946 to 1959 Ihave photos of the Wagner brothers band also. Steve McNIcholas a scoopmobile fan.
steve McNicholas To Mr. Selanne in Finland your E-mail address is out of order. Our dealer in Finland was Mr. Oy Hans Palsbo of Helsinki . as the dist. for Mixermobile and Scoopmobile my family shipped many models of Scoop loaders to might check with your inport office for records of machinery shipped to Finland from either North Pacific Corp. or Columbia exporters both firms were founded by my father Harry R. McNicholas who passed in 1997. Steve McNicholas
steve mcnicholas the names of the seven wagner brothers that fouded mixermobile -scoopmobile are gus,eddie-harold-ervin-bill-walt they have all passed ervin was the last to pass he was the president of wagner tractor befor that company was sold to fwd. eddie wagner was the fouder of wagner mining scoop.harold developed many land developments after leaving scoopmobile.bill did all the movies and still photos of wagner produts.walt was the sales manager of mixermobile,elmer was one of the great inventers of mixermobile products.[he built a train of 11 studebaker cars that steered hydraulicly inparades in the portland area] gus wagner was president of both mixwemobile and scoopmobile.stan wagner is the first son of gus and olie wagner the other son is vern wagner.the wagner brothers had a band that they all played in for birthdays like my fathers.and they played for the elks lodge and many other functions mostly for the fun they had together even after many of them were million airs and up in years.
Mike Stranger Thanks 123 adware
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Randy Moore I have a mixermobile front loader. Three wheeler it is a model H1092T S/N SC00P Motor# 70423. I am looking for a manual or a way to get one. I can not find what year this thing is. I would realy like to know. It has a flat head six cylinder engine in it and it runs like a top. I want to restore it but I'm like a lot of other out there. I'm having a hard time coming up with anything on it. I would like to also find something with a picture of this model. This model is also rated 4000lb. on the lift. If anyone can help steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
william casteel I have a scoopmobile HP and am needing a master brake cylinder or a kit to fix mine . It is a 1972 model
thanks, william casteel

Bill Ozzard Hi Everyone,
I have an early 50's LD-5 4 wheeled Scoopmobile.
I've gotten it running but am in need of information regarding the automatic transmission/torque converter system as it is very low on power. It feels like it's in the drive system not the motor. How does one check the fluid as there is no dip stick, just a small cap on the tube? Has anyone any experience with the brakes? Thanks for any assistance.

Norman Wagner My Grandfather started the company.. What would you like to know?
DAVID MORALEZ I have 3 scoopmobile loaders on our ranch.
2 LD5 & 1 LD7 4 wheel drive loaders
I have a manual for the LD7 but I need one for
the LD5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

dale carpenter Have a 1952 wagnermoblie scoop just trying to verify that the inlet for the hyd comes up from the bottom,it's about a 3 inch diameter hose, then to the pump. the two lines off the top of the pump.One goes to the steering and the other line which feeds the valve body.Problem is, no lift power, but steering works fine.Another question where's the filter? is it in the reservoir?could this be pluged? restricting the supply?jumps and bucks when trying to lift.thanks for any input on this.
kink i am looking for a steering gear assy my soopmobile run great but has a little seering problem i owned this loader about 27 years i am looking for parts . The modle is LD350 an the ser# is 482 the motor is a 220 cumins #454823 if you can help me out please contact me.
John Does any one know what a LD-5 articulated loader is worth. It starts, runs, lifts, drives and the paint is about a 4
charles crawford i have an old four wheel drive articulated mixermobile loader serial #5024 and i am looking for a steering control valve. any help would be appreciated.
charles crawford i have not found a steering valve for my machine so i would be willing to sell it. it has a three yard bucket and a 50 modoel flathead engine. everything works but wont steer. Ibelieve it has model # 74t on the tag. Ido not want to haul it for junk if some one can fix it.
Nathanial Stewart I have a ScoopMobile LD7 articulated front end loader, with a cummins engine, Allison hydrostatic transmission, and compressed air over hydraulic brakes - I am looking for shop/repair manuals for this model, and any parts supplier/bone yard that might carry the necessary parts to restore it. Thank you in advance for your help.
Dan Snyder I have 2 three-wheeled scoopmobiles, one is a 1946 model b with two bucket controls (one raises and lowers bucket, and the othe is a brake that allows bucket to tip and dump. The other is a 1935, looks like model B, but bucket tips by gravity instead, using a trip latch. Both have identical dodge flathead engines. Any one out there with any more info would be appreciated. Incidentally, the 1946 scoopmobile is still being used for all kinds of things around here. Don't know if I'd ever part with it.
Thanks in advance.

kent martinson good ole loader needs welding and a hose send email or call 503 891 6181
Daniel Tracey I just purchaesd Scoopmobile Model LD5P with Waukesha diesel for $1500 in July. Works well however steering pump is weak. It lifts 4000 lbs. on 13.00 x 24.00 rubber tires. 1.25 cubic yard bucket. I think this machine was built sometime during the early to middle 1950's. Very well built and clever design. I hope to use and restore this machine. The Wagner brother's must have been some very bright fellows.
Lamar Dull We have an articulated 4 wheel drive scoopmobile. It had a hemi in it. If that was correct. What years used the hemi engine? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
richard bryan i have an LD5 which i cant find a manual for,it has broke down and runs my business,can any please help thanks
john bloss my friend bought a scoop a few months ago, 4x4 with a 671 detroit in it. worked great till the hydro pump started goen out. not sure of the year it has modern air brakes not air over hydro , 4 wheel drive articulates with the 671 detroit with blower, does anyone know where i can get parts for this
Tom Hicks John Bloss
What mdl is your machine??
The LD350 & LD400 loaders have a round cover on the side of the hyd tank, there is a suction screen in there. If this screen is clogged it will starve the pump for oil and make the machine hyd system very sluggish and eventually ruin the pump.
I worked for a scoopmobile dealer in NE NJ for 11 years.

Cliff I have a 3-wheel Scoopmobile HP, looking for 24 x 8 front rims & flathead, Chrysler industrial parts.
Tom Hicks Cliff,
Finding good rims is going to be a challange. The engine should be easier, you want a Chrysler IND33 engine, you can also use an IND32 or a flathead Chrysler, Dodge , Plymouth, or Desoto engine. You will have to swap over the front cover, camshaft, oil pan, oil pump and distributor. The difference is the Ind 33 has a gear driven cam shaft, and the front cover is used to mount the hyd. pump. The pump is driven by the camshaft geartrain. The Ind 32 & the automotive engines have a chain driven camshaft and the cam turns in the wrong direction and will not drive the hyd. pump. I'm in Northern NJ and know someone that has an engine out of an old Dodge he is making a hotrod out of. Email me if you are interested. I will get you the contact info.


Russ Weber I work at a municipality that had a fleet of model H scoopmobile that have left but we still have a pile of parts for them. I dont want to throw them away and wondering how much intrest there is in the parts? I have lots of final drive assy., axles, manual gears from trans, coupler trans to diff. a brand new 6 cyl chrysler flat head,final drive arms, rear tire assy, misc. carb kits, final seals, ect.
davidtaylor I purchased a large scoopmobile loader rated at 25000 lb capacity.
The v-6 detroit engine in it runs very quiet and smooth though i don't know if it is original. I don't know the model number of this large machine but it has four large forks on the front. It may have been used for logging, scrap yard, or loading rail cars? We intend to use it to move some large chunks of rock in a quarry. Anyone have an idea what model this loader might be?

Tom Hicks David Taylor, If it is an orginal engine, the 6v-53 Detriot engine was used in the older LD8A loader and the newer Wabco/Scoopmobile LD300. I think it was offered as an optional engine on the LD350 loader.
If you can email me a picture of it I should be able to tell you what model it is.

John D Jones
Re: ScoopMobile LD7A trans fluid

I have a Scoopmobile LD7a with the allsion transmission, and was wondering what is the correct transmission fluid? it says to use delvac 910? but what is it? the machine was ordered with a cummins, but then a 471 detroit was installed, and the guy I purchased it from wanted the detroit out of it so I just installed a John Deere 414t diesel. It is soo good to see it move under its own power!!

Lyle Cordray Just found a 1962 scoopmobile ld5p in a scrap yard here in Redmond oregon,Swift and McCormick. They are going to cut it up soon ,let ma know if you need any thing..
Lyle 541 979 6186

Bill Abel I have a Wagnermobile Scoop Forklift with the Chysler flathead 6. It's the 3 wheel version with cable lift operation.
Any help out there with:
1. photos of this machine back in the day.
2. Manual on equipment, fork tip operation.

Norman Wagner My Grandfather built Scoopmobiles "Scoops" up until 1968 when the company was sold to American Standard Corp. Im in the process of putting together a data base of Parts and Service Manuals for distribution for those that are interested.

Norman Wagner

John D Jones
Re: ScoopMobile

I thought I would show some completed pictures of the old girl. I sure like the straight air brakes and how smooth the steering is.

Joe Olomi I have 2 differentials and Clark transmission R-300fs-5 from Model 5P fore sale.
Stephen Coombs I'm just starting to fix up an old LD5 form themid fifties. It ahs the old dodge flathead in it. I have a couple ofquestions if anyone could answer them. One is how do I go about checking the fluid level in the trans. I had to remove the radiator for recoring and lost some.I'm assuming that regular automatic tans fluid will work but how do I put it back in? and how much?. My second question is in reagrds to the steering. It seems like at times it gets kncked off center and will only steer in one direction. If I shut it down, center the steering wheel, and then fire it up again it works okay. Is this a sign that something has come loose or do I have real problems?.
Doug Kingery I tried to e-mail Joe Phipps, but the e-mail doesn't work. This is regarding a soopmobile LD150. Thanks. If anyone could help, would appreciate.
tom hicks I'm pretty sure your machine has a Clark trans in it. There should be a fill tube on the right side front above the steering cyl. Look on the front or back of the trans toward the outter edge, there should be two 1/4" or 3/8" pipeplugs about 4" above one another. with the engine idling in neutral and the wheels chocked fill the trans with type "A" or Dextron trans fluid until oil starts to run out of the top plug.

tom hicks my above post was for Stephen Coombs
tom hicks Norma Wagner,
If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Scoopmobile sold to Westinghouse Airbrake Company in 1968 and marketed under the Wabco name?? I work for D&H Machinery in Mahwah,NJ from 1972 to 1981 and they were a Scoopmobile / Wabco dealer. D&H was orginally Fenton Calkin Machinery Company. Wabco sold Scoopmobile division to Eagle Crusher around 1978, eagle Crusher tried hard to compete but they only had limited sucess with the 3 wheel HP loader. They also built a four wheel drive machine, but I think there were only 2 or 3 of them ever completed and sold. D&H sold one of them to the the City of Union City,NJ.


Stephen Coombs I just wanted to say Thanks to Tom hicks for solving my dilemna
Doug Terry
Re: ScoopMobile HP

I have a 1969 Scoopmobile HP3539 it was owned by the State of Oregon. Runs great, I would like to know what type of tranmishion flud to use? I would be willing to buy a owners manual and a repair maniul.Just E-mail me.

Tom Hicks Hi Doug,
Your machine should have a Funk reverseomatic with a 4 speed gearbox bolted to it. The Funk uses regular Dextron atf and the 4 speed sae90 gear oil. There should be an oil cooler bolted to the top of the trans, make sure it is clean and there is good coolant flow through it.


Tom Hicks Stephen Coombs,
In regards to your steering problem. Your machine actually is manual steering with power assist. One thing that is a common problem is when you try to steer to fast and force the steering, there is a metal link between the steering linkage and the control valve that bends and sometimes breaks. What is happening is, you are bending this link and when you "center" the wheel you are straightening it out. The control valve is bolted to the bottom of the frame along side the trans. I used to make new links by putting two clevises together. They were two different sizes, one 1/4" and one 5/16". If I remember correctly I put a good hard 5/16 all thread stud in the 5/16 clevis and drilled out and tapped the 1/4" clevis so you can screw them together. These are much more stronger than the original and should last much longer. If that don't work than try welding a 1/4" nut to the 5/16 clevis and use a 1/4" stud to screw them together. Once they are together just adjust them as close as possable to the same length as the old setup.

Stephen Coombs
Re: ScoopMobile

Thanks again Tom. You're a real life saver. I've got the old girl pretty much redone. new paint,windows and all. The only thing I would like to add to it are the decals. Any ideas on where to get either the decals or enough of a pattern that I can get some reproduced? After sixty years, there wasn't much left of the originals.

john mcintyre Good Day,

I have a scoopmobile LD5 which was made under licence by Moore here in Australia ,
I require a workshop manual for the LD5.
Any help on a obtaining a LD5 workshop manual, will be much appreciated.
Regards john

Butch Coleman My dad bought our first loader/forklift in 1972.It was old then and had 3 wheels.Ibelieve it was a scoopmobile? Its steering was a handle that curved up from behind and you turned it with 2 hands on a straight bar that was in front of you.I still have the 4' bucket that goes on it. Trying to find make/model/year --any info.
Tom Hicks This is for John McIntyre
For the most part there were no shop manuals for the Scoopmobiles. The only things were manuals for the Engine either Chrysler Industrial IND-32 engines, Cummins Diesel or a very popular diesel conversion was the Perkins 6-354 or 6-354T, there might of been a few Detriot diesels also 4-53 or 4-53T. The trans / torque converter was a Clark I don't remember the modle but, there should be a tag on the trans case. The differentials were either Clark or Timken and they should also have tags on them. Parts for these older units will be very hard to find, they were hard to find back in the late 1970's and early 1980's when I was working for a Scoop dealer. Good luck,

Patrick Culver I have a diesel powered Scoopmobile H that is need of a master cylinder, wheel bearing seals, a rebuild kit for the air booster on the brakes, and brake there any help here to be had...thanks
Jeff Mockett Living in Australia has many advantages but not when it comes to Scoopmobiles.Melcom Moores machinery in Adelaide South Australia made to my limited knowledge sccopmobiles under licence from mid 60's to mis 70's Clyde engerneering provided the steel fabrication.
recently I purchased a LD6 and learnt this information since. Anyway scoopiee has a broken front axle drive shaft. After seeking local australian help the information Iv'e received is "their are no axels available new or used and the only allturnitive is an American made axel that is 1" shorter in length. I paid my money and received the shaft but have douts to installing the shaft.
Has anyone been through this exercise. Scoopiee has become family now and i carn't give up until she back with all 4's

PS what denotes LD 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 as manufacturing years do not go up in a crosponding progresion way ?

John Mcintyre Good Day All,

Thanks Tom Hicks for your post ,

I have obtained a Scoopmobile LD series instruction manual from Plow book sales here in Australia.
My LD5 Scoop mobile was made here in Australia by Malcom Moore and does not look the same as the manual, here are some of the differences,

2 speed gear box not 3 speed gearbox.
Original motor Ford 590E now Perkins 6354.1(which I have just reconditioned)
Single steering Ram not twin Rams
2 Rams that appear to limit the twisting movement of the front axle with regards to the rear axle.
Separate Steering Pump driven from engine front pulley.
Twin main hydraulic lifting Rams.

At present I am starting to rebuild the brake master cylinder and the PBR VH 90 vacuum brake booster( I will re sleeve parts that are pitted).

Regards John

JD Rasmussen I have just acquired a LD-5P ScoopMobile serial #2187.Seems to be a good old loader. My question is what transmission is in it and what type of fluid to use in it. The vent was placed on the right corner of the cab and the melted snow ran of the top and possibly down the vent. So we are thinking it may be a good idea to replace the fluid before it becomes a problem.


Ron Brickley I have a scoopmobile, Eagle crusher co. galion Ohio, vaule cover sayes powered by ford. model HP, serial #: EC0001-23. 300 cubic inch inline, needs starter. Can anyone tell me what year these were produced?
Ben Carlascio I have one of these units im looking to sell. In Portland Oregon
Tom Hicks Ron Brickley;
Eagle Crusher bought ScoopMobile from Wabco around 1977/78. They first produced the three wheel HP models, I left the Scoop Dealer in 1981 and never saw an HP with a gas engine, ever one that I was involved with had a Perkins 4-236 diesel engine and a Funk trans. Eagle tried to compete but were just too far behind everyone else and stopped making Scoops around 1984/85. The even had a 2 yard articulated model with a perkins 6-354T diesel, I think there were only two or three of them produced, the dealer I worked for sold the first one produced to the Union City, NJ DPW. As far as your machine goes it had to be one of the last ones made. The starters in the Ford ind. engines are the same as most Ford trucks with the 300 cu in engine. There were a few engines that the starter mounted on the oppisite side of the trucks but, yours should be able to be rebuilt with no problems.

Ron thanks tom for the information, yes i got one rebuilt and my scoop is now back running great. thanks again.
bill lott I have several H and HP I am allways looking for anything scoopmobile. I live in NV. I have tryed to find the last owner of trails equipment in Portland OR. I got some parts from them they are closed now. I thought that they ended up with scoopmobile at the last I wanted to make cross ref chart on bearings And any information on timken E-150 drive axle. Thank You Bill

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