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HD 5 Transmission Trouble

Larry weber The shifter level is not free. The master clutch is not engaged. My friend was using the machine when he tried to shift shift it. It seemed to get stuck between gears.

hector gemme Removed the right side floor plate and when you angaged the master cluch check if the rod shift lock is working if she is not working you can't desangaged the transmission maybe the pine is removed from the rod near the boot locking plunger.
Mel Ford
Re: HD 5 Transmission Trouble

Larry, I would take the 2 bolts out of the shifting lever at the top of the gear shift tower and remove the shifting lever,look inside to see if the slots in the shafts are lined up properly. All 3 must be lined up in the neutral position, if more than 2 are lined up together not in the neutral slot then you are probably stuck in 2 gears at once. If so you can use a pry bar to reset them all to the neutral slot. It's a very common problem with all the old Allis Chalmers sliding gear transmission tractors. If the gear shift lever is worn,sometimes you can build it up by welding. Also as Hector said you might check the locing linkage

Mel Ford
Re: HD 5 Transmission Trouble

This was supposed to be the first picture it shows the bolts at the top of the shift lever. The other picture shows the locking linkage from the trans.

hector gemme MELis correct and did you check the oil level in transmission she use 5 gallons 80/90 oil and I dismantled maybe 10 hd5 and some trans. had 2 qts oil in.
justin hetherington gday guys. my hd5b is stuck between gears atm. it wont budge. ive tried to move the selectors into the nuetral position but have only managed to move the 1st/reverse selector towards the rear of the dozer which makes it almost line up with the other 2 but im thinking they are too far back and maybe 2nd/4th and 3rd/5th are both engaged at the same time.will pushing the rod shift lock further in help or should i pull it out further.
ive been trying to pry the selectors with a crow bar and they wont budge enough to free anything up. thanks in advance.

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