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1949 AC model B starter engagement problem

Greg Warner I converted to 12 volt-generator neg. ground and have used the arrangement for years.The starter was occatinally missing, but would finally catch. It failed one day -teeth looked worn so I bought a new starter drive. Now with the starter pushed all the way in(passed the hole notch) it still fails to engage the flywheel and grinds.It has always only caught 1/4"of the starter teeth and this part is now worn again.Anyone seen this drive problem? GW
jstpa I don't know of any problems with the drives, but if it were mine I would mark the flywheel and then turn it over looking for a bad spot. The engine always stops at one of a couple of places and its possible you have one bad spot that is tearing up your drive, and when at that spot it misses sometimes. Hope that helps, jstpa
TRHOD I don't have a solution, but a similar problem with my B. If I have the starter positioned so the pincher bolt fits into the hole in the starter, the teeth of the starter will not contact the flywheel. I need to have push the stater approx 3/4-1" further into the bell housing past the hole in the starter, to get the starter teeth to engage the flywheel.

Keep us posted as to how you fix this, and If I find a solution, I will post.

jstpa trhod, Is it possible you have the wrong drive end housing on the starter. If you could compare it to a starter off one you know works, maybe the hole is in the wrong place, I've seen end plates with more than one hole in them.jstpa
TRHOD I am pretty sure I have the correct starter. I got a chance to take a look at it. The teeth on the starter are a little worn, and the teeth on the flywheel are definately worn (approx 1/8"). I think the combo are causing the starter to miss catching the flywheel. I did some adjusting around, and it seems to be working, for now.
Mark It sounds like you have the wrong starter, I will have to do some research...

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