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Bucket tilt lock-up

Daniel Craft My friend has a Yanmar 2610. He noticed the bucket was drooping after using the bucket as a dozer blade. The bucket now will not move to the up position. When trying to tilt the bucket up it is meeting with fluid resistance. When the joy stick is returned to neutral the bucket is forced won by fluid pressure. The only time the bucket will tilt up is when the tractor is off and there is negative pressure on the loader control valve and the pressure released by loosening the cylinder push line. Any ideas?
Daniel Craft Hoses were crossed etc. Valve disassembled, cleaned, inspected(did not check pressure release valve for debris). reassembled and reconnected..same issue
winston "When the joy stick is returned to neutral the bucket is forced won by fluid pressure."

Don't understand the above.

When you state loosening the push line to move the bucket are you talking about the line that curls the bucket up or down?

Sort of sounds like the line outlet on one of the upper ends of one of your cylinders is plugged.

daniel craft My bad. Ws tired last night andonly gave basic info instead of details. The bucket will not 'curl' up. When the joy stick returns to neutral position there is still pressure on the 'right' bucket cylinder. Another observation I forgot to mention is that when both bucket lines to the bucket cylinder were removed from the control valve, the tractor started and the jot stick moved to the 'curl up' position, fluid came out of both bucket spool ports. When moved to the 'curl down' position fluid only came from the lower bucket spool port. Is that enough info or is more needed? A mech down the road suspects is the right cylinder(which now, when I think about it, the left bucket cylinder does not have any pressure on it when tractor is shout down and the upper line is loosened-only the right)
winston I would take the hose loose at the curl down end of the right cylinder and see what happens hen you activate the curl up. If no fluid out the end of the cylinder something is plugged in there.

Not sure why you got fluid out both ports when activating the joy stick to the curl up. That also could be your problem area. Return fluid has to go back through the curl down opening.

Daniel Craft Agreed. Had already checked fluid in lower hose.Disconnected both hoses at the cylinder and fluid came out both hoses at the same time when attempting to curl up, which is why I suspect the control valve.
winston When you had the valve apart you evidently saw nothing wrong. Don't know just how you would check it but if that fluid is coming out both inlet and outlet openings at the same time with pressure then no doubt that is not correct. If you made a loop hose from tilt up to tilt down openings the fluid should just pass through. If a problem I would guess the relief valve would squeal. Just throwing stuff out there to ponder on.
Daniel Craft Vince, appreciate all the input. Will find out results from neighbor later today.
Al Sometimes knowing the history helps. Did it work OK, then something was changed causing problems?

To improve communication on the four movements, the arms raise and lower, the bucket curls and dumps.

Daniel Craft Nothing was changed. Had continual pressure on the curl down for no reason. No matter what has been tried. dual pressure comes from the control valve on the curl up...both cylinders, but does normal on the curl down.

Daniel The arms lift/lower just fine. The bucket will curl down but not up. Although, it curls down on it's own until the tractor is shut down and the pressure relieved manually by loosening a line.
winston Try my last suggestion with the loop hose.

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