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Can you Yanmar 1810D put another model Transfer Box on?

Shezacuda72babe We having contacted Hoye, Fredicks Imports and every tractor salvage east of the mississpi for two replacement gears for the transfer box. At this point, we are trying to find out if we can put a transfer box from another tractor on mine. Does anybody know the answer?
Shezacuda72babe I neglected to put the model in the body of the text... Yanmar 1810D
Al I think yours is a rare one, but some Japanese-market models have an equivalent export model with the same drive train. If you can determine there is one, you could contact tractor salvage yards. Or a machine shop might be able to cut new gears.
winston I find this interesting.
larry hutchison We have the 42 teeth/26 teeth replacements and they don't mesh at all. I was told that the ym226 gears were the same but have not been able to confirm?? The original gears are/were 32/39 teeth. any help will be appreciated.
larry hutchison I understand that the 1810D was the first year they used the 3 cylinder engine: so is it possible that a previous model 2 cylinder drop box or gears would fit?
winston Are we talking about the driven gear and the idler gear? If so, the 226d idler gear is 194433-28160 (32 teeth, the driven gear is 194433-28220 (27 tooth).
w Idler on 220D is 194362-23161 (41 tooth), driven gear 19436228221 (28 tooth).
winston The common sense side of me doesn't understand how you can replace two of the gears with anything different unless the main drive gear is changed also. Any addition or subtraction of teeth makes for larger or smaller diameter gears. That is how my simple brain sees it, although probably not correct.
larry hutchison The internally splined(16) gear has 32 teeth and the idler? has 39. This is an actual count from the damaged gears.
larry hutchison I agree, although if you kept the diameter constant and changed the shape and size of the actual teeth maybe??? I may be down to my last option to have someone reverse engineer and build a set from the damaged ones.(ouch)
winston Doubt I am helping you any at all. There are 3 gears starting with the front wheel drive pinion which is splined on the pinion shaft that drives the rear wheels. That in turn drives the idler gear which drives the driven gear. For what it is worth the front wheel drive pinion on the 220D is 194362-28281 (23 tooth), the front wheel drive pinion on the 226D is 194433-28280 (27 tooth).
larry hutchison Thanks Winston, The pinion gear is fine only the other two with several teeth missing.
winston How many teeth on the pinion gear?
larry hutchison The idler (splined) gear for the YM226D 194431-28160 has 32 teeth like the 1810D. Does anyone know if this gear is the same as the 1810D idler. If so I would only have to cut one new gear.The driven tooth count is only 27: much different.
winston It would seem to me if the part numbers are different then the gears are going to be different.
larry hutchison
After much searching - nothing found. Estimate to make new gears (heat treated) is $1000 - wow. Thanks to all that tried to help.

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