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Yanmar 2310D diesel fuel in crankcase oil?

Stephen Replaced headgasket several months ago. Tractor runs nice and cool but noticed some bypass (more than usual). Checked the oil and seemed to be thin and noticed some oil separation on dipstick. Oil has diesel smell. Any suggestions on what this could be/ cause?
Thank you

winston 3 things can get in the crankcase. coolant, transmission/hydraulic fluid and diesel. If you are confident it is diesel then the injection pump is likely leaking into the crankcase.
Stephen Thanks Winston. Do you know anyway to verify fuel in crankcase. Also is this something I can have rebuilt. I see Hoye carries them but I would prefer to keep the budget down.
Al "Separation" implies coolant.

There are firms that will analyze a sample of used engine oil. Or you could drain it into a container with a drain at the bottom, let it sit, and see if what drains first is coolant.

winston Your description is pretty convincing to me. Coolant would cause a milky look. Pulling the pump should show positively whether it is leaking or not.

Injector pump repair is a pretty specialized service but many repair shops around. I would suggest you yellow page and google your area to see what is available. Where are you located?

The timing on your 2310 is set by the amount of shims under the pump. If you go back with the same pump your timing should not change.

Stephen Thanks Winston. What exactly am I looking for when I pull the pump. Also I don't know much about these injectors but is it possible a bad injector could cause the same problem?
Re: Yanmar 2310D diesel fuel in crankcase oil?

You would be looking for evidence of leakage around the plungers on bottom or around the fuel rack (sliding rack on the side seen in picture).

If an injector were leaking through your tractor would likely be missing on that cylinder. Assuming yours is running ok.

Stephen Interesting, I have noticed a couple of times when I start it, it either is not getting enough to fuel or is not firing on all cylinders. After about 5 or 10 seconds it picks up and runs fine
winston If you are getting a considerable amount of diesel in your crankcase I would lean awful heavy toward the injection pump. It might be the cause of your crank up miss.
Stephen Will do, thanks again
Stephen Will do, thanks again

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