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Yanmar YM187D Trans Housing and Loader

Jake Recently acquired a pristine YM187D. Runs like a champ but the trans housing is cracked. A friend thinks he can weld it. Any ideas on locating a new one if not? Also looking for a loader for it too. Thanks!
winston Might check this out.
winston If you can't pick up my first post paste then go to Hoye's web sight and look under "new products". They recieved a parts 187d with loader in May. Doubt the loader will last long.

What happened to break the transmission housing?

Al If it's on what's termed the "bell housing," it's cast iron. So if it's a very small crack and the work is done not by a buddy with a $95 110-v arc machine but by an experienced professional, it might be worth a try -- after which be careful about the rear hitch lifting a heavy load. And the last thing you'd want to do is install a front loader.
Jake Thanks for the responses. I sent an email to Hoye about that tractor. I have a guy attempting to weld it. I wanted to try to locate one in case it didn't work. I think the previous owner ran it into a ditch with a baler behind him. Not sure. It runs like a champ and I basically had the tractor given to me. Easily worth putting some money into.
Al As far as I know cast iron cannot be welded. If you can get the housing from Hoye's salvage model, grab it because there aren't many 187's around. If you get the loader too, look into a subframe for it (info on the Hoye site).
winston I have seen cast iron welded successfully many times. I am no metallurgist and can't explain the process but it can be done by someone knowing what they are doing. Not saying it will be as strong as before the break. That I don't know.
Al It can be welded by a good operator but then? Cast iron is so brittle it doesn't take well to the stresses of cooling.

If the break is on the underside, because you want the molten rod to seep down you should remove the structure and turn it upside down (or roll the tractor on its back). And since the weld area needs to be good and hot, the inside of the housing better be clean and dry.

And if you have to remove the housing you might as well put a replacement one on. But I'm not a welder.

winston Alan, I am no welder and pretty much agree with your statements. Years ago as a helper I worked with a welder making a cast iron repair. Might have been just making time but the short repair took 8 hours. He first heated the metal until a certain heat pencil told him what temperature it was, he would weld 1/2" or so, bang bang bang with a chipping hammer (suppose to relieve stress I guess). I do know the repair held, this welder had high respect from all that knew him. He was close to being a metallurgist.

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