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Massey ferguson 165

Jarrod I own a 1973 MF 165 Perkins gas. I installed a crank shaft adapted hydraulic pump and use a old combine hydraulic tank as the separate reservoir for a quick attach loader I fabbed on it. The old girl is a working beast. My question relates to wanting to increase my reservoir size due to heat build up in the current one. Making it much larger than it is now would affect the look of the tractor. I am wondering that given the fact that almost all tractors use the tractors hydraulics to run a loader what would harm my 165 if I tried to do the same?
AJ Two things you can do,one is to disregard the pump you fitted and run the loader from the tractor hydraulics,the other is to plumb in the front pump to the transmission oil,you will need to plumb in the feed and return,the feed would need a suction strainer on it to protect the pump.the easiest way is to use the tractor hydraulics probably best too.

Jarrod Will the fluctuation of the hydraulic level when all cylinders are extended adversely effect the transmission? Seems too easy. That was my concern when I added the external tank. Another concern was the loader speed off the tractor hydraulic pump. 4.8 gal/min. The pump I added gives me 10-12 gal/min 1300-1700 rpm. The speed is just about perfect now. It is just turning the volume of the small tank over too quickly creating heat. Finding the right way to pull off the tractor reservoir will be fun to figure out. I may add a small tank under the left side foot rest and pull off the drain of the tractor. That would allow me room to add a strainer that will handle the gal/min and a drain. Then add a return to the fill plug under oil. I have also been told that filtering the return vs straining the suction is better due to the bypass function of most filter housing. What are your thoughts on that? First time ever using a forum for advice so I hope I am not rambling on. Actually forgot about this post so thank you for your help.
Douglas McGill My MF 1500 transmission suddenly will not shift into 2nd or 3rd gears. No noise, just not engaging a gear. Detent feels fine. Was working tractor on disc in the field, stopped for a minute, then shifted back into 3rd gear but nothing connected. Any suggestions?

Jimmy Add an oil cooler to the return side and put a honda accord electric fan on it. Or weld cooling fins to your tank and put an electric fan on that.

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