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briggs fuel pump operation

Rock2000 I have a briggs and stratton V-twin 17hp motor. I took it apart to fix a loose valve seat, but now the fuel pump doesn't seem to work. It will start if I put fuel in the bowl before assembly, but it will die after that is used. I put in new diaphragms and gaskets, but still nothing gets into the bowl. Fuel makes it into the fuel pump fine though.

At a glance, I don't even see how the fuel could ever get from the fuel pump inlet to the carb bowl. There is a pinhole in the carb body side of the pump that I don't know where it goes, but that is too small to be the normal path. There is a hole from the backside of the fuel pump that goes into the carb and into the bowl, but with the diaphragm and gaskets the back side is isolated from the fuel inlet area. So how does fuel ever get to the bowl?

The carb worked fine before I replaced the valve seat. I hadn't touched the carb until I concluded I was getting no fuel. Now I've taken it apart and cleaned it and rebuilt it, but still no luck. I can't troubleshoot any further without understanding how the fuel is supposed to get through this contraption.


rcbe to better determine what component is in trouble, try placing several shots of rattlecan carb cleaner directly into carb throat while cranking engine normally ( will need an assistant).
If engine pops or tries to run, you do have a fuel delivery problem.
Next, remove fuel line at carb and place same into catch can. remove sparkplug wires and then crank engine while observing fuel flow being pumped from fuel pump.
If flow is good, you have a carb problem. if not, fuel pump problem. Before tearing things apart again, make sure you have adequate documention of what goes where - very easy to get mixed up.

Rock2000 It will run with fuel in the bowl (if I put it there before assembly) until bowl is empty, or if I pour some fuel down the throat. The pump is bolted to the carb, so there is no hose to disconnect to see the fuel being pumped.
rcbe best advice I can offer is a) chk out fuel filter for possible stoppages; b) get engine build specs off ID plate - go to briggs website - find engine tech documentation that will give instructions for troubleshooting/repairing your problems for that specific engine. Briggs does not usually offer such info for free... be prepared to pay for a manual.

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