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Briggs and stratton 18hp 2cylinder garden tractor will turn over but wont fire up

Bill rogers How to check the alternator on a briggs and stratton 18 hp 2cylinder 1995 murray garden tractor
rcbe will need a volt-ohm meter.

with ign and accessories off, voltage at batt + and - posts should measure between 12 - 12.5 vdc.

with engine running full rpm, lights , PTO and all other accessories turned off, same measurement should read 13.25 - 13.5 vdc.

For more precise technical measurements of briggs alternators, prolly best to get engine spec numbers then go to briggs website to purchase service manual for that particular engine....

joe If eng cranks but will not fire/run leave the alternator alone as it's not the problem,alt is only used to charge battery.

The most likly simple cause(s) of your problem with the exception of an internal mech problem in eng are as follows:
1-problem in safety sw 's on tractor or wiring for same.
2-problem in ON ENG ign system wiring or ign coil(s).
3-restriction/blockage or fuel pump problem in fuel delivery system to carb.
4-dirt/water in carb or restriction/blockage of internal passages in carb body.
5-intake manifild leaking air.

The best thing you can do to help yourself is get a wiring diagram of tractor & a service/repair manual at local mower shop,briggs website or ebay that covers your mod# eng,just saying tractor is a 95 murray means little/nothing without an eng mod# & tractor mod# due to fact in time frame you're talking about briggs made 2 different mod ohv twin eng & an opposed L(flathead)twin eng,the ign system & fuel system is different on each of them,we have no idea which mod eng you have.

The 1st thing you have to do is isolate problem to safety sw's/wiring system,ign system,fuel system or an internal eng problem,once you do that you can break the problem system down & find cause of problem.

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