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front axle lubrication

Steve Seaman If a 4WD tractor is run exclusively in 2WD, are the front axle components subject to any more wear or is there sufficient lubrication to the components without actually engaging 4WD? My anecdotal experience is that linkages, switches, gears, solenoids, clutches, etc. that are designed for use tend to exhibit higher failure rates when left in disuse. If the answer is yes, what components specifically are apt to show accelerated wear? Thanks!
jm. Actually less wear is expected running in two wheel drive. The parts that are turning are not under load so therefore less wear. Running the four wheel drive units engaged on hard surface is the greatest cause for wear .
Steve Seaman I can certainly understand less wear-and-tear running in 2WD, particularly if 4WD is engaged on hard surfaces, but is there no benefit in occasionally engaging 4WD to ensure proper lubrication for the moving parts, linkages, switches, etc., whatever facilitates proper engagement? This question arose in another venue in which someone advocated that the drive line and associated components in a 4WD system received proper lubrication regardless of whether the system was ever engaged or not.
jm. Steve in the case of KUBOTA I personally can not see any advantage. Here is why from the wheels back to the shift collar is already turning , just not under load. The shift collar is in the transmission which is also in oil so really not anything short of say the lever down to the collar that one would exercise. Certainly nothing against putting it in gear ever now and then but not any real benefits. On something like a 4 wheel truck with lock out hubs the drive shafts, and associated parts are not turning so might be more help to lock those in ever now and then.
Steve Seaman Thank you! Your overview of the Kubota 4WD system makes perfect sense.

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