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BX22 running hard. black smoke died

Gary Bates Help. I have a Kubota BX22 I was running it pretty hard. It smoked black the quit running. I try to restart it seems to fire on just 1 cylinder and smokes black smoke. I've checked the fuel shutoff and bleed the fuel system. I'm thinking it blew the head gasket between 2 cylinders is that possible. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Gary

jm. Lets start with some simple things, how long since you CHANGED the FUEL filter? Have you checked the air filter. After that, remove the radiator cap crank the unit, see if you see any air bubbles in the coolant. Check the valve cover vent for blow by . Most times you would have to get one HOT to blow the head gasket and then you will also have a cracked head. Do some checking and get back to me. jm.
Gary Bates I checked the compression. 380,340,400 ok I think
the fuel filters are old I bought new ones today I'll install them tomorrow. I also got a new air filter. No bubbles in the radiator. The tractor has not been maintained properly. I don't think it has many hours. I don't see any blow by. When I turned it over with the glow plugs out a lot of fuel blows out. I'm now wondering if the problem is in the fuel system. Thanks I'm stuck. I'm not a total dummy with engines I'm a retired Mercedes Mechanic.

jm. Really like working with someone like you. Next will or is easy to reverse the injector lines and injectors, see what each one is doing , may have a collapsed injector. NOTE if you do there is a small copper washer in each injector bore, make sure it comes out before you turn it over and blow it out and loose it. If you did not see any bubbles and have that kind of compression you can make it run. By not changing the fuel filters it probably passed some water to and injector or the injector pump. Hope it is in an injector, lots easier to fix.
Gary Bates I think I can reverse the injector lines. I'll try that this morning. There is another thing I noticed. I took the valve cover off to check the valves and the engine is really clean inside like a gas motor would be. I don't know how long its been since the oil was changed. Its not overfilled. Could it be dilated with diesel.
jm. Not likely, the top side stays fairly clean. I still thinking injector . BE real careful when removing the lines from the pump and do NOT let the barrel turn in the pump. Also after the injector line is removed fro the injector there is another nut that holds the drip line down. Hold the injector at the base with wrench when you start to remove the drip line nut. Watch for small washers UNDER the drip line.
Gary Bates I had the injectors tested yesterday. There ok. I
showed them a video I had on my phone of what its doing they recommended having the injection pump checked. I'm going to remove it today. When I removed the injectors 2 of them were dry at the pintail on was wet and the tip area was very clean.I don't know what to think of that.

jm. IF you have not pulled the pump very simple to do as I said and put a injector on each line see what you see. Very rarely will one continue to tart if the injector pump is bad. Have you had the fuel tested for water? IF you remove the injector pump be sure and pay attention to what shims are under the mount.
thepumpguysc Just by the description it sure sounded like an injector got stuck OPEN, flooding the engine/cylinder w/ non-atomized fuel black smoke & died.
BUT if the injectors were checked & deemed OK then that rules THAT out..
The compression test is "OK".. that 340 is gonna be a problem down the road..
When you pull the pump look at the bottom where the rollers are.. are they all even or is 1 stuck "UP".??
Does the control rack slide freely back & forth??
I can take care of all those problems for ya.. BUT, it sounds like you have a shop close by..??
ALOT of folks don't, so I offer my services, seeing they have to ship it off anyway..
Good luck & let us know how you make out..TPG

Gary Bates I tried to do the test with the injectors out but I couldn't because of the fuel return pipe that goes over the injectors won't line up if there not installed. So I sent the pump out for test and repair. I drained the tank and replaced the filters. I also changed the oil. The engine looks really good inside and the oil was clean. I hope its the pump if not I'm really stuck.
Gary Bates I pulled the pump the rollers looked good. I don't know about the control rack the only sliding part on the pump was free. It contacts the fuel shutoff solenoid. I thought it was an injector to being that one looked totally different from the others. (cleaner}.I think the compression would have come up a little if the battery was charged more. I live in North Fork California close to Yosemite. I sent the pump to the injector shop the Kubota Dealer uses. Thanks for the help I really appreciate any advise I'm really stuck of this one.
jm. The Pump Guy know his stuff and I initially also thought an injector but you say you had them checked. I really never thought it was the injector pump but may be. I al like TPG the 340 is on the bottom side but it should run. Still suspect it is in the fuel system.
Gary Bates I think its in the fuel system. I can't see anything else wrong. I stare down into the throttle and governor area move the linkage around
and don't see anything wrong I must admit I don't understand how it works. When I was looking at the pump when it was out the rack or whatever it is called seemed loose I dismissed it thinking it was just for the fuel solenoid not for regulation of the fuel. I wonder if that was right?

thepumpguysc Gary, Its a very simple design.. The little pin on the pump sits in a groove on the engine control rack & that's linked to a governor that spins when the engine is started & running..
The pump pumps fuel when the camshaft hits the rollers on the bottom side of the pump..
The control rack dictates how much fuel by sliding the pump control rack back & forth..
I wish you had sent the pump across country..
Your gonna pay thru the nose.. sorry to say..
Good Luck & let us know how you & your wallet made out..Lol.. [seriously]

Gary Bates Thanks, I'll let you know I didn't know about you or this board when I started working on the Kubota. I found it looking for answers about what was wrong with it. I haven't heard from the pump company yet. I'll let you know.
Gary Bates I heard from the pump guy. He recommended rebuilding the pump due to ware but said it was not the problem. So here's what I know. When I dissembled the engine the injectors seemed kind of loose. Loose enough that when I removed the fuel return lines one turned and broke the line. I know it getting fuel through the electric pump under the tractor. I know the valves are not tight I checked them for that but didn't adjust them. I replaced the fuel filters drained the tank will installed new fuel I didn't see any problem with the fuel in it. The compression is ok not great 340,380,400. I also had the injectors tested. I can see the injection gears that drive the cam for the pump it all looks good. I'll put it back together when the pump comes back. $395.00 pump repair. Any Ideas I'm
STUCK Thanks Gary

Gary Bates One other thing that bothers me. One for the injector tips was really clean compared to the others. Thanks Gary
jm. Pretty pricy for repair to a running pump, That injector turning and breaking the drip line is common , if the injector had been loose enough to cause problems you would have seen it. Black smoke, The Pump Guy may be right one of the injectors may have stuck then checked alright but again that is strange. There is a very slight/remote chance that a gear in the front cover has jumped time but most times when that happens it will not start or run. Let us know when you get it back together. How many shims was under the injector pump when you removed it?
Gary Bates There we 2 shims. I'm sure the tractor had not been apart before I took to apart. The gear that drives the pump looked good but I Don't have a way to check the timing of the pump. Is there a way to check the injection timing?
Gary bates Would it be worth wile to remove the exhaust and inspect it. Lots of squirrels and rodents here
Gary Bates I got the pump back after rebuilt. Same problem cranks over black smoke . seems to try t fire on one cylinder. Any ideas?

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