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fuel solenoid replacement for L4330

brian Greetings. The Fuel Solenoid on my L4330 needs to be replaced.
I see a plug ( 2 wire) and two bolts on the flange.
Is it a matter of just unplugging the electrical connection and removing the two bolts to swap out or does something have to be done internally before the solenoid is bolted on ?

jm. Brian You have it pegged. Be advised electrical parts are not returnable and that thing is pricy. Have you done some testing. Simple to remove it and leave it hooked up turn the key and see if the solenoid is working. What is the tractor doing or not doing? Back to your question yes just unplug it and remove the two screws.
brian Thanks JM, Yes I can hear it clicking on an off mostly when I start tractor but occasionally when Im operating it. I have checked Clutch pedal, seat switch(s) no problem there battery is good , 6 months old also checked connection to ground, also looks good. It was doing the exact same thing approx. 2years ago and I had local Kubota dealer out to my farm to fix it. Cost me $800.00 for the service truck and solenoid valve. The mechanic at the time stated it was a common problem and said I'd be lucky to get three years out of the solenoid he showed me where it was located anticipating i would have the problem again.
I have about 4200 hrs on the tractor. Local Kubota dealer in New Jersey wants $200.00 for solenoid.

brian By clicking I mean the engine shuts down I'll hear the solenoid "clicking" and then it will restart or it will stay off until I restart with the key switch. most of the time its a rapid turn off then clicking then it will restart all in about 3-4 seconds.
jm. O K first of all I do not know where the guy cam up with life of solenoid 3 years. MOST last for life of tractor. Not normal for 4 year failure. You say you have checked the ground . Where the ground terminates at the tractor frame is always the most common place. The solenoid MOST of the time is fail or go, I do not think a new solenoid is your solution. You have a weak connection , problem is where. Second most common is the seat switch. I would advise you to do some more checking before ordering the solenoid. I do not like to get into parts pricing but the $200 is considerable over KUBOTA list price.
Brian JM- Ok will recheck ground and safety switches. Am I over looking a safety switch involved with start up ? Just Clutch and seat switch correct.
Not sure if makes a difference but noticing dash lamps and digital display
Will flash on and off also while this clicking, engine on/off problem occurs.

Brian JM- what's the correct way to check the function of the safety switches ? The difficulty , it seems is the problem at hand is not constant, appears to happen more when the tractor has been sitting like over night. Moisture issue ???
jm. You just answered your own problem. Won,t be seat switch, Seat switch would not cause the lights to blink. The only thing to cause those lights to blink is loss of MAIN power has bot be a bad connection , at battery, starter, or ground to frame, keep looking and ground to frame is the MOST COMMON failure.
Glen Dawson Brain,
I had the same problem on my L3430 and it turned out to be a bad key switch assy. It would start right back up and stay running as long as I held the key to start (system was using the start solenoid) when I let go and went back to run it would die. G

Brian JM- ok I did go back to the battery/frame connection. Looked clean and tight to frame however when I took the connection to frame apart there was a considerable amount of rust between frame and the terminal. I removed rust, cleaned terminal and refastened. I'll run it for a few days and see how it works out. I'm thinking of perhaps relocating the ground connection to somewhere else on the tractor this is the battery box area, starting to corrode.
jm. I would bet my reputation that you have found it. Hard for me to convince folks to look by as like you have found problem there even though it looked good. WHAT we have been doing , making or buying a GOOD longer ground cable and going to frame not the box. Whatever you do make sure you do not use those bolt or clam on ends get a good cable and I think your problem will be solved. Same that two hundred dollar solenoid.. LOL
Brian Thanks JM.You have helped me out many times over the years,saved me thousands $$ ! Thank you.

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