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Kubota b7100

Larry I'm attempting to get a b7100 running again. I need some guidance on cylinder head fitting. Would like to know the position of head studs as apposed to head bolts, and also noted an oring on oil feed to the head on the top side of the head gasket. Is this a standard oring or something special.? Dimensions? Many thanks in anticipation
jm. Larry first the little O ring is important. You can go to Harbor Freight if you have one they have a small kit. I actually use the air conditioning green ones but it needs to fit the little post tight where you can get the head down without it popping out. Now I am having trouble figuring out your other question. There is small indents in the piston that go under the valves , I think that is what you are asking but if that is not what you want to know repost.
Larry When the engine was dismantled, there was 5 studs and 9 bolts holding the head to the engine block. If this was standard, I wanted to know the importance of there positions. I'm in New Zealand no harbour Freight, regarding oring but will I look for refrigeration oring.
Thanks so much for your assistance

jm. Kubota part number for the O ring is 15221-33700 the reason I like the green refrigeration O ring they are supposed to stand oil better, plain black one would probably work , just make sure it stays in place when the head goes down. I am checking the bolt pattern and will get back to you/now that I know what the question was.
jm. O K Very early B 7100 used 4 studs 2 at each end of the block so one could fit the head down and keep the gasket lined up, can find on place where 5 were ever used. After the first 3 years they went to all bolts so use you studs at the end of the engine to help line the head up then bolts the other holes.
Larry Thanks for your assistance

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