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Kubota B2400 with Bispeed turn

Fred Since owning this tractor (Nov.2015)I have had to do a reasonable amount of replacing O rings and oil seals, steering seal kit etc.

My question is -- I had to replace the O ring on the steering shaft that connects the Bispeed turn to the steering arm on the RH side of the front axle.

My problem is when the Bispeed turn is engaged, there is a bad lockup between the front and rear axle, front and rear are fighting each other to the extent that if I was to force the issue, I reckon something would snap in the front axle assembly, I feel that I have replaced the "L" shaped selector in the correct position on reassembly, this lockup is more pronounced on full right or left turns.

There is no problems when the selector is not engaged.

Thank you for any help you may impart

jm. Fred The answer, explanation to your problem is just too long and complicated to type, if you will return me an e mail with your phone number and a good time to call I will call you and discuss your problem. jm.
Fred Hi jm. I live in Nth. Queensland, Australia and the cost of a phone call may be too much.

Would there be some printed matter on the net that I may be able to download for me to read?.

Also I have told a small furphy, I was using the Kubota this morning(Wednesday) and I noticed some slight lockup when the 4wd was engaged on full right or left turns, this has become more apparent since I replaced a uni on the front drive shaft.

also the tyres front and rear are turf tyres, so I expect these to be correct.

Thank you for the reply.

jm. OK without talking maybe I can help you understand what if going on. The Bi Speed actually speeds up the front wheels by about 12% when engaged. When you steer it a small lever actuates that feature. What you are feeling is the exact thing you should feel . I do not THINK you have a problem. That is why KUBOTA only offered the bi speed on those small tractors for a short time. When using it in soft ground it is not noticeable but on hard pavement just not good. I expect that before you replaced the front drive part your bi speed was not working and now it is. There should be a lever to disengage the bi speed which is what most folks do. When we sold a b with a loader we ALWAYS disengaged the bi speed as it tended to fail early under front axel loads. Hope this helps and if you have more questions just post them. jm.
Fred Hi jm.
I have read up on the operation of the bi speed turn setup and understand the operation, but instead of the front wheels pulling the tractor in turns, the front wheels are fighting the rear wheels, much like locking up to the extent if I was to keep the forward pedal down, I am sure something would snap in the front axle assembly.

You are right about not using this feature and would have been happy if this was not fitted to the Kubota, I will heed your advise and refrain from engaging the selector lever.

Thanks again

jm. I had a couple of units that exhibited some of the symptoms you are describing. I my thoughts are that the center front axel deferential is locking of somewhat out of whack on that tractor. I would do just as you have said and just leave the bi speed off. Any time you want you can click on the jm. and send me direct e mail..
Fred Thanks for your time, I intend to jack up the front, turn from lock to lock and spin the front wheels by hand and see if I can "feel" any binds in the gears, I will also check the tyre sizes against a chart for the correct sizes for this tractor.

I will let you know the outcome.


jm. I think that would be well advised. Glad you have the tire chart. Here in the states there is a product called LUCAS oil treatment, much like the old STP that was sold. Looks about like honey but real slick and hangs on gears. I am not much on additives but this is one application I have found that it might be worth while to add some.

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