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Kubota B2400 front wheel drive shaft removal

Fred Mulreany Could someone advise me of what is involved in removing the front wheel drive shaft, I know there are a couple of roll pins in each yoke holding the yokes to the shafts.

my problem is how to remove the roll pin where the yoke attaches to the transmission output shaft, just not much room in that area to work and naturally this would be the universal that has gone kaput.

Thanks for any info forth coming.

jm. Fred Firs you have figured out the deck needs to be removed. Try to get the unit up on blocks ore support very good. Then you will have to lay on your back and need a punch that is made for this trick. Need one about 12 inches long and a very special end. On the end you are driving out with can not be pointed . Has to be flat. Pointed will swell the roll pin. Once it moves a little it will come right on out. PAY CAREFULL attention the orientation of the u joints. They have to line up when you go back. Not a job for the faint of heart.
Fred G'day jm. there is a small slot under near the transmission in the fabricated box section, is this where I have to get the drift in to move the roll pin?, a cow of a setup if you ask me!!.

I removed the deck yesterday so I could find the engine sump plug to do an oil and filter change.

You are right about not being faint hearted, I am pushing 80 and yesterday I was having trouble laying on my back under the unit so not sure of how I will go with this job.

Thank you for your advice

jm. Yes,,at 73 years of age I have to wear glasses and laying under there and getting where I can see are my worst problems. I am not certain what you are going to be into. KUBOTA replaced the joints with joints that take grease and then latter replaced the entire shaft. Let me know how you come out on parts.
Fred OK,I have cheated, I have cut a small window above both clutch drive shaft and the front wheel drive shaft where these attach to the transmission, I will make a cover plate that can be bolted over the window.
it wasn't so much getting the shaft out, but more getting the shaft back in and correctly fitting to the spline and getting the roll pin hole lined up, just wasn't possible to see inside the fabricated housing, I feel that the only way to do this shaft removal and refit would have been to unbolt the transmission from the fabricated box center section and go that way.

Tuesday sometime I will get onto our Kubota agents here in North Queensland and order a new yoke assembly.

jm. for your info the yokes were out by about 3 splines and the transmission yoke assembly has really damaged itself badly from fighting the rotational reaction.

jm. It will be interesting to see exactly how they will treat you on the parts. I am thinking you will be sold 6c040-57500 which gets you the joint with both yokes . We sometimes have to spend 4 hrs but most times my shop guys can remove and replace one in 2 hours or so without cutting the hole. Hope you get the new joints. Let me know what parts they sell you.
Fred it will be a few days before I can give you an answer, into day surgery Tuesday, so that day will be done, maybe Wednesday I can phone the agent.
Your part # corresponds to the parts diagram I have for my tractor, both of the yokes I removed from the drive shaft didn't have a roll pin hole to pin one yoke to the drive shaft, so the shaft has been floating in the yoke splines !!.

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