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battery boiling over

steve have a 2n converted to 12 volts, alt went out put new one on with regulator built in,(same as the one that went bad) battery boiled over, put on another alt with built in regulator and the battery boiled over again.Mechanic at work said it is my battery, don't think that is it. any suggestions
mark sr Sure sounds like it's over charging. Have you done any tests on the battery itself? Are you sure the replacement alternator is wired up the same as the previous one?
Bob in KS Assuming it is a Delco alternator. How do you have it wired?

What is the voltage on the battery posts after it sits for awhile? What is the voltage with engine running and alternator charging?

steve yes wired the same. checked battery this morning, showing 12.58volts after sitting overnight. tractor on show 14.60volts even after running for 15 min, this is what is really crazy, as much acid that boiled out (which was a large amount) I should have at least one cell low on fluid, but all cells are full maybe a little to full!
mark sr 14.6 volt is a little high, something in the 13 volt range is normal. I wonder if there is any way to adjust the regulator ??
steve no it's built in alternator, don't think there is any way to adjust it.
steve downloaded wiring diagram going to go over it this weekend. been restoring this tractor for over a year, found too many things wrong that tell me too many people have worked on it.
mark sr When you first got the tractor did the alternator work correctly? or are you just now getting it up and running?
Bob in KS 14.6 charging voltage seems to me to be within spec. How full are you filling the cells? Should be above plates but not above the split ring extending down from the cap, roughly an inch below top surface
steve bought battery last year, never added any water to cells. yes it is a little overfull now which means it was alot overfull before
Mike Blanche Fourteen point 6 seems a little high, but it may be your regulator trying to fix a bad battery. If it's a year old, and sat for that time filled to the brim, then who knows what it's problem really is? And you can't just remove the fluid.

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