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Ford 9N no spark

ray dilettuso ford9n electrical problem. I previously had problem with wiring but that's corrected. now the tractor will not fire up or turn over I did install a new drop in points kit with new condenser also I rechecked my work, unbolted dist. and rotated cap 180 degrees, still no spark. Tractor will not fire up. I am really puzzled !!!.
mark sr Do you have voltage coming to the points/condenser? Trace your wiring back to the switch and battery. It's not an overly complicated system and should be easy to pinpoint with a multi meter.
Jim L Hi Ray, welcome to the world of the 'N' tractors. I read your post 3 or 4 times and I'm left with a few questions for you. First of all, the 9N distributor only goes on one way. The slot at the end of the cam shaft is off set. If you put it on wrong and tighten the bolts you can break the ears off the distributor. Second, what was your original wiring problem? What you need to do is, make sure the distributor is mounted correctly. Then, with a volt meter check for battery at the terminal of the coil. If you have battery there, then it's possible that the new points or condenser are defective. Make sure the coiled spring like terminal under the coil is making contact with the distributor. I don't want to see you buy unnecessary parts, but your coil could be bad. You never said if you had a 12 volt conversion. Do you? If you don't have battery at the coil, then check for it at both sides of the ballast resistor, which could be bad. If no battery on either side of that then try bypassing the ignition switch with a jumper from the battery to the post on the terminal block. Let us know what you find.
ray dilettuso hi jim I corrected my electrical problemsprevious to this. to spear head this yes my problem is in the distributor I picked up anew dist. cap roter drop in points kit. I just need time to get this together!! ill keep in touch.
Bob in KS Did you set your points to .015, not .025

I would recommend a good set of NAPA or Standard brand points, not the cheap ones in a kit

Jim L Hi Ray again. Just for fun I went back and read your original post again. I missed something. If you replaced the distributor cap, than you don't have a 9N tractor. You either have a late 8N or even later tractor. So disregard everything that I said earlier.
Dawn H. Hi guys, I need some smarter heads then mine. My 9N won't start! I have rebuild the carburetor because it was leaking gas. I followed the "tractor doctor" you tube as I rebuild it, but it still leaks. No idea why there. Ok replaced the distributor cap, checked points, replaced the coil, rotor cap, rotor replaced, ballast resistor replaced, cut out replaced, checked switch which is good, battery terminals cleaned, charged battery, new plugs, still won't start. Anyboby have an ideas what else I can do? I really need my tractor. Thanks in advance!

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