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Hydraulic Fluid

Carl I have a 1953 NAA Ford Jubilee. Should I use 303 Super S Super Trac hydraulic fluid in the transmission, hydraulics and rear end? I was told
that it is the best thing to use.

Jim L. Hi Carl, welcome to the forum. No, be careful who you listen to. Your NAA has a separate sump for the hydraulic fluid. It's not like the 9 and 8N's. I use Valvoline R&O Hydraulic fluid in mine. The transmission and differential uses regular gear lube in them.
mark sr On my 53 I use regular gear oil in my trans and rear end. I use ISO 46 in the hydraulic sump. I used ISO 68 for years because it was recommended ... for the vane pump, I have the piston pump. Since switching my hydraulics are more responsive when it real cold but they do tend to leak down if you shut it off for lunch and leave the bucket or implement up. Didn't do that with the thicker oil.
Carl Thanks a bunch. I noticed that my Hydraulic fluid was way above the full mark on the dip stick. With the cylinders extended. Is this a problem? I have type A weight in there now. I put about 150-200 hours on her each year. She sees some heavy use. My Hydraulic fluid has about 300 hours on it now...looks clean. Same with the Trans...300 hours (90wt)...and rear end (90wt). I knew they has separate sumps. She's a beauty.

Carl Also--just a note. My tractor stays in the barn. So I don't have any water in the hydraulic fluid
It is very clear before and after a hard workout. I just can't understand why the fluid level is showing so high on the dip stick. I only put 8 qts in her. I remember putting 2 gallons.

mark sr According to the owner's manual the hydraulic fluid only needs to be changed every 600 hrs. While water can enter the system from washing the tractor it should change the look of the fluid, same with condensation. I have more issues with water entering the trans than anywhere else [thru the shifter boot] Inspect your dip stick to make sure it's not going down too far. How far above the full mark?
Carl The hydraulic fluid is 3" above the full mark.
mark sr So it's halfway or so between the full mark and the top of the stick? I'd be tempted to drain and measure the hydraulic fluid or at least drain off some to get it close to level on the stick and see how it operates.
Jim L. Sorry Carl, I misinterpreted your original question. I'm not familiar with the 303 Super S, but I would stick with the 90 wt. gear lube for the trans. and rear end. It's worked well for 63 years. As for the high level in the hydraulic sump, that's a real mystery isn't it? I would be inclined to do like Mark suggested. Drain and measure it. You just might find a bunch of water in the bottom.
Carl Jim--
I let her rest back in March. I had her sitting
over my lift beside my shop. After weeks of not
running her I eased out the drain plug expecting
water. Nothing but clean fluid came out. I just
finished bush hogging a few acres this morning. After four hours the fluid was not even cloudy. So...I don't think I have water in the system. I wonder if my son thought he was topping off the fluid and just looked down the fill hole under the seat. I appreciate everyone's advice.

dan hill THE NAA uses gear oil in the hydraulic system.The 600 series uses gear oil in all 3 systems.
dan hill The hydraulic pump will mix water and oil making a milky mix.

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