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9n questions

Tyler M I have a 1939 9n and had a couple questions. is universal 303 hydro/transmission fluid ok to use? and i have a minor leak where the rear axle bolts to the fram (if that makes sense) can i use stop leak to stop it until i replace the seals this winter?
Tyler M Also my oil pressure is consistently 40-50 psi is that normal? it runs great other than a little blow by due to a stuck ring.
ponymare If your gauge is reading right, that is fantastic pressure, be happy.
Jim L. Hello Tyler; welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with the universal 303 fluid, but as long as it meets Ford M2C134ABCD it's okay. As for the minor leak, I really don't know. As I think about it, it probably wouldn't hurt anything. As for the oil pressure, you're bragging aren't you. LOL, I wish my 44 had that kind of oil pressure.
ponymare Those old tractors used 85-90- or 85-140 when they were new. Using the new light weight oil will work, sometimes the hyd won't be as good though. And using the light weight oil will probably leak more, and you might hear more gear noise.
Tyler M No Im not trying to brag just making sure that it was good and not bad. another question could a 9n run a small square baler? I have a small patch of Bermuda that is growing really well but is too small to justify running the big equipment.
ponymare It will run a small square baler, but you have no live pto. You will have to put the pto in gear, as well as the tractor, then start everthing moving at the same time. If the windrow gets heavy, you either have to pull the transmission out of gear, or run the risk of plugging the baler. A guy down the road runs his baler with an 8n, but he rakes small windrows.
Jim L. ponymare, that's interesting what you say about the oil. I'm going by what a friend of mine told me. But what you say makes sense. The Scotch Yoke pump and lift cylinder were designed to use the heaver oil. Hmmmm.
Tyler M Ok last question I am wanting to put some weight on the back end because the tractor has a loader on it. Is there some fluid I could put in that won't eat the rims?
ponymare There are several liquids that can be put in, some are corrosive, some are toxic, some are ok but expencive. Best to check with a tire place that does that kind of thing and see what they recommend.
mark sr I have a mixture of calcium chloride [corrosive but heavy], methanol and windshield washer fluid [non corrosive] Might even be a little bit of used anti-freeze. You can get a liquid made from beets that is non corrosive and supposed to be as heavy as calcium chloride - but it's expensive.

I also have a loader on my NAA. I have approx 30 gallons per rear tire along with a scraper blade. That set up works well for me. Even if I replace the scraper blade with something lighter I still have decent traction.

Tyler M Yeah right now I am using my back blade as some weight and works much better than no weight at all.
Steve When I got new rear tires and rims 2 years ago they filled them with windshield washer fluid.

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