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Ford 3000 slow hydraulics

Bob Was lifting a heavy rock, hydraulics suddenly became really slow. I thought I'd ruptured a hose but it's not leaking anywhere. Did some testing and found the piston seal in one of the bucket lift cylinders was leaking, had both lift cylinders and the tilt cylinder rebuilt. No help, it's still slow. Put a kit in the pump, gauge says it puts out 2000 PSI. Did my best to clean the filter in the reservoir, poured a lot of solvent through it, I think it's clean but my bucket and 3 pt are still way slow. Wondered if it may be the selector valve, was told those usually aren't the problem. Put new o-rings on the intake side of the pump and at the reservoir thinking maybe I was taking in air guess that's not an issue that now. The reason I didn't think it was the filter because this problem happened suddenly while I was lifting. It still lifts, just darn slow. Any suggestions? I've checked the hoses and replaced 2 of them. Both the bucket and 3 pt are slow, that's why I was considering the remote selector valve to have a problem.
BigT Hi Bob,

I would check the flow control valve for a blockage. If nothing, next would be the selector valve for an internal leak.

Bob Thanks for your reply. According to the diagram on my local New Holland site the flow control is the drilling on the back side of the selector valve. I took the plug out and looked at it, there's a small hex set screw in there. According to the diagram behind that there's a spring, a small tube and a small ball. Guess that can be adjusted or maybe it's full of gunk and that's the problem. On the front of the selector valve there's slotted screw with a lock nut with a spring and ball and that's a pressure relief I think, that can be adjusted up or down I think. Under the valve is another spring and ball, has a cir-clip holding it in place, another spring, spacer and ball there too. Don't know what that one does. The flow control valve you mentioned is part of the selector valve I just described? The Slotted plug on the back with the allen set screw down in there, or is there another flow control valve I don't know about?
BigT Hi Bob,

The flow control valve is on the right side of your tractor, just above where your right heel is when seated on the tractor. It has a hand adjustment to control the rate of descent (fall) of the lift with an implement on it. But it also slows the upward rate of lift. Slows hydraulic function.

I don't know if it would affect the rate of lift of your loader, but it surely affects the rate of three point lift?? Try adjusting it to observe results.

Bob Thanks again for another reply, The lever about 3 1/2 inches long? Has two positions and I've heard it called draft control. Is that the one? Not a lot of travel, maybe 30 degrees I guess. I haven't tried it for this problem, I usually don't use it all.

BigT Bob,

You are referring to your draft control lever. I will try to download a parts diagram of your flow control valve.

Bob I've been looking at a diagram my local New Holland site has online, haven't seen a part labeled as flow control except the one on or in the selector valve. Thanks, Bob

Bob Bought an IT manual, it shows the valve you describe but my tractor doesn't have one there, just a big freeze plug in it's place. I've found many variations on these old tractors, mine is a '67 according to the engine #. Must have something different inside, going to pull the top off the hydraulic fluid reservoir soon, that will tell the tale I hope. Thanks for your help, Bob

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