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Ford 2600 rear axle seals

Randy Hey Folks... I have a new-to-me Ford 2600 with 2305 hours that I'm refurbishing (first time tractor owner). When I pulled the left rear wheel to replace the brake shoes (current brakes were worthless!), I found the shoes wet with fluid so I assume a leaking rear left seal. I've been told there MAY be a metal 'sleeve' on that axle that can be a bear to get off to fix my problem. Any idea on an average cost for a shop to do the repairs? Thanks in advance....
Wabash Howdy Randy, welcome to the SSB tractor forum.

Your tractor has 2 axle outer grease seal and an inner oil seal to retain rear differential fluid. If the inner seal leaks, oil comes out through the grease seal, and dilutes/removes the grease.

To change both seals is quite a job. Your tractor has either a sleeve or a big nut to remove.

Check the bearing for play. If its OK, you can replace the oil seal and gamble that the grease seal will retain bearing grease. Repack the axle bearing with wheel bearing grease.

Regardless, you need a shop/service manual before you start. SSB has manuals. You can also
find manuals on the internet. Ebay and Amazon also have manuals.

Randy Thanks, Wabash. I've ordered a shop manual but it isn't here yet. I realize there's a number of variables involved that preclude being able to get an average price for a shop to do the job but I'm leaning that way. Most other work I've been able to complete on my own..i.e. changing fluids/filters, bleeding fuel lines, etc...
Craig I just had that issue on my 3600. I didn't replace the brakes myself, but had a shop do it. $1200. They did not repair the brake seals in the transmission though. So, I had a new leak. It took about 4 hours to repair myself. $100 in parts. And $100 in oil
Randy Thanks, Craig. I've had two shops quote me a 'worst-case' scenario of $500-600 for BOTH sides total. I told them I would hand over the new shoes for them to install as they put everything back together (which they said they'd do) but I didn't know if that price was normal or not. Thank you, gentlemen, for your advice/knowledge!

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