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IH 340 Hyd Leak, hole under filter

Bob A I have a 340 with hydraulic pump near the clutch bell housing with no power steering.
If have change filters and O rings on the pump and cleaned and replaced the filter.
There is a small 3/8 non threaded hole that drip oil out when tractor is running. It is located under the filter half of the tractor.
I tried to track it down the leak by removing the gear of the pump and ran the tractor. It did not leak, which leads me to believe it is a hydraulic issue.
With the gear back on the pump, it leaks again.
I have not replaced the return tube. IH want over 60.00 for the 2 in long after market tube with a seal on the end. You can not just replace the seal.
The 3 pt hitch works fine, it raise and lowers with no problem (Ctl. leaves by seat).
No idea where the hyd is leaking from, I thought is the filter gets to dirty it is an over flow or something. Was there soft plug the fallen out, can I plug the hole
without cause damage? shou I plug the hole with something?

pete 23 The leak underneath is from the TA seals. If you take that little four bolt cover off on top of that center section you will be able to take a look in side. That is a dry housing section for the dry TA direct drive clutch. If you do not have a TA it is still a dry housing and leaks would be from transmission and pto shaft seals. The little short tube you refer to is the suction tube for pump, not a return tube. It is essential that the seal on tube is in good condition to seal properly so pump does not draw air into system. You said you took the gear off pump and then ran the tractor. To take the gear off you would have to drain . Did you then reinstall pump without gear and refill to see where it leaked. Don't quite understand your observations .
Boba In line with filter and pump, but hole is almost in center but favers the filter side.

Boba Remove gear, put fluid back it. Ran tractor tires it. Found no leaks.
Reinsaleed gear and fluid again, the leak came back.

pete 23 Like I said, that hole is a drain for leakage out of the dry TA housing. Take a look from the top. Is this a Farmall model or Utility model. Farmall is easy to get at top little four bolt cover, utility, not so much.
Re IH utility, do not have a torque amp.
Why does it not leak when he's pump gear removed and leak with gear on pump. All fluids where put back each time.
Can it be repaired with out splitting Tkr.

pete 23 It doesn't make sense that it doesn't leak with pump not turning as there is no hydraulic connection to that area. Due to the fact you have no TA there is nothing that oil leaking into that dry section would harm that I know of. If it had a TA the dry clutch in TA would get oil soaked and be inoperative. I know that steering gear is in the way to get a look in there but if it was mine or I was working on a customers tractor, I would want a look from the top. You might have a bearing out on the shaft and not just a leaking seal. Other wise, plug the bottom hole and let it fill to the normal oil level. You have to split it at least once and most likely twice to get in there to seal it.
BobA Pete23. I took some photos of hole and plate, what email address so I can send them.
You are right it does not make sense.

pete 23 Not sure putting my email out here is real good idea.
BobA Was trying to send some photos of the hole and plate you ref too.
Re: IH 340 Hyd Leak, hole under filter

Attached photo is the hole that leaking, it not shown in the repair manual.

Re: IH 340 Hyd Leak, hole under filter

Is the odd shaped cover plate in the photo is what you are referencing to remove and checkto see if it is dry inside. If not then the seal is leaking.

Re: IH 340 Hyd Leak, hole under filter

Is the odd shaped cover plate in the photo is what you are referencing to remove and checkto see if it is dry inside. If not then the seal is leaking.

BobA I added some photos of the leaky hole and is this the cover you want me to remove?
pete 23 Yes that is the weep hole for any oil leaking into the dry compartment and that is the cover I am referring to. Looking in there will give you some ideas of what I am talking about being a dry section.
BobA Thanks for the help, maybe the seal popped out. Hope I do not have to split tractor.
Still do not understand why it stopped when I removed the gear off the pump.

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