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580 k no forward backward is ok

Robin I guess i have to check the pump pressure ,not sure how to do that anyones thoughts
AJ Is your K a series 1 or 2,the series 1 has a Borg Warner Shuttle and Case transaxle,the series 2 has Carraro shuttle and transaxle,the common thing that could cause both no drive is one of the clutch cutout buttons is stuck in the pressed position,check all the buttons are returning and any pedal on the floor it may have,remove #6 fuse and try,see what transaxle and shuttle you got or post the serial # of the machine.

AJ I first thought there was no drive in either direction,when I read the post again I see that you have reverse so that takes the cutout clutch out of the equation,if your reverse is strong it says that the pump,torque and reverse clutch pack is ok so the trouble is the forward clutch,check the linkage is moving the valve,I need to know which series you got before going any further cos the difference is chalk and cheese.

Robin I believe i have the auto shuttle ,also when i lift the rear tires and put it in forward the tires do turn
Robin number from tag 2200517 series 3 i believe
Robin I only have one cuttout button on my shifter I believe.
AJ Can't ID the machine from those numbers they should start with either 17 for the series 1 or JJG for the series 2, no series 3,look under the machine behind the engine,if its a series one you will see the shuttle with a small oil pan underneath it,the gear shift lever for the series 1 comes up through the cab floor,the series 2 the gear shift is in the right hand side console and the hand grip is tee shaped with the cutout button one one side.the serial number is located on the chassis inside the right front wheel.

Robin oil pan is small must be a number 1, gear shift comes thru the floor.
AJ That would be the series one with a Borg Warner shuttle,first off is there enough fluid in the shuttle,you check the fluid with the engine running on low idle and top up through the dipstick tube as required,the common thing that happens to those shuttles when they lose forward drive only is a diaphragm type spring called a Belleville spring in the forward clutch pack cracks and the discs can be no longer compressed tight together and they don't grip so drive is lost,if it happened suddenly its a fair bet that's what's wrong,the shuttle has to be removed from the machine to repair it,its a job for a mechanic.

Robin Thanks i'll let you know how i make out.
Erick the return to dig is no longer working, is there a sensor other thant the one on the bucket arm?
AJ You should have started your own thread to avoid confusion.There is only the one sensor on the tilt link,there is a relay under the flap in front of the windscreen (in the left corner looking at the windscreen)there is two relays there swap them over and see if the return works,are all the rods and linkage on the bucket anti roll back in place and straight,look and see no six fuse is is good and making good contact,check the wires on the sensor ans also on the solenoid on the tilt valve.

Robin AJ looks like there are special bolts in the transfer case that need to be removed I have no idea what these are,,the end of the bolt do not look

AJ The only special bolts I can think of is the front cover of the shuttle,those bolts have what's known as Ferry heads,a 3/8 drive slim wall 12 pt 3/8 socket is needed.

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