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Case 530ck backhoe upper pin removal

Hi There
I'm having a problem removing the upper pin of the backhoe swing tree of my Case 530 ck with what I believe is a 31 backhoe attachment. The lower pin has been replaced by others and is free to move up or down. I've tried penetrating oil, light heat, then hi heat while using a hammer and heavy clamp to move the upper pin but nothing works. The pin is well worn on the ends only and is loose laterally on the ends but will not move vertically. I think it is seized in the main frame bushing but not sure. Could there be a snap ring in the main frame holding it? In the exploded view of the swing tree it doesn't show a snap ring in this area. Your help on this would be appreciated.

AJ If you got a torch you can give it plenty heat,take out the grease zerk so the melted grease can escape and be careful of it,(remember that oxygen and grease or oil is explosive)its been years since I seen a 530,is there room to get a jack in to push the pin up,if not cut the top off the pin and drive it down if there is nothing in the way,have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher on hand in case of fire.
Ps no snap ring

PN I've tried quite a bit of heat and there isn't room underneath to get a jack, that's why I used a heavy C clamp with the heat. There are a bunch of hoses coupled to the swing tree tower between the upper and lower pins and these would have to be removed to get a jack in there. I have used a sledge hammer with moderate blows from the top to no avail to try and knock it out the bottom. I also hit it from below with a heavy hammer and steel rod. I had thought about dry ice on the pin to shrink it. I don't want to make things worse by putting to much force on it, however I'll keep trying and if there are any other ideas out there let me know. Thanks for the warning on the oxygen and oil, I had forgotten about that.
AJ You dont say what equipment or skill you have to do the job,I've had years of experience repairing heavy equipment and any pin that comes up to get it out is a pain,you could try welting on a piece of thread bar to the top of the pin and use a piece of pipe larger than the pin with a plate on top and then the nut and tighten it up,heat tighten up making sure that it is in the center in case the pin is worn and has a step in it.

PN I'm not that experienced in heavy equipment, but have owned 4 small tractors (30 hp) both diesel and gas and done restoration on two of them and repairs like brakes, injector pumps, rear tire changes etc. I'm basically self taught and often refer to manuals. I have worked on a lot of cars and trucks in my spare time though. I like your idea of the threaded rod and pipe and agree the pin could have a step in it. Thanks again.
bill ganley Hi AJ I'm working on the outriggers on my 580c backhoe the pins are wore out and i will replace them, where the problem is are the stabilizers themselves. they are both wooddled out on what looks like a collar that the bushing goes in where the stabilizer hooks to the machine is this repairable or can a replacement collar be welded on.
Bill Ganley

Re: Case 530ck backhoe upper pin removal

Try and keep the posts separate to avoid confusion,the top end of each stabilizer leg carries two bushes,between the two bushes is a spacer to stop them going in two far,the bushes should be a tight fit in the boss (collar),if those are wallowed out and the bush is a loose fit it a job for a competent welder to either build them up or replace them,the parts book does not show the bosses,any machine shop can make them from pattern,ie bring the new bush and the OD and width,the welder will cut out the old ones and weld in the new,most people don't bother about a bit of play there as when the machine is jacked up the weight is on the pins and its not an issue.

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