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Case 580ck steering

JP Hi All,
Does anyone know how important the spring tension is in Case 580ck power steering pump? I ask because I accidentally threw away the cap that holds the filter in place in the pump and substituted a large washer. I cannot get my power steering to work and the steering wheel just spins. Maybe it's a different problem that's causing this problem I don't know. Appreciate any help.

chris Does any body know why it takes 3 turns of the steering wheel to turn?
AJ The spring controls the pressure that the filter bypass opens should it get blocked,if the filter gets blocked the spring collapses and allows the oil to circulate without been filtered,it is not the cause of you having no steering,there is a relief on the back of the pump check it,the spring may broke or the valve stuck.

JP Thanks for your reply, AJ.
I took the lock valve out from inside the steering pump and there is nothing visible on the outside of it. It looks like the inside of the valve can be unscrewed from the body, however, I called a Case dealer and they suggested not messing with it because I may not be able to get it back together even though they weren't sure what wwas inside of it. They also said you can't rebuild the valve but only replace it at a cost of $178.00. What if I replace the valve and I still have the problem? I'm at a loss. Any ideas? Thanks, JP

JP Hi, AJ, it's me again. On closer inspection there looks to be a ball bearing inside the end of the valve. I tried poking it but it didn't move. Is it suppose to? I have it soaking in some PB Blaster just in case.

AJ That is the relief valve,you should not be able to blow through it when it is in the closed position as it is spring loaded to stay shut,put some oil in the part that screws into the pump,it should stay there,make sure the o'ring is ok,what was the start of the trouble,did the steering fail suddenly,if the wheel spins around doing nothing there is a possibility that the seals has failed inside the cylinder or the rod could be broken,check the cylinder.

I had the pump off for 3 months while the engine was being rebuilt. I had no problem with the pump prior to that. As I run the engine I disconnected each of the hoses going to the steering cylinders one at at time and no fluid is flowing. When I added fluid to the steering pump reservoir, it will only take enough fluid to fill it and no more for the rest of the system.

AJ Try bleeding the cylinder again,with the engine stopped turn the steering wheel till you get oil to come from each hoses in turn.

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