ALERT defective/bad design Kawasaki 20 hp engines on Deere garden tractors

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Posted by carol on Sunday, September 12, 2004:

Houston we have a problem.

I started a thread called "GT245 lemon?" awhile back, and it is buried in this forum, but if you search for it you can read about the problems we've had with our new mower and the Kawasaki engine acting up after a few hours mowing (and the FIVE trips back to the shop). Anyway, as a last resort, our dealer gave us a BRAND NEW GT 245 with zero on the meter, with our old mower deck (because they didn't want to do a complete trade after we patiently gave them repeated chances to fix the problems). The new mower ran for 6 hours and then started running on one cylinder. Right before we started running it, we get a letter and a new filter setup from John Deere. The letter explains certain models got the wrong air filter. We put this new filter on before any serious mowing, and it didn't make a whit of difference.

The letter and part from Deere proves/represents one thing that all the Deere reputation in the world and lies of the dealer cannot change. These engines have been having problems and Deere corporate knows about it! There are also said to be tech bulletins on vent tubes and limited rejetting of carburetors on these engines. It is no longer a TGIF problem, but a serious design flaw in the air cooled 20 hp Kawasaki engines or a qa problem in the Kawsasaki plant that Deere hasn't nailed down yet. We do not buy into the story from our local dealer that the average deere owner is an irresponsible fop that grabs any old thing to put gas into before filling up the gas tank...Deere owners are proud of their yellow and green! I reject that and the assertion that all the local complaints from our dealer's customers originate with "bad gas" and "owners with rusty gas cans." "You are the only ones having this problem with this model" is a mantra we've heard too, although they ought to rethink the high incidence of "bad" or "dirty gas" diagnoses they hand out to their other customers and actually check up on the service department.

Each time my husband runs a mower, afterward he cleans the mower thoroughly and cleans the prefilter and makes sure all grass clipplings are brushed away. ..aka babies it. We know that this time the coil pack is probably the culprit, but at this point we don't care...because it's within the 30 day's too delicate to run and use as a mower engine as currently manufactured, and we're not giving any second chances as the dealer aptly demonstrated in the past that such fixes such as new coil packs, carburetor cleanings and such are designed to run the 30 day clock dry.

Now the question is whether our dealer will give us our money back or we have to go to corporate or court...

Until this engine gets resolved by Deere, I have to warn people.. don't buy any mower with the Kawasaki 20 hp air cooled engine at this time unless they do a recall on the others, taking responsibility and actually fixing the problems. I know someone who got a zero turn with a different engine new that has had so far a bad seat switch and clutch....all within the first month...QA problems can't be hid behind a good name... People need to start reporting their problems or they're not going to be fixed and quality will go down the tubes without consumers speaking up!!

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