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Posted by Tom on Sunday, June 18, 2017:

So, I am considering a purchase of a John Deere, JD 300 Backhoe, which is the same as a Farm Tractor JD2020 as far as the Basic Tractor Itself! It is being offered for $1,000.00, as is, where is! Since it is close to where I live, I just want to get it home! I have the Owners Manual, Parts Manual, and the Service Manual, currently. Interested in any other manual available? Ok, so I was told that the Brakes never worked, since purchase 5 years ago, and it was used extensively up till a year ago? The Diesel Engine was rebuilt only a few hundred hours ago, if that? It starts right up, no hesitation whatsoever. I had to replace 2 hoses, with about 24 more hoses that still need replacing, eventually, they are dry rotted extensively! (Found Local Place for $5.25 per foot +Ends!) The dipstick registered nothing! I cranked her up, let idle for 3 mins, then tried to turn wheel (Power Steering), it moved a little, but hard, Raised Loader Bucket (came up 4 inches) and operate the Backhoe....Nothing seemed to happen! I shut it down, and figured I'd go get 303 Trans/Hyd Fluid. That stuff varies greatly! I paid $30.00 per 5 Gallon, but some places wanted $60.00!!! I also obtained 2 new Filters for the system as well! I drained about 4.5 Gallons total before it was empty!

Here's where it gets interesting! As I cracked open each plug to drain it, CLEAR, and I do mean Clear Water came out for a few seconds, and the rest was hardly any Hyd Fluid!!! It was a Milky white to light Brown color ONLY! Not at all good, and I have No Clue to how that much water got in, or where all the actual Fluid Leaked out? First Question there, is can someone explain how that could be possible? Cap was on, no lines broken above reservoir etc.? Also, I did find Brown pieces, I'll assume was Brake Pad? I was going to sample and send off to get analyzed, and will do so if anyone thinks that's even necessary? No confirmed metal chucks seen or found with a magnet?

At this point, those of you who could please advise me whether it is worth any further effort, and way to proceed, if it were you, or should I do this? I'd like a PTO, and Three Point Hitch Setup, so I was thinking of finding a JD 300, or JD 2020 with that on the Rockshaft Housing, and known good components in the Transmission.If anyone knows of a Donor Tractor with those items, I am interested! East of the Mississippi, I can fetch! I could replace the Clutch and Throw-out bearing then, at the same time, as well! Just an idea, but gives more flexibility? The Rims ( 24" ) are in bad shape, need replacing, Tires, possibly usable?

There may other Issues as I progress in inspecting it also, but given that I do see Values of $3K-$5K for Loaders/and or tractors, would I end up throwing good money after bad? I am Retired, Mechanically Inclined, have a Shop to work in, with a Beam Mounted Block and Tackle here at home, but.....never even touched a Backhoe in my life! The Hobbs Meter had 7,250 Hours on it!

Any and ALL suggestions are welcomed! Thanks in advance!

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