Caterpillar 3304 Injector Pump Timing

Carl How do I set the crank position for injector pump timing on a Cat 3304 engine ser# 07Z10882 on a 518 Skidder?
I have the inj pump pin in the pump. I can not find anywhere to set the crank position.
Chris With the truck engines there is a hole in the flywheel used to pin the engine to tdc. It will pin it to either #1 or #6 tdc. Not too sure about your application.
catmech there is a 1/4 pipe plug just above the starter. you take it out and put a 3/8 bolt in the hole, and it will thread into the flywheel at number one or number four. so pull the valve cover and make sure the valves on number one cylinder are loose, the ones on number four will be tight and rocking between inlet and exhaust cycle. install the injection pump, make sure seals are in place on the front side, beleave your has two seals on the front. not sure the toque spec on the bolt that hold the gear to the pump, there are a couple of different ones for the 5/8 bolt. after you tighten it take the timing pin and bolt out and turn the engine backwards about 60 degrees and then turn it the rigtht way clock wise at the front of the engine. (note make sure you are turning in the right direction before tightening the bolt.) then re-check the timing by seeing if both bolt and pin fall in at the same time. if not loosen bolt and do the process all over.
Carl How do you rotate the flywheel?
catmech you can use the bolt in the front of the crankshaft. they make a tool that goes in where the starter mounts, but you have to remove the starter and thats no fun, just to turn the engine.
Carl catmech: I have cleaned the area above and below the starter on the flywheel housing and can not find anything that is a bolt or plug except the bolts that hold the starter on. I believe this is a 3304 D1 engine 07Z10882-2W823 if that makes any difference.
catmech some times they put it on the other side of the engine flywheel housing. I look at your arr. and see if I see something tomorrow.
catmech looking at the rear housing picture, looking from the flywheel end, the right side of the engine. there is a big pipe plug, and the 1/4 inch pipe plug is closer to the cylinder block but right next to it. that would be on the opposite side from the starter.
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