What is My Tractor Worth? Tractor Values and Prices

A popular question we always see is what is my tractor worth? Especially with antique tractors, values and prices can be hard to determine. The simplest answer to the question, “What is my tractor worth?” is the classic response, it’s worth whatever price someone is willing to pay for it! But here are some tips and advice about deciding on a tractor’s value.

Tractor Values and Prices

While There is No Clear “Blue Book” Value for Many Antique Tractors, the Official Tractor Blue Book is Darn Close!

  • There is no “blue book” value – While there is no “gospel” blue book value for antique tractors as there is for automobiles, the Official Tractor Blue Book is a close second. Valuing a farm tractor is much more similar to valuing antiques or real estate than it is to selling a car. However, this comprehensive guide provides detailed information on farm tractors produced from 1939 through 2008. Included is information covering approximate retail prices when new plus a high and low range of estimated average used values. In addition, this guide contains specification and information on engine size, transmission speeds, and PTO horsepower. There is also a section featuring tractor serial numbers to help you determine the exact year a particular tractor was built. Highly recommended for anyone buying or selling new or antique farm tractors!
  • Historical sales data – This is the place to start! When real estate broker’s seek to value what a house and parcel of land is worth, they always start with historical sales data from similar properties in the area (and if there are none, they’ll expand their search to a wider region). But this is tricky with farm tractors, particularly with older antique tractors, because there are so many different models and variations.

    Where to find this historical price data? Start by browsing the classified ads on our website here at SSB: farm tractors for sale or antique tractors for sale – text only and examining the asking prices for your make and model. If there aren’t any currently for sale, look for tractors of the same or similar size. You can also expand your search to include eBay and FastLine, among other such sites.

  • Value Varies By Condition If you’ve ever watched “Antiques Roadshow” and seen the build-up to what an antique *might* have been worth in perfect condition, you can appreciate how much the condition of the tractor can affect its value. Obviously a tractor in “show” condition is worth much more than a rusted-out tractor ready to be scrapped for parts (or worse, for scrap metal). If you want to increase your tractor’s value, restore it first! SSB offers farm tractor manuals and antique tractor parts to help!
  • Size Matters – Just as with cars, the more horsepower and optional features that your machine has, the more it should be worth. This is particularly true with unusual configurations, such as wide front or row crop machines. The rarer something is, the greater its value and price. And while we hate to mention it, in this day and age of rising steel prices, the scrap value of larger tractors should be kept in mind as a fallback price valuation.
  • Tractor Values Vary By Location and Buyer

  • Price varies by location – A market that lacks liquidity (i.e. both limited supply and demand) tends to be fragmented by where the supply is located. In dealing with antique tractors, this means that price will vary based on the resources of buyers in your local area and who those buyers are. With all else being equal, prices for antique tractors will tend to be highest in the Northeast and along the West Coast, reflecting the higher cost of living in those areas. Prices will be lowest in the South and Southeast, reflecting both greater supply of these antique farm tractors in those regions and lower average cost of living. Combined with the high cost of transporting these heavy farm tractors, your location is a very important factor affecting the sales price of your antique tractor.
  • Price varies by who the buyer is – It may be fairly obvious, but the commitment of your buyer will affect the sales price. It’s a good rule of thumb that someone buying an antique tractor for commercial use on a farm will be willing to pay much less than a dedicated collector of antique tractors looking to restore what he feels to be a classic piece of agricultural history. Conversely, someone parting out an antique tractor is likely to be a savvy buyer making a low-ball offer on the machine.
  • These are just some of the factors to consider when figuring out what your tractor is worth. Values and prices vary by location, type of buyer, size and condition of your antique tractor, and historical values. The best way to even begin to place a value on your tractor is to find out what others have sold the same or similar machines for and start with that. If all else fails, your antique tractor is worth whatever parting with it means to you!


  1. Andre Laporte:

    I have acquire a 1960 little Case Model 190. I am looking for ignition electrical diagram. Where can I find this info.

  2. Larry Sysack:

    I have a 1962 John Deere1010 Crawler with adjustible front blade and a ripper on the rear. The tractor has about 800 hours on it.
    I just like to know a rough idea what it is worth sight not seen.

  3. Nicki:

    do know of any company that will insure an older combine that is not in use any longer. It belonged to my grandfather and now it is mine and I want to make sure I have coverage on it. tHANKS

  4. ken:

    my uncle and I need help we have a 1956 gh lawn/ garden tractor we dont know what its worth in canadian funds

  5. ellen mason:

    a friend of ours has a Ford Newholland TM130 4 wheeldrive with less than 400 hrs. on it and they had a problem with the altinator and I was wondering if this is a problem in some or all ford tractors.We have a ford loader and we were wondering if this is a problem in these tractor with so few hours on them and do you have any kind of guarantee with ford newholland farm tractors.

  6. dick johnson:

    I have an Allis Chalmers 1931 model “U” tractor, on steel, continental engine, tin and body excellent, runs good , was used very little, stored in side. Have lugs for back wheels, has rubber belting on wheels for parades. It was repainted about 10 years ago.
    Would like to sell to some one that would appreciate a good U Allis.

  7. Robert Allen:

    I have a 1939 or earlier Farmall 20 with iron wheels on back, original front single tire gone but can find one. Has some of the original tools, still has information plate, still in good condition.

    Has a start crank in front of tractor.

    Want to sell if anyone is interested.

  8. Robert Allen:

    The front does have a rim but has a rubber tire on it.

  9. Antique Garden Tractors:

    No, that model doesn’t have a rim around the tire

  10. Kenneth DeWall:

    I have a 1950 Oliver 88 tractor with narrow front end and full hydraulic for sale. Has been recently tuned up and painted. Quote me a price if interested and we can get together.

  11. Martin Borges:

    Reply to Nicki’s email of 17July08 – there is an insurance company called Hagerty that insures classic autos, old wooden boats, antique tractors, etc. very reasonably – they have a great website and are represented around the country by various agents – not sure if they would cover your combine but give them a try – good luck.

  12. Jim:

    Ford Tractors Pro’s

    I have a 1955 Ford 600 that has been well cared for and stored inside. Used only for landscape work on a small estate. Need a recommended sale price range…

    Thanks for your offer to help


  13. Jennifer:

    My husband just inherated a 1898 case steam tractor how do we find out how much it is worth. It was valued at 10,000 is this high, low, or right on the money.

  14. Mac:

    I am looking at a 2005 Case IHDX48 Tractor to buy, but would like to know what it is worth. It comes with a loader. Thank You Mac

  15. David Rogers:

    Looking at purchasing one of two tractors in georgia. Can anyone give me a current approx value.

    Both tractors are in good working condition with no leaks, blow by, or other mechanical issues. Both have what appears to be fresh paint jobs. Both tractors look very well maintained.

    1) John Deere 4020 unknown hours, (I think the year is 1967), rear tires approx 80%.

    2) 1972 John Deere 4620 hours = 5832, rear tires approx 80%

  16. Robert Renzella:

    We have purchased a 1950 Massey Harris Pony in great condition. I’m looking for a servive manual and an oil dip stick.
    Thanks for your help.

  17. Robert Renzella:

    While searching the web last year I came across a restored hay wagon (wooden, painted red & yellow) used for cartring people…..I can’t find the site…..anyone know of or seen this wagon?

  18. Paul:

    I have a 320 U John Deere s/n 325292 looking for the right yellow paint to paint it with

  19. Paul:

    this is right

  20. vintage tractors:

    hi, anybody aware of a price for a zetor 4711 made in 1971?

  21. tractor videos:

    oh, its with the cab

  22. Dale Appelgren:

    Has anyone out there ever heard of a Lessmann tractor with a factory Flathead V8? I just got mine running!

    What would it be worth? 989 742 2614

  23. Dale Appelgren:

    1947 to 1953? Lessmann tractor.

  24. Mark:

    I have a 1953 John Deere 70, very low s/n.The tractor is in good condition, also have owners manual. The tractor is gas, narrow front. In the spring I am going to dig it out and get it running and sell or trade it for something smaller with a three point hitch. Any info on the value of this antique iron will be helpful. Send e-mail to m.willerick@att.net

  25. josh:

    i have a 1990 B6200 hst with 290hrs on it and i want to know how much it is worth


    nice tractor for sale 2600 orig. hrs. 330-418-4932

  27. polovni traktori:

    do know of any company that will insure an older combine that is not in use any longer. It belonged to my grandfather and now it is mine and I want to make sure I have coverage on it.

  28. antonio perez:

    loking for power stering pump for 1961 case model 300 orchard style plus the stering cylinder

  29. Crystal:

    I have a Dexta tractor that was built between 1958-1960 with a 4 cyl. gas motor, a standrad motor engine, and a 2 stage clutch. I was wondering the value on it. The tractor was left to me by my daddy.

  30. Robert Reagle:

    1 have a 1921 fordson tractor,could you tell me the approx. value ?

  31. Tom Levlocke:

    We have a 1951 International B414 all orginal and runs great I would like to know the value of this. any info would help thanks.

  32. Joe:

    I am looking at buying a JD 2040, 8 spd trans, 2pt, 540 PTO, JD145 loader with bucket, no year listed in sale flyer. Is there a way you could possible give us an idea of the value of this tractor. Thank you!

  33. Jim Owens:

    My friend has a garden tractor that looks like A allis G.But it has A 1 cylinder overhead valve engine.It is Hydraulic.Any body know what it would be. Thanks Jim

  34. josephine:

    I have a Harry Ferguson tractor that doesn’t run. Can someone tell me what it may be worth and the best way to advertise it?

  35. steve groulx:

    what is a 2000 Scotts (built by John Deere) 25/54 hydrostatic drive worth??? 600 hrs

  36. Rob:

    i have an International 454(1970)tractor..does anyone if its a rare model or it if its of any considerable value regardless of condition..i have the only one that i know of!

  37. Cody:

    I have a 1965 International/Cub Cadet lawn tractor and was wondering what it is worth.

  38. david:

    have a jd 60 series lawn tractor very good shape, also mower deck is in very good shape,vin # in the 4000″s,anyone know what it would be worth.it was made in 1966

  39. Chris:

    I have a 1937 CC case that I would to find the value of. Does anyone know where I can find out what it is worth?

  40. phil:

    sirs. I have a 68 424 international tractor need a raidator any one have any suggestions please email

  41. D Hoveskeland:

    I have a 1918 2040 Case tractor in running condition for sale, It was purchased new at that time by my family, Don

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