What Type of Tractor are You?

We know you’ve been asking yourself one of the big questions in life: if I were a farm tractor, exactly what type of tractor would I be? Yes folks, this is right up there with some of those eternal questions. Lucky for you, now you can take this fast quiz and find out!

  1. What's your favorite color?

  2. Which kind of car would you prefer?

  3. Which of these jobs sounds most appealing?

  4. Which of these would you be most likely to purchase?

  5. How do others tend to describe you?

  6. What's your beverage of choice?


  1. Jim:

    Hooboy! True Big Green all the way! Fun little quiz here; I especially liked the profile it gives you at the end.

  2. ron:

    a catepillar.really, a catepillar. Huh a catepillar!

  3. RIVIR:


  4. Larry Caldwell:

    I ended up a Massey Ferguson. That doesn’t hurt my feelings. One of the nicest little utility tractors from my youth was a MF35. I now own a Kubota 3130, which is very comparable.

  5. Bruce:

    I never owned a MF but if was as pretty as the one in the picture, I’d take it. For now my lime green YM will do just nicely thanks! Fun Quiz

  6. Tom Bower:

    Hmmm. A blue one. Been around a bunch of’em. No problem. I now own an orange one. Kubota B7300

  7. Gaina Robert:

    It really impressed me. I like it, and I will do all my best to order for my farm in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  8. Joe Davis:

    I came up Ford -Just right I have (3)-Re-building All/
    or -well i`m thinken.

  9. Antique Garden Tractors:

    hmmmm. I’d probaly be a combine. Nice survey tho :)

  10. ieuan davies:

    i was brought up with MF in wales.
    i now live on 10 acres in western australia and have a MF250 very good utility tractor

  11. jack glover:

    great job. you showed me a picture of the ford thats in my shed. yours has better paint tho.hmmm.

  12. david hazzard:

    hit the nail on the head!

  13. justin huffman:

    caterpiller cool Love powerfull stubborn sure footed get”r”dun machines just like in the coal mines

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