Cub Cadet vs. John Deere

Sometimes we’re amazed by how a controversial message forum topic, like oh say, buying a Cub Cadet vs. John Deere, for example, can set off a firestorm of discussion! In this classic thread from our tractors forum, Henry asks some simple questions about the reliability of Cub Cadet lawn tractors vs. John Deere lawn tractors based on Consumer Reports. This was back in January of 2005. This set off a chain of more than 100 posts over the course of 3 1/2 years (and still to this day new people join in on this discussion)! Read this fascinating, informative, and heated discussion between John Deere and Cub Cadet partisans by following the jump below.

Henry I was looking at the reliability ratings (based on readers experiences) in the May 2004 issue of Consumer Reports and John Deere faired much better than Cub. However, these ratings were based on 1999- 2003.
I understand MTD acquired Cub two years ago.
1) Is John Deere really that much more reliable than Cub Cadet?
2) Since Cub is now under new ownership, any positive or negative affect on the quality of manufacture?

Bill Rodgers Cub Cadet has been owned by MTD since 1981. What models are you comparing? Compacts or lawn tractors? It makes a difference. They’re both pretty well built but you’ll find unhappy owners of both brands. Consider that Consumers Reports is rating all problems/praises of the whole tractor and some of the components aren’t manufactured by Cub or Deere. Problems with Cub electric PTO clutches a few years ago were attributed to them when the real problem was with the clutch manufacturer. Compare models at your local dealer (not Lowes or Home Depot) and buy from the dealer who can take care of you best. Service will ultimately be more important than color, tradition or name.
Henry Thanks Bill,
I was considering the Cub Cadet LT1018 w/Kohler Engine- although I understand this model is also available with B&S Engine.
The comparable JD Model is the L110 although I understand it will be replaced by a model with more HP this spring.
My lot is only between half and three-quarters of an acre so I don’t think I need anything bigger.
I understand the value of good service and both dealers could take care of me.
However, I don’t have a trailer and if I have to have someone pick up the mower everytime it needs service it could get expensive.

EASY I think John Deere makes a better product than the Cub Cadet. However, I decided to buy another Cub Cadet because my local Cub Cadet dealer will let me use a machine if my Cub Cadet needs repair or service. The local Deere dealer doesn’t provide that service.
Dad If you buy a John Deere you won’t have to worry about borrowing another when yours breaks. The deere won’t break as often as a Cub Cadet.
TROY Why buy from a dealer and not from Home Depot or Lowes?
Patrick(John Deere Market Manager-Ohio) 1) The 100 series John Deere at Home Depot are EXACTLY the same as 100 series at your dealer.
2) Your local Home Depot will have a relationship with the nearest dealer and the dealer will service your tractor purchased at Home Depot.
3) John Deere has many advantages over the competition. Durability, ergonomics, dealer support and cut quality. Cub is mimicking John Deere, John Deere has been doing this 100 series for a few years now. If you want more details I can provide them for you.
Chip It doesn’t matter who makes the components, it is up to cub or whoever to back these parts. I have a Cub compact and cub blames mitsubishi. Well I can’t call mitsu as cub will not let other mitsu dealers buy parts.
chip I have a cub compact tractor, Cub blames the problems on mitsubishi. But I can’t buy parts from mitsu as cub has tied these parts up.
Tony Williams The John Deere at HD are not any better than the Cub. The cub has a Kohler motor the JD a B & S.
Ask the the John Deere dealer. The ones the LT models at Home depot are not even built by John Deere in Wisconsin. This is not like you are buying a machine that is built by the manufacturer. All the parts for the most parts are made by someone else.

Ken Doesn’t JD use almost exclusively B&S engines.My last mower blew the B&S motor. Therefore I’m trying to stay away from them.CC uses the Kohler motor in many of it’s bigger models. Isn’t this a much better motor? It certainly cost more.


Patrick 1)Kohler is more expensive because they make a fraction of the number of engines that B & S makes.
2) 2006 100 series JD uses John Deere Engines powered by B&S. THis means they are B&S engines but John Deere had B&S make them to JD specifications. G4 crankshaft, superfinished etc. They are nicer.

Russ Schooley Ok, so I’m nearing the closing of home which resides on a 1.5 acre lot … seems time for a lawn tractor. So, I’ve been shopping and perusing the internet for options, opinions and advice. I’ve narrowed my choices down to either John Deere or Cub Cadet. I’m looking for a mower with 25+ HP and 48″ or larger deck. For John Deere I’m entertaining many options – C155, C190, X300, X304 or X320. For Cub Cadet I’m entertaining only 1 option and that being the GT 1554. What I’ve noticed is a few more convenience options on the Cub. The Cub comes with the Kohler engine vs. the JD B&S in the C155 and C190′s. The cub has seat arm rests, adjustable tie rod ends and a deck wash system which is not available on the JD’s. Plus, the Cub GT 1554 is a ‘garden tractor’; whereas, the JD c155 and c190′s are ‘lawn tractors’. Plus the Cub comes with a larger fuel tank capacity. But, in comparing the Cub SLT 1550 to the JD c155 side by side at Home Depot this evening, I noticed that the JD seems to be built a bit heftier. I just wish HD would have had both a c190 and a GT 1554 in stock for a more direct comparison, but that was not the case. I also noticed that the air filter was easier to access on the Kohler engine vs. the B&S. But, the filter system on the B&S seemed to be a better design, IMHO. The Cub also has hatchback struts to assist in lifting the engine hood, which is a nice touch over the JD. But, the JD seemed to be a bit stouter in the tie rods and front end arms which attach to the front wheels. Also, the drive pulleys for the deck seemed to be visibly of a bit higher quality on the c155 than the SLT 1550. But, the belts on the cub were thicker than those on the JD. Then the JD comes with a single axle mount rear wheel; whereas, the Cub has a 4 lug mount rear wheel. And, IMHO, the Cub has a more comfortable steering wheel. The Cub also comes standard with a front bumper, which is an additional accessory to purchase for the JD c155 or c190. The Cub GT 1554 also comes with what they call a ‘heavy duty’ hydrostatic transmission since it is a ‘garden tractor’, rather than a ‘lawn tractor’. And, the JD c190 is rated at 25HP; whereas, the Cub GT 1554 is rated at 27HP – both come with 54″ decks and are equivalently priced at $2999. As for parts, Tractor Supply claims they stock all wear parts for the Cub Cadets; Similarly, I’m sure JD dealers stock any parts I may need for the JD’s, regardless of where I purchase the unit. Now I can go to JD and get an X series 300, 304 or 320, spend a bit more money and get a better machine, but is it worth the extra money, smaller engine and smaller mowing deck? Plus, Home Depot or Lowe’s will provide me, as a new home owner, with a 10% discount on a one time purchase up to $10,000 (which will easily cover my new lawn/garden tractor and accessories I desire) as well as giving me 12 mos same as cash on the purchase. JD on the other hand doesn’t seem to have any similar offer – I’ll pay retail on the X series JD and any accessories. But, in the end, what I really want is a reliable lawn tractor which will go for 10 years or more without any major repairs or headaches. So, I’m posting here to get the opinions of some of you who may already own or have experience with either the Cub Cadet GT 1554, one or more of the JD models I’ve mentioned, both, or simply have some valueable insight to guide me in my purchase decision. Regardless, it seems like a “LOT” of money to spend on a mower, so I want to make sure I don’t regret my purchase. Also, Lowe’s and Home Depot have a ’30 day Trial Period’ during which, at any time, I may return the lawn tractor for a full refund if I am dissatisfied for any reason, provided I keep the original purchase receipt. Thanks in advance for your advice and opinions.
wallyman it’s funny, but i came to this board with the same questions you have. but, i have owned a jd lx178 (38″ deck)for 15 years. it is absolutely the best machine i have ever owned. i cannot say anything bad about my jd. that being the case, i am now looking for a larger deck. but since i am now in my mid 50′s, i am not so much interested in getting another 15 years out of a lawn mower. the jd 100 series at home depot, lowes, and dealers is an “economy” line produced to compete with the superstores models in a lower price range. the difference is considerable in material quality. the cub cadet line is similar with the 1000 & 1500 models comparable to the jd 100 series. the cc 2000 and up utilize a drive shaft motor to transmission instead of a belt. all in all, i’m leaning towards a jd x304 or 320. I can always leave it to my wife since the grass won’t stop growing when i die.
Russ Schooley Thanks Wallyman! That’s the conclusion I came to after a couple weeks of intensive research and shopping. I ended up finding a dealer with a couple ’05 JD LX-280s in stock. They were marked down $1,000 each. I purchased one with a 48″ deck. I’ve only driven it around a little bit, but just love it! It was close between this JD and an ’05 Cub Cadet 2186. I ended up paying a $750 premium to get the JD, but the bottom line was that my research came up with some negative feedback on the Cub Cadet, but I could uncover no negative feedback on the JD. And, having raced motorcycles for years, I have *NO* tolerance for mechanical failures … so, I figured the extra money for a more reliable machine is money well spent in my case. After my intensive shopping, I also personally believe that the JD is a more robust, higher quality machine. But, the Cub’s do come with a few additional features that the JD’s don’t have … shaft drive (vs. belt drive on the JD), deck wash system, seat w/ arm rests, padded steering wheel and gas struts on the engine hood. And, yes, you’re right that the Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears machines are definitely sub-par to the implement dealer quality JD and Cub Cadets … no comparison!! Junk comes in all colors and brands … but if you want a quality lawn tractor, you’ll go to an official implement dealer. Biggest surprise for me was that the junk quality tractors don’t even come with front wheel bearings … instead they only have metal *bushings* … and check out the steering mechanism … junk! An easy test on this topic is simply the ease of turn the steering wheel when the machine is at a standstill in the showroom … My JD LX280 won that test hands down! :)
kevin I am considering the purchase of a new Lawn Tractor. In the Cub Cadet Line – Model 1042-A Kohler 19 HP Engine W/ 42′ Cut. The John Deere Line- ModelCX 304- Kawasaki 17 HP Engine W/ 38′ Cut. I’ve Test Drove both models and impressed with both. I do like the option that cub offers that JD doesn’t, the deck wash system. The cub is $ 1200.00 cheaper, but I don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Your comments concerning this matter are welcomed. THANKS in advance.
Brian JD is using a Kawasaki engine in their X series and Kohler in their lower end machines.
Ron Don’t know much about the Cub Cadet, except that the name has been around for a while. My neighbor has one, and has experienced PTO clutch problems, but don’t know of any other issues he’s had with it. I purchased a new 2005 LX 280 last August, based on consumer satisfaction, with a 54 inch deck. I discussed all the JD series with the dealer, as I mow pretty much all of 5-acres, except for the “footprint” where my house and shop sits, a garden, and a few scattered trees and shrubs. I wanted something that would do the job without wearing me out. The LX and GX series tractors rated at 18-hp are all Kawasaki engines. I assume folks are thinking they are B&S engines, because their outword physical v-twin configuration looks very similar at first glance. But if you take the hood off to service the air cleaner, you will be staring at the Kawasaki logo. They also used some Kohler engines in the upper-end higher hp GX models. Only the L-series(which is the same L-series both at the dealer and retail outlets per the dealer, and upon examination) use B&S engines. I asked the dealer why the lower-end L-series is rated at higher hp. The response was that the Kohler and Kawasaki engines are made to JD specs, while the L-series uses pretty much whatever B&S mass produces for the market. How do I like the LX-280? I’d buy it all over again. Yeah, it’s rated for 3-acres, but it doesn’t know it. It has worked flawlessly, plenty of power to pull the hills and mow a 54″ cut over 5-acres in 4 to 4-1/2 hours. When the grass gets away from me, it doesn’t seem to matter. It starts on the first turn, and runs very quite and smooth. The 48 & 54 inch decks have deck leveling wheels that will pivot 90 degrees, then pull the belt release lever and disconnect the deck. When you drop the deck to the floor, it just rolls nicely as a unit out from under the tractor. I flip it up against my work bench and can easily remove the blades for sharpening. Just a very high quality unit all around. Oh, and the dealer said with regular scheduled maintenance, and designed use, the tractor should last 20-25 years without any major issues. Well…now, I’m in my late fifties, so this might be interesting trying to cash in on that claim.
Russ Schooley Thanks for your feedback Ron! That was exactly the decision I made. I purchased an ’05 LX280 w/ 48″ deck and mulch kit. I’ve been very pleased with it so far. And, I’ve even purchased JD attachments to go along with it. What JD makes, as far as the attachments are concerned, seem to be of much higher quality than what HD or Lowe’s has to offer. So, I’ve spent the extra money and gotten the authentic JD attachments as well. I did an extensive amount of shopping and research prior to my purchase and am confident that I made the right choice. IMHO, as far as the LX280 is concerned, it’s more than just green paint. I just love this machine! :)

Randy I have a 9 year old JD LX176 and it still runs like a deere. Zero problems during that time but I have the hots for the JD X304, 4 wheel steering would be so cool. But the model is so new that there are few reviews and no feedback on this unit. The JD rep told me the X300 was the very bottom of the “real” John Deere line. Anything below that was not a real John Deere with B&S and Kohler engines. Its another market altogether. My neighboor had low end JD and it only lasted a few years while my LX176 is going strong going on 10 years old.
wallyman be careful of the JD X Series. I looked to replace a 15 year old LX178 38″ deck solely to get a wider cut. Last year the LX280 48″ sold for about $4600. This year the replacement model for the 280 is the X320. This unit sells for $3899 or $3999. Why such a reduction in price? John Deere won’t tell you the truth…the materials used are not as good. Ask them about the battery: 2005 model = 775 cca’s, 2006= 175 cca’s. just look at all those JD’s at home depot and lowe’s. I don’t know about the othe residential or commericial models, but I would do my homework before I spent any money on the X line. John Deere must be spinning in his grave.
kevin I asked for some feedback on the john deere lawn tractor vs. cub cadet. I heard back from the john deere line but little from the cub cadet. The cub cadet model I’m looking at is the 1042.
this model has a 19 hp Kohler Engine, a 42′ deck with dual blades, and An dech wash, that rinses out from under the deck when your finished mowing, an option that John Deere does not offer. The mulch kit is included in the cadet, but is extra in the john deere. Come on, surely there are some Cub Cadet owners, There is approximately, a $ 1400.00 – $ 1600.00 difference

kevin I asked for some feedback on the john deere lawn tractor vs. cub cadet. I heard back from the john deere line but little from the cub cadet. The cub cadet model I’m looking at is the 1042.
this model has a 19 hp Kohler Engine, a 42′ deck with dual blades, and An dech wash, that rinses out from under the deck when your finished mowing, an option that John Deere does not offer. The mulch kit is included in the cadet, but is extra in the john deere. Come on, surely there are some Cub Cadet owners, There is approximately, a $ 1400.00 – $ 1600.00 difference

ChrisH I owned a Cub Cadet 2415 for 12 years. Just purchased a JD X304. What I’ve noticed is the Cub was much “smoother” in the noise and vibration it creates, probably due to the shaft drive. The JD makes a bunch of racket from the deck. However, I’ve had electrical probems with the Cub for as long as I can remember.
The JD is a Kawasaki v-twin OHV. Pretty nice. The Cub has an Onan single OHV.
Both cub and JD are sold by the big box home centers. So far, I love the JD, especially the 4WS. We’ll see how much more maintenance it requires. There’s a pretty big jump from the JD 100 series to the X300. Frame gauge is thicker, better engines. The 100 series was made to compete with the Troy-bilts and Craftsman type mowers. The JD dealer said that the HP for the 100 series is at the flywheel, the X series at the wheel, since the listed HP is a substantial drop from the 100 to the X series. Hope this helps.

Russ Schooley One Deere dealer told me that the real Deere’s now begin in the X500 series. The X300′s are not completely comparable with the LX280 they’re replacing. That was one of the many reasons I purchased a left over ’05 LX280 over a new X320 or X324. Quality and bang for the buck was definitely in the ’05 LX280. I’ve got no regrets, as the Deere has been marvelous. And, upon close inspection, the Deere’s are simply built better than the comparable Cub Cadet products.
Russ Schooley Thanks for the follow-up Henry! I purchased a leftover ’05 LX280 and am very satisfied. I liked the idea of the shaft drive on the Cub Cadet as well, but the rest of the package didn’t seem to stack up to the Deere. A quick test I used is simply to turn the steering wheel on both machines while they are sitting motionless. Also, try to adjust the seat on the Cub and then do the same on the Deere. Those are 2 noticeable areas of better equipment on the Deere. I paid a $700 premium to acquire the Deere over a comparable Cub Cadet … but, I don’t regret it for a minute. As for the JD and Cubs you find at the “box stores”, I don’t believe they’re much different or better than the machines they’re built to compete against. The fact that they have bushings in the front wheels rather than bearings was the final straw for me that sent me shopping at the New Holland/Cub Cadet and Deere dealers for my purchase. After my intensive research, shopping and eye inspections, I determined that you just don’t really get a quality lawn tractor for under $4,000. And, when you factor the price over the life of the machine, I think you still come out ahead by spending a bit more money up front. But, only time will tell if that’s true. It was a bit hard justifying buying one real JD for the same price I could purchase 2 Sears Craftsman units … but I wanted quality and durability … so I bought the green paint. So far I’m glad I spent the extra money and purchased the Deere.
ron i just purchased a new cub cadet lt1042 this morning. I absolutely love it. I have been shopping and comparing for several months now and believe CC is the best buy. Now i will retire my old john deere 112. It has given me many years of good service, but to replace it with another JD wasn’t feasable due to the high price of green paint. My new CC doesn’t have as sturdy frame work as my deere, but no new machines do. If anyone is interested, my deere is for sale.
kevin rose Thanks for the feedback and comments. I had tried to purchase a cub cadet from my local dealer. But the dealer would not return my phone calls, and when I called the dealership, I was put on hold forever. I then began to think if this is the service I get before the sale – how about after the sale. I wound up buying my first choice, John Deere Model X300. I paid a little more for the green paint, but I believe it was money well spent. J.D. service was great.
Bernie I just purchased the John Deere X304, Kawasaki 17 hp 4ws 42in mulch deck. Love the machine, runs quite. Mulch deck works excellent if you look close at the wire layout under the hood everything is neat,tied down easy to find. I know these are small things but if you just look at the wheels every mower will look the same. I think the john deere is a better machine. X300 and up, also look under the hood there is like a full frame to hold steering wheel componets the cheaper models are very weak in that area. 5 years down the road that makes a big difference.
Bob Bumgardner I went with the GT 1554. So far no problems and I love the 54″ deck. Machine runs and sounds good. I have a TSC on my way home so its easy to stop by and get new filters etc.
Darreld I too just bought a JD X300 with a 42″ cut. This is by far exceeding my expectations. I had a very old JD riding lawnmower( a 91 model) which just kept running. So the decision to but JD was short tracked. I compared this model to the new Toro LX series 500, bigger cut but very cheaply made interms of framing, gaurding for belts( but motor is a KOHLER!!), and general workmanship low. The extra few hundred dollars for the JD will pay off since the Kawi’s 17hp engine is rated for an easy 1000 hrs of use, total life is an easy 1200 hrs I was told.
chez i have to chime in here. I just purchased a LT1045 Cub cadet. i looked very hard at both this model and the JD 125. To me there was no comparison. you are overpaying for the JD 125. The cub was a much better bargain. with the 1045 you get a 46″ deck with mulcher, NOT on the JD, you get the high back seat, deck washer and a kohler motor instead of the BS Intek. I have been very happy with it so far. It cuts nice, in fact the first time i cut my lawn it was over 9″ high (on vacation for a week) and the cubby cut right thru it. It goes up hills just fine etc.. it’s hard to beat the price of the 1042 or 1045. (basically the same except for the deck size). The JD 125 just didn’t seem anything like a real deere and i refuse to pay over $100 more for less features just cuz it says JD on the side.
Patrick Yep..Cubs are nice. They don’t have the fully robotically welded frame, smooth deck undersized, same comfort or quality engine. The Kohler Courage is not the Command. It uses mechanical lifters just like the Briggs. Not what the Kohler was when it was a Command using hydraulic lifters. Add in G4 crankshaft and superfinishing the Briggs for JD is the best engine in the Yard Tractor industry. COnsumer Reports rated the 125 as the NUMBER 1 in mass channel (JD X300 series was number 1 overall). This is an unbiased opinion. Consumer digest also gave a Deere 100 series tractor it’s highest rating. So in review, better frame, better engine, better cut brainer. Cubs are nice and you may love it, they just aren’t a Deere.
Joe I drove a Cub CC2542 yesterday. Runs nice. Shaft drive is smooth. But I don’t really like the Kohler.I expect to drive a JD X304 this week. I’m leaning toward the JD. But I expect to plow snow, and I am trying to figure out if AWS is better or worse for plowing snow.
Brad Kevin, I have the 1042 and have had no problems as of yet. I now have 55 hours on it. I traded a troy built(the worst mower IMO)for it. The troy was 22 horses B@S and the 19 horse cub I cannt tell the difference.The Cub cuts great,rides great and is very easy to change the oil etc. I can not speak for its durrability but I have had no problems. The engine being on the front of the tractor does make it a little light on the rear wheels but it does the job. I also use synthetic oil in everything and if it is better for your car probablly better for your tractor also.
dg I have an old 1330 Hydrostatic Cub cadet with a 38″ deck and a 12.5 Kohler Command motor. I mow about 2 acres at least once a week with it. Trouble free little machine. I love my Cub But have thought about a newer tractor with a bigger deck. I also looked at HD and Lowes offerings in the Cub Cadet and JD line. I didn’t like the rear transaxle mount to the frame setup on the low end JD’s. It looked like an after thought mounting system and some shelving brackets from isle 5. I was afraid it would bend. The cubs are in my opinion a little better. But both have relativly cheap engines compared to the Command and that shy’s me away. I have been really looking closely and Dollar for dollar, I think you buy more features, quality, and performance with a cub cadet. If you really want to spend the money on an upper end John Deere (x300, x500, x700), you own it to yourself and your life savings to check out a 2500 or 3000 series Cub from a Cub dealer. You will be impressed. I have also used Kubota diesel tractors at my dad’s and would consider one of those, but dealer support for Kubota blows in my area. Looks like I’m going to buy a Cub.
Randy Looked at the CC 2542 and its an awesome mower for sure. But it only has 2.25 gallon fuel tank and looks like it would be awkward to backup with the deck going. The JD X304 got top pick by consumer union reports, they especially like the 4ws. My wife likes it better too and since she does most of the mowing I guess I’ll stay with JD. Thanks, Randy
Andre Deschenes Need some advice on my purchase of a JD X320 or the JD 500. I was surprised to learn that the transmission on the X320 is the same as that on the 155C. It’s the K58. Also, the transmission on the 190C seems to be even better (K62). This is why I hesitate to buy the X320 but cannot really afford to go to the X500. Ok I can but it will mean making sacrifices elsewhere. I would love your input on this. Thanks!
wallyman I learned that JD went to the cheap with their news lines, and this includes the X300 series. JD’s reliable quality mowers/tractors start with the 500.
Joe Sorry…but I don’t think I can help. I chose the X304 over the X300 becuase of the tranny difference (X300 = K46, and X304 = K58). For me, the K58 does the job well.
Greg I’m glad I found this post because I too am trying to decide on which to buy. I have been to HD and Lowes and to my neighborhood lawnmower shop. The latter recommends the X300 for my 1/2 acre. It is an over kill I’m sure but he did show me the JD 100 series offered at HD and the chassis is much lighter. I did make this observation though, my wallet will be much lighter if I go with the X300.
farmernudi Went with the JD X300 after LONG, MAJOR debate over switching to Cub Cadet. JD is “just better” and all my research always ends up pointing that direction. Then, it was just deciding which JD to get, another long process…lol…so hard to choose and find resources to properly help you make the decision, ya know!
John B I have an 20005 Cub Cadet LT1042. I have had two failures to date. The first was the clutch @ 50 hours and today @ 125 hours the steering has failed. In Southwest Florida the Cub Cadet warranty support is awful. I bought my Cub Cadet LT1042 from my local Tractor Supply but any warranty service is over 50 miles away. Fortunately I have a Dodge Ram 1500 and I can haul it myself.
I loved my Cub Cadet Tractor at first but I am starting to wonder and worry about Cub Cadet quality. Is the Cub LT 1042 a poorly designed machine??

Patrick I wouldn’t go so far as to trash the competition and call it poorly designed but…
If you look at the surface Cub appears to be better since they have bigger decks and meaningless extra HP. The deck wash system has been looked at by our engineers but too much water corrodes the deck. If you want to keep the durability of the unit you cant have that. In theory it is a good idea it just isnt good enough for JD. Cub appeals to those that don’t dig deep enough. Deere has more durability, better cut, and MUCH better dealer support. Just look at this years CR magazine. Look at the brand repair history. Deere is number 1, CUb is number 4. (behind Craftsman…ouch)

Patrick You made the right choice. Best tractor out there is the JD X series.
Patrick I nominate that for the most ridiculous comment of the year. JD doesn’t ever “go the cheap” on tractors. We pay for fully welded frames, engines to OUR specs, not the engine manufacturers, and we have the best support. X300 is the top rated tractor by CR. The competition pays for 2 extra horse and 2″ of deck size. No brainer.
Patrick …and you gotta love the 4 wheel steering!
John B I used the term “poorly designed” because after some 20+ years as an engineer at an auto company, that is the term we use when something fails in such a short time. I am actually a Cub Cadet owner and this is my true opinion so far into this ownership experience. I expected a machine to last at least ten years or longer and sell at my curb for a couple hundred bucks when I replaced it.
I replaced a smaller Toro Garden tractor (32 inch deck) and I wish I hadn’t – The Toro is still in service. I will most likely have to borrow my neighbor’s JD to cut my lawn during the 7 to 10 days it takes to get my CC back from warranty repairs.
As a note to CC owners needing warranty work use the search engine from the CC website but enter a few local zip codes. I used my zip code and a service center located 50+ miles from me was my only choice. I entered a zip code just south of me and a list of six appeared. Even their website has a few glitches. Hahahaa!!!

John B Maybe I should keep my Cockshutt!!! Hahahaa!!
Laurie H We have owned a Cub Cadet series 1000 for a little over a year now that was bought brand new by our local Lowes. We have someone cut our yard two times a month and the other two we cut ourselves. So needless to say we have very little hours put on it. Since we’ve owned it we have already gone to get the gas pedal fixed because it stuck and stayed at a certain speed unless you slammed to gas or reverse down. We’ve also have had a new clutch put on it ($375.00) about a month and a half ago. I used it once since it has been fixed and now it doesn’t work again. The same problem continues to happen. The PTO clutch won’t release itself therefore, I can’t cut my grass. Does anyone else have this problem with this series and if yes what should we do?
John B I’ve had the clutch replaced on my Cub LT1042 once last year at @ 40 hours of use. Now it is in for warranty repairs again @ 124 hours for steering and transmission overheating problems. Other than these instances I love my machine.
I had to borrow a neighbor’s John Deere L111 this morning to cut my lawn. It gave me a great opportunity to compare the two machines. The John Deere lacks many items that I take for granted on my Cub. I don’t like the John Deere L111 two foot operations (I am disabled – my left foot has paralysis), the button hold down for reverse cutting, the mechanical PTO engagement, two anti-scalp wheels on the deck vs. the Cub’s four, the gas tank filler location and small capacity, the Brigg’s engine vs. a Kohler and so on. I know that these two machines are in the same price category. Also I don’t doubt if MTD makes the two machines, so we are really talking about MTD models not a Cub versus a John Deere.
I hope that the service outlet puts on a new clutch that is the proper engineering change level and you get many years of service to come.
In closing I do wish that I bout a service policy that was offered from Tractor Supply when I bought my Cub LT1042 in May 2005. It seemed like a lot of extra $$’s to lay out on a new tractor that was of such high quality and features when it was being touted by the sales staff.

farmernudi I’ve read too many PTO clutch problems with Cubs to mention actually.Glad i stuck with Deere. My new X300 is WAY better than my last JD LT155 even.Dad’s was/is even older than my LT155 was at trade-in, and his is still running and has not had to take it in for any problems regularly for the longest time-knock on wood.

jwwayy I have read all the posts and it seems like almost eveyone here is on the JD payroll. JD this JD that
holy smokes. I have 2.5 acres of wet uneven ground to mow. I travel a lot for work so sometimes it is two weeks before I have a chance to cut it. I own a Cub lt 1045 it blasts through this heavy grass with ease. Ok mtd builds em. Mercedes builds dodge and jeep. This site seems more of a JD fan site than true comparison between two similar LT’s. The deckwash system works great. Is someone going to tell me now how it is not good to rinse the deck?
if so should i stop washing the dirt and bugs off my car too? how about covering my house with a tarp when it rains?

Randy I’m glad you enjoy your Cub but find it amusing that we JD advocates are seen to be the JD “fan club.” More interestingly I found a couple of your comments rather broad like Jeep being made by MB.
And I followed your post right up to the tarp over the house???? ;-) Sorry, you lost me.
Like I said in an earlier post I have an LX176 that is almost 10yr old and runs perfectly and has never had anything done to it other than reg maint. I honestly believe it will go another 10yr with proper care. But that JD 4WS is killing me. They offered me 1k sight unseen for my LX.
This thread is labeled wrong…CC vs JD
Both are fine machines.

farmernudi Cub Cadets are fine in my opinion…debated seriously about switching over to CC but then stuck with JD X300.Have some family members that did try cubs…they like them mostly. They’ve had Minimal to few problems. Lots of other famly members have always owned Deere with little to no problems tho. No reason to change.Personally just like JD better…something about them i just like better, can’t put my finger on it really…ease of use is great, durability…i dunno….don’t think people on here consider selves on JD payroll tho…everyone has their opinion on tractors just like anything else.

One thing I have noticed, is the people that own cubs, come over and try my deere and REALLY like it when they’re on it and don’t want to get off….lol…seriously.

John B. Great Post! I feel the same way. Unfortunately I have been without my CC LT 1042 for over 2 weeks due to a transmission and steering unit failure. Fortunately my neighbor has a JD L111 that he lets me borrow. This has given me the opportunity to evaluate the JD’s. I find that the JD has many shortcomings. These range from a poor cut from the 42 inch deck (has two anti scalp wheels only @ front CC has four) my CC has 5 cut heights the JD only has four, in order to cut in reverse on the JD you have to push a button each time you wish to do so (the CC has a ignition key system that you set and go), the accelerator pedal on the JD is a two foot placement position item not a convenient one foot system like the CC. There are more minor items like the hour meter without amperage reading etc… but I don’t want to be petty.
However, I am upset about my CC LT1042 record of breakdowns. Last year it was the PTO clutch this year it is the steering and a new transmission is needed all at 123 hours of use. It has been in the shop for over 17 days and the transmission is still on order or in transit. Being rainy season in Florida my lawn needs to be cut every 5 – 6 days. It is not fun to have to borrow the neighbor’s machine any longer. I wonder if there is a “lemon Law” regarding a lawn tractor similar to what new cars warranties offer.

Larry Reading all of this, I find myself extremely lucky. I don’t have to think about it :) I was recently given a CubCadet 1864 by a family member. It was bought new in 1995, used for 2 years/134 hours, and then put into climate controlled storage for 6-7 years.Kohler Command V-Twin OHV 18HP. Heavy Duty 48″ deck with outriggers. Power Steering. Power lift. etc… It was $5200 new in ’95.

All I had to do was rebuild the carburetor (7 years does bad things to gas) and grease it. Runs like a champ.

Now, I’ve compared this tractor to several at HD, Lowes, Sears, etc… It’s an ENTIRELY different animal.

Much heavier frame. In fact everything on it just looks far more industrial than what I saw at these stores. Hell, the thing weighs almost 1000 pounds!

From what I’m hearing, they don’t build em’ like this any more. At least not in the typical consumers price range.

Brad B. As others mentioned before I also am trying to decide between a CC1042 single cylinder Kohler or a JD125 twin cylinder B&S. I noticed the CC has more options for cheaper that JD don’t offer. I have also heard and was conformed by both dealers that the CC tends to have more clutch and pto problems. If anyone can convince me on eiter of the two tractors please let me know. Thanks
John B. I am the owner of a CC LT 1042. It is in for “service” at this time for a transmission problem. CC insists that if a transmission develops a warranty concern the complete assembly is to be replaced. I feel that is a good policy, however it has been three weeks since I took it in for service on that item and a steering gear failure. On the positive side, I’ve been using my neighbors JD L11 (a B&S twin cyl. 20 HP) 42″ cut the price point is what I believe to be the same as my CC LT 1042 @ $1600.
I still believe that I made the right choice in purchasing a CC. There are many more features and down right ease of use items along with a superior mulch cut (with more cutting heights). I have outlined the feature differences in my past postings.
My LT 1042 was purchased in May 2005, so it is an early production run. It is quite probable that the bugs and glitches have been eradicated by now. Also don’t forget about the three-year warranty.
Happy mowing

farmernudi that is the thing i hear from friends, on forums, boards, etc…that people with Cubs have them “in service” a lot. BUT…they still seem to like them. So i dunno.I’m glad i got a new Deere, and stayed with Deere…that’s just me. I’ve got nothing agaisnt Cubs tho. For me it was try a cub or stick with Deere and I had no “bad reason or history” to change really. They’ve been good to our family.
thomas sweeney i have a 6 yr. old CC #2140 with the Onan 14hp single… has performed very well,however,i have noticed an oil leak from,i think the split block behind the PTO asssembly. i REALLY would like another with shaft drive ,as this has been TOTALLY trouble free,i’m concerned that a belt drive system,even with “Kevlar” belts will fail when i can least afford it!!! THAT IS MY CHIEF CONCERN…belt vs. shaft…..CC makes garden tractors with either drive option for the SAME PRICE…$2999.00….so,am i making “much ado about nothing”??? i REALLY want a garden tractor designation for the larger tires etc…i only mow .68 acres (fully) and i have rough terrain,and hills which really test my nerves at times…but i CANNOT afford to ‘fritter” away valuable resouces at this time..i’m 57yo,would really like a Kohler command twin (with hydraulic lifters!)simply for the smoothness….any ideas???….thanks, tom ;-/
thomas sweeney ….whoopsies!!!…i forgot to check the box,also is it the Kohler command twin that has hydraulic lifters???? i was looking at the CC 2542 ………..thanks….tom (again!)
Patrick Yes…the Command had hyraulic. The Courage, just like Briggs, has mechanical. The Engines are really not separated by anything anymore…the John Deere by Briggs, however, has been superfinished and given the G4 crankshaft as requested by JD to meet JD specs.
Rich in NJ I own a Wheel Horse 14HP single cylinder kohler lawn tractor – bought new in 1983. Nothing ever replaced except spark plug & blades. The engine has approx 2600 hours on it. I mow 3 acres of grass per week- and it runs great but I want a new tractor. Since Wheel Horse is gone – what do I need to buy that will last as long and is as well made as this old Wheelhorse??? I will not buy from Home Depot or Lowes. I’ve ruled out Cub because of some of the stories here – so thinking on a Deere. Can you fellows help me with this – I want simple, strong and durable. Thanks!
Rich – New Jersey

farmernudi I’d go with an X300 series JD, personally,…but, you will get ten million diff. opinions wherever you go and ask…so it boils down to what YOU can afford and what YOU like can get a lemon with any brand, that’s the truth of it when it’s all said and done.
Dan In Harcourt I purchased a new CC lt1042 from a local dealer. At 10 hours the electric PTO went out. At the dealers now. Reading all this makes me wonder if I bought the right machine.

Walt in Texas I bought the X300 to replace my old 160 that’s 20 years old with at least 2000 hrs on it. It doesn’t smoke, it starts right up and all it’s had done is new belts once, one spark plug, one pully bearing, 5 sets of blades, two tire changes and a filter. Never been in the shop. I bought the X300 so I would pay it off before I retire and while JD still uses the kawasaki engine like I have in the 160.
Things like 2 more HP, lifts for the hood (don’t want to strain ourselves Ha), deck washer to ruin the bearings (that will surely infest the spindle bearings), and padded wheel are not what I see as a requirement for a tractor I need to get out and work hard. I drag limbs, an 8 ft trailer, mow brush and small trees and even the grass. JD has proven itself to me, so another brand just wouldn’t cut the mustard. But I would imagine some would even decide to buy a tractor just because it has perhaps a more comfy seat – some folks are just getting too soft.

Steve Lots of good points and debates here. I have a CC Z Force 44 that so far does a great job, though there were a couple minor things that had to be corrected (starter solenoid and gas tank). otherwise runs and mows quite good. The main argument I have for buying a Cub is comparing zero turn mowers, JD doesn’t offer anything under $6k range.
That’s a chunk of money to justify for most home owners. There’s some debate on riding mowers & tractors as far as which is the better value/better machine, but on the zero turn mowers, its hard to beat the Cub Z Force for value. For example, mine is a 20hp Kohler Command V Twin, fully welded box frame, timken bearings, decent deck, heavy duty blades, plenty of grease fittings, residental/commercial warranty, 5 gal fuel tank, etc for $3599. Maybe not the very best on the market, but its not a bad value.
Hope it lasts 1/2 as long as my 40+ yr old 7hp Simplicity rider that still runs and mows, and has had so little maintenance its unbelievable.

PE RE: NO JD zero turn under 6k.Keep your eyes peeled ;-)
NIck well i`m gonna put my two cents in i work at a Cub dealership and for the most part before i worked here i was a john deere fanatic and still am but as for JD`s smaller stuff its getting to be junk i`m sorry its the truth now that 6400 i got at home is top notch wouldn`t have anything else but the cub line of garden and lawn tractors are better then the green ones plus the warranty is better and as for the home depoe and lowes is concerned i hate then places what happens is a dealer knows how to prep a tractor off the truck they do`nt thats why cubs are gettin a bad name cub ships tractors with the decks un leveled or grease so the accessories the customer gets can be adjusted to the deck mowing hight thats why the box stores do`nt know shit and as for them having a relationship with the dealer thats false in my store we personaly are tired of there screw ups thank you
Greg I was mowing my lawn with my Cub Cadet LT1018 yesterday and as I was turning a corner, I felt a click in the steering column. I immediately lost most steering control as the mower decided to yield to the forces from the bumps in the lawn. I was able to return the mower to the barn where I examined the steering gear. I found the lower portion of the shaft, where the pinion gear comes through the frame and engages the steering gear, loose and wabbly (a technical term) with no method or ability to tightening the connection and stop the wabble. When I turn the steering wheel, the lower gear of the shaft slips when it encounters the pressure and backs away from the steering gear teeth, slips a notch and grabs the next tooth only to repeat the process.Looks like junk design! My dad was on his way to buy a slightly bigger Cub as mine has been very good–until now. I was lucky enough to stop him as he got in his truck to go to Home Depot. He had an Murray mower that was pure junk, we never were able to stablize the deck and have it hold any specific height–we welded the parts together.I examined the fische parts details on the cubcadet web site and cannot find anything on the tractor or in the fische that would allow me to stop the play in the lower gears.

Any suggestions (besides insure it and burn it :-} )? Taking it to a dealer is out of the question, it’s out of warranty (with only 72 hours use) and I don’t have the funds to pay someone else to repair it. Thanks in advance.

Billy I just bought a CC1042 and I have 3 words to says about it “I LOVE IT”. Sorry to the JD fans but dollar for dollar I could not justify buying a JD. Friends have the JD and say they are good. I looked at the JD 3 times and could not make a decision. I looked at the Cub once and had it delivered 3 hours later. It was a no brainer.
Beach_Girl_Is_21y Hi Guys! This is a nice forum.
I don’t have much time now, so I just wanted to say hi.
Mark I purchased my 1st 2186 CC in 1995. It was a very good machine untill I replaced the electic clutch(2x’s) at 600.00 per repair. I traded it off in 2003 for a 2518 and also replaced the electric pto in 2005 still under warranty. It started to go along with the 20 hp Kohler engine. Front lights fell off and moved over them at a cost to replace of 150.00 I have had enough of MTD. Traded last week for new JD X 700 with a hydralic clutch.
Kevin Sorry guys for 10 years I said I would buy JD. Then I did research and CC is better. JD until recently had Kohler in a lot of there mowers and switched to B&B. I went to a 3 different dealers that sold both and CC is top dog period. I then checked sales local/national, again CC top dog. As a matter of fact in talking to the dealer JD has be trying to catch CC in sales for years as well as all others. No one has and now that JD switched some of it line to B&B this dealers sales for JD have gone down. You can find happy and uphappy owners of both, that’s just volume as cars, trucks or anything else. Bottom line when all facts in CC is better period.
mark Kevin, BEWARE!! Remember when your electric clutch goes that you were warned. I too liked alot if things about the cub but it is truely a heavier duty and nicer painted MTD made for 1-2 acres or less.
tom Just bought a Cub 1550 to replace my John Deere (Sabre) 1846. I was told at the time I purchased the Sabre from the local John Deere Dealer that the Sabre was the same quality as the entire JD line. I paid a premium for it over a comparable Sears, Troy, or other low end. I have had numerous problems with it and I am disillusioned with JD and my local dealer. I bought the Cub Cadet from a local dealer after comparing it with the JD offerings at my local HD. I thought the Cub was better built than the low end JDs and had more features and bang for the buck. So far I am satisfied, but I will revisit this forum when I have some more hours on it and give an update.
ab Thanks, I was looking to replace my JD LX 176 with the X304 and my mind is made up. I will be purchasing the X304 Today! Nothing Runs Like A Deere!
Ex John Deere Fan As a long time Deere owner, I would say that things have drastically gone down hill for them. As for the previous post about the John Deere L series having a G4 crank…I bought an L111 from a dealer and it has a plain B&S 20 V-Twin Intek engine that doesn’t have John Deere on it anywhere. The hood is held on by push nuts attaching to plastic tabs that break easy and require the entire hood to be replaced. My advice is to go with what fits you best and you get the best deal on because all of the lower end mowers with reputable names on them are nothing more than fancied up Murray’s (MTD’s). My feeling is that if John Deere mowers were in big demand because of their quality as in the past, they wouldn’t have resorted to selling them at Home Depot and Lowe’s and pulling their products from local dealers that sold them for years. Any of the hardware store mowers, (Troy Bilt, Cadet, Husquvarna, Deere, etc… ) will produce the same results for you and all basically have the same warranty.
Ed Munster I have a 2005 Cub Cadet 2186. It does have a fully welded frame, and a 11 gauge steel deck. It also has a 20 HP Kohler Command, and HydroGear tranny with filter. It is a real Cub. And the 1000 series cubs do have a fully welded frame, just go to Cub’s website and look. Also, the Home Depot and Lowes John Deere’s are really not a John Deere at all. I don’t care what Patrick says. The cheap JD’s at your local big box store has nothing in common with a 100 series from a JD dealer. Look at the transmissions. The big box store’s have a Tuff Torq tranny. Patrick works for Deere, and just is trying to keep their little secret quite. Also, Kohler Commands Rule!!
Tom You guys can discuss this til your blue. All I care about is the bottom line which is the best value for my money. Cub Cadet offers a 3 year warranty (5 year on the frame)and John Deere only 2. This to me speaks for itself. If John Deere lawn tractors are so durable why don’t they top Cub’s warranty? My Cub Cadet 2005 SLT 1554 has a cheaper price than its John Deere equivalent and it has more options including a superior warranty.
Steve Hey I am looking at the cub GT2544 and the deere X320 I am completely torn which way to go and why.Can anyone help me with this.

Steve Im having trouble choosing between the jd x320 or the cc gt2544. can anyone help my decision
Brandon You get what you pay for.If you buy low line you get…. well….lowline.We tossed around cc jd and kub and after goin to each dealership we chose a jd x500.the cc has a lot of nice features but as far as quality in similar price range the jd and kub came out over cc.I loved the kub diesel but was out of the price range for us.
Mark Steve, There is no ? that the JD X320 is by far the easy choice over the cc2544. The 500.00 List price difference for the Deere is money well spent. 48 in deck, Kaw eng. smaller turn radius and better agronomics. Down the road less problems over all. Don’t get sucked in by cc warranty.
Randall Buy The Deere—The Powerflow Bagger is the BEST in the Business. The thing will suck up Dog Poop. I bought the X324 for the 4-wheel steering. Sure you pay more, but try to sell a Used Craftsman or Cub on ebay …nobody wants them. Goodluck.
sam I’ve been agonizing over what to buy for my 1 acre yard that has a 21 degree angle in the front yard. I tried to get the scoop, from the JD dealer, on the transmission upgrade from the x300(k47) to the x304 and x320 (k56). It’s critical for me to have a solid transmission without moving up to the 500 series (too much $ for me). I nearly purchased a 1983 JD216 for $800 with three attachements. Going that old scared me though. Can anyone give me the actual specification differences between the JD tranny’s? I need to buy something this weekend. Thanks to all!!
rod note:
I was looking at cub vs. deere myself
dealer claims the cub is sturdy, has 4 lug nots on back wheels vs. a single pin, front end is heavier, deck is high gauge steel, plus the hose conector built in to clean the deck. Additionally you can get 24 month, no finance option from MTD (owner of cub cadet) – im looking at the 1042 which comes to 2193 with tax or ~92 per month…

john cooper
hey! go steady on the Murry. Bought one 7 years ago and frankly for $750.00 it was brilliant. it mowed my lawn, neighbours lawns, pulled logs and crap all day long. I had rakers and pluggers ,plus it towed the kids in the snow…sadly the engine went but not through cutting 20 yards of lawn a weekend.
I agree with most of what is written but being English I have to tell you that most of what i buy seems to be poorly QA’d. the USA retail system is all about write up. not set up. I bought a craftman top of the range SP walk behind, drive shaft did not engage after 2 hours use ?? personally if i could find a rolls royce with a cup holder ( jesus can you not walk to the kitchen) and 42 inch deck I might be tempted.
Matt Hi, we bought a Cub Cadet lt 1050 tractor for the lawn. We paid $2000 for it. It is the biggest pile of junk I have ever owned. It has been nothing but trouble. At the moment it has no steering and the engine is running on one cylinder. It has 51 hours on it mowing my lawn. Prior to that we had a Craftsman that ran for 12 years and was near trouble free apart from belts etc. I bought the Cub Cadet because we live in a small town and got it at the Tractor Store because it was convenient to do so. Never again.
Melissa I, too, have been researching Cub Cadet vs John Deere. First, you have to compare apples to apples. You can’t compare the 1000 series in the CC line to the x300 + series in a JD. I am comparing a 2544CC to the X304 JD. Both are 3199.00 but I would have to buy the heavier bumper and the deck wash attachment that JD offers at additional cost. Both of which are included in the 2544 Cub Cadet. The shaft driven CC is not truly shaft driven the mower is belt driven. It shifts the power from the engine to the transmission with the shaft driven.I have no experience with either model or make for that matter.
Please! any advice would be greatly appreciated.

LeoOshkosh I heard that Murray Lawn Mowers actually make the decks used on JD garden tractors. Is this true?I would never buy a low end Deere. These are basically Murray lawn mowers. The X300 is nice, but I think the Cub Cadet 2542 is a better mower. Cub’s shaft drive is smooth. Also, the 2542 has a twin cylinder Kohler. I like how JD supposedly has Briggs and Stratton make “better” engines for the JD’s. Yeah right. Briggs is getting cheap. I recently took apart a Briggs small engine and you’ll never guess what I found…..A cam shaft made of plastic with steel lifters. Yes, it was made out of plastic. I seriously could not believe it. I will never by a Briggs again even if the JD Sales guy from the midwest says it’s good.This does sound like JD fan club site.
cubfannomore OK, I can’t bite my tongue any longer. I bought a property just under 3 acres and it was time to buy a Mower to take care of the property. I chose the SLT 1554 (2005 model) Approx 100 hours total time. If you asked me a week ago, I would have sung praises on my Cub. My cub has been well maintained in a climate controlled building since new. So what is the problem you ask? FIRE !!!! My cub has burnt completely up. Yep, after approx one hour operation flawlessly, it died like it ran out of gas. then within a minute was engulfed in flames. Total loss. Called Cub and their response was sorry, but you need to file claim on your insurance policy, and we will take care of your deductable.
what kind of crap is that? I have found that Cubs warrenty is worthless. I am not sure about Deere because I have not owned one, but I have come to a few conclusions.
1 Beware of buying a Cub.
2 Next purchase will be from an independent Dealer not a chain. (LOWES personel laughed at the pictures of my burnt Cub)
3 “Nothing burns like a Cub”

jake DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT! BUY JD. I purchesed a JD X300 Last month and already a repair man has been out to level the deck twice and been in the shop once. The grass flow sucks. The only thing I like about the JD is that it turns easy. I mow a mans lawn down the road and he has a Cub 1500s and the bigger one and it RUNS. If JD would return my mower I would go buy me a cub.
Drew Our town only has (had) a Cub dealer and John Deere.The Cub dealer shut down recently, leaving some made people who bought them there.Everyone has to realize that you can get a LEMON from ANY BRAND.

That being said, in all honesty, I hear more horror stories with Cubs breaking down than I do about Deere’s. It’s not even close, storywise around here, imo. In fact, I know a couple people who have new cubs they’re very annoyed with and are going to trade in. (but out of town and not for a Deere or a Cub.)

It boils down to what dealer is going to do better by you. And what you prefer, and what you can afford.

I know one person with a Lawnboy…or whatever…all i know is that things sounds VERY TINNY when it runs…LOL…i can pick that one out by its sounds whenever i just hear it! LOL

Drew * the above post should say…”it left some people MAD”….(not “made”…lol….) eh second line.
Blanston I went with the Cub GT 1554. It has bigger wheels and rides higher which will let you get the deck up if mowing around uneven terrain. Has a bigger more powerful motor. I have a hilly lot to mow and the old rider is getting tired. We’ll have to see how the belts hold up on the new Cub Cadet. I compared the Cub with the JD it was $200 more but looked better built. More substantial. Metal pulley covers you could step not plastic or tin. The deck looks heavier with more character lines that gives greater stiffness. That should relate to more toughness and durability. Take a look!
KUDSun i have had a John Deere LT 155 for over a year now and it has been a great mower. However, my .5 acre yrd is not the mightiest of tests. However I have been mowing grass for over 15 yrs and this mower does seem to make it look good. The tie rod ends feel worn every now and then the starter has a tendency to get ‘stuck’, one battery has had to be replaced, and the deck has had a few problems i am not even going to get into. However as a ‘gift’ this mower has been pretty good and it doesn’t bunch up the blades like my grandfathers CC!
willie I just bought a new JD X300 with the kawaski. It runs quiet the lawn look great when I am done.
Owen a Mtd for 9 years got tired of tighting bolts and filling it up with oil be for I could mow MTD owns Cub I did not want to buy any more of there JUNK!!!!!

Cadet Man Cub Cadets are far more superior than John Deere. Well, the older internationals anyway. The tractors today will break more and last maybe 5 years. The older tractors last over 40 years. I have 4 international cub cadets and not one of them has had a problem. Today’s tractors are so tinny, one wrong move and you can break everything!
eric I need to choose between a cc2544 or a jdx320 for a future purchase. any comments on either would be most appreciated.
drew I’d go with this JD, if it were me, without hesitation…but asking that question is just gonna get you a ton of very different answers, if you read these other posts here…you’d know that everyone is either a big fan of John Deere or of Cub…kinda like Coke vs. Pepsi. Which is fine, everyone has their opinion.Which one do YOU like better??What are you going to use it for?

What’s the size of your lawn??

Which dealer is more helpful for repairs or to work with, or been around longest in your area??
(both brands DO break)

These are questions you need to ask yourself.

Around my parts, i jsut know more people unhappy with their cubs than Deere…but that’s just around here. Lemons can come in any flavor tho.

Deerdragger Hi all, still own dads 1974 JD214. Cuts and performs like a dream, just to small for our new property. Starting shopping for a new one, tractor that is, stay faithful to your colors.(green& yellow). GT1554 is what I bought, BIGGIEST mistake of my life!! Not only did my freinds JD140 have more power, it gave a better cut. 2.6 hours of run time on my “new” CC GT1554 and I was headed back to the boxstore(HD) I bought it from. Oh, did I forget to mention it was because the steering let go?!! New JD320 on the way!! Proud Americans stay true to their colors, so too should, JOHN DEERE owners and those that dream of them!!!!
buckwheat ….. and if we were color blind — the answer between JD and CC would be….now seriously — lets talk HP, ability — real stuff….

Jeffro I`ve been a deere owner all of my life 110, 112, f510 and recently ordered a 2007 cub cadet 2544 i chose the 2000 series because i liked the shaft drive feature and the kohler cast iron command v twin. all the deere`s these days seem to be running the briggs engines besides the higher end models with the kawasaki which my 20+ year old f510 has it`s been one heck of a tractor for me. i was just ready to try something different and there aren`t too many shaft drive residential lawn tractors out there. deere or cub cadet really isn`t a big deal to me as long as it`s reliable and mows the acreage well.
cubfannomore Some have asked to see a picture of my Cub. Cub has made no effort to even look at this to determine cause. They do not care. Their warrenty is no good. I have created a website (it is in it’s infancy to share and collect information on people who have simular experiences. The website is
Matt Had my 320 delivered on Friday, We had a lot of rain and unable to mow the back 2 acres. So it was about 18″ high. The JD x320 took care of it with no problem. The guy across the street has 1.5 acres and hired a mowing service to do his. Mower service used a zero-turn JD, cause his new Cub couldn’t get it done.thxs.
wt I bought a Cub Cadet LT 1042 for the 2005 mowing year from Lowe’s. PTO clutch has gone out at the start of the 2007 season. Also, all sorts of front end wheel and steering issues. Fuel line leak. Unreliable, and an example of how our domestic manufacturers are turning out shoddy merchandise. This is the first and last Cub Cadet I’ll ever own. Reputation does not match reliability. Junk
Doug I’m thinking about buying a year-old JD X300 with the 42″ dedicated mulch deck… but I’m afraid I may regret not having the flexibility to convert to bagging or side-discharge when cutting somewhat taller grass. Honestly, I think I’ll want to mulch almost all the time… but mulching push mowers I’ve used don’t seem to do as well in taller grass. I’m picturing myself mowing at 1 mph because I let the grass get a bit too long… can anyone tell me if this fear is warranted or not? Thanks!
Barry I purchased a Cub cadet 2186 a 2004. It now has 90 hours on it. I split the use between cutting grass on 1 and towing a vinyard spray rig. So far the only problem has been a broken $7.25 brake spring. When I purchased, both the reviews and the test drives indicated that the CC was a better machine. I still agree.
Other advice: It is suggested that purchasers read the maintenance manual carefully and do maintenance perschedule. My previous Coleman had an expensive mower deck repair becuase it was not lubericated per schedule. 07/23/2007

Dave Matthews I’m doing a lot of research, and am considering the JD X304 model. I would like to hear positive or negative comments from anyone who already has one, as well as the price you paid for it.
Randy I bought a John Deere x320 in late June, moving up from a 10 year old Craftsman 12 horsepower mower. My dealer knocked off about $300 for a “factory sale.” So far, I am a happy camper. What a great machine! It is smooth, quiet, powerful, comfortable, and easy to use. The cut is very even, and my lawn looks great. It cut my mowing time in half. The Kawasaki two cylinder engine is great. My Deere cuts tall grass without noticing. I can’t imagine what it would take to slow it down. Deere added some little touches to please the customer. My mower was delivered with a full tank of gas, and all adjustments were made. They included a DVD with a 10 minute movie on safety. Also, I got a coupon form a free “Owners Edition John Deere hat.” What more could you want? Chalk up one for the green and gold – 100% satisified!
Randy Oops – make that green and YELLOW!
Ray I have an acre (less house and shop) to mow. I’m totally torn on which riding mower to buy. I an looking at the JDLA130 or the Cub Cadet LT1050. I need pro and cons from experienced owners/users. Thanks
Joel I’m in the same boat as the rest of you — I’m looking to find a replacement for my JD 1992 LX-172. This has been the best machine I’ve opereated in my life. It has a 14 hp Kawasaki and has had ZERO problems. I love the machine, but it’s not big enough. It takes me over 3 hours to mow 1.5 acres. I’m in a toss up right now between the Cub LT-1046 that has the 23 hp v-twin Kohler engine and any JD that is close to that in HP output for a decent price. I can get the Cub for a TON less than any JD….. I’d love to get a Deere, but can’t afford it. Oh yea, did I mention that my Dad is a salesman for the local J.D. dealer?? So from what I’ve heard, what it really comes down to (in comparison between Deere and Cub) is not the mower itselft, but between the manufacturer of the engine — Kohler or Kaw. I’ll have to say that I like the Kaw, just can’t afford it….

Eaten Crabs This information has been very interesting to read. I just agreed to buy a slightly used 2002 Cub Cadet model 2166. It has a 16HP horizontal OHV Onan engine with 55 total hours and a 42 inch deck. The engine was sensitive to start and constantly needed to be choked when re-starting. It dieseled and back-fired when shutting down at idle. The gas was old and probably stale. Apparently, that was not the cause. The mower looks like new for a 2002. The mower was traded in for a larger unit. I have a 1 acre bumpy lot to move evey other week. After reading these posts, I decided to cancel the sale and look for a slightly used 300 series Deere. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!!!
Joel I think you’re probably making a good decision — although you’re looking to spend more $$ by doing this (I suppose you figured that). Are you looking at the slightly older 300 series (335, 345, etc…) or the new ones (x304, x320…. etc)? My dad has a 2004 335 with a 20 hp Kawasaki v-twin and it’s an awesome machine, but It runs around $4-5k new. (the new 500 series is what used to be the 335, 345 series, and the new 300 series used to be the 200 series. It’s confusing).
(If you get that Deere, let me know how much you paid for it – I’m curious what a good one of that size runs).

mike alford Thanks to everyone! I have been in limbo on Cub vs Deere. My X320 will be here Wednesday. I have 2 acres to mow. I will provide feedback as I log hours on her. This is a great forum. Cheers…M
Joel Mike –
Let me know how that 320 mows. I’m curious to see how the new Deeres runs. I’m looking into an LX279 right now (17 hp V-twin with the 48C deck)

Glenn I can’t afford a top line anything but found a 1992 cub (1200 I think – 12HP 38″) that is unbelieveably cared for. No rust anywhere, finish is like new (honestly). This thing was garage kept and never wet, always meticulously cleaned…had to be. I don’t know these Cub mowers (coming from a Murray) but wanted to know if the year (1992) makes this one a better manufactured models in the Cub line. btw, the price on this was $500…no apples to apples JD was available for anything close.
Joel Glenn,
Funny you should ask…. I just sold my J.D. LX172 mower this morning. I was only asking $575 for it. It is a 1992 model, and has a 38″ deck with a 14hp Kawasaki engine. If you’re wanting to look into other options, I know that you can find these at dealers or online for anywhere from $500 to $1000 depending on the condition. I owned mine since it was new and had ZERO problems with it. I think J.D.’s LX line from the 90′s is one of the most reliable series of mowers built in that time. If you want a good mower around that size, I’d check them out.
Thanks — Joel

Glenn P. Prejean I’ve been a consumer of Deere Products all my life. I’ve had the GT 116, LX188, GT245, JD 4310 with 5 ft. Shreder, 32 HorsePower and today I bought the X 740 Model with the 48 inch cut. All my equipment still runs in perfect condition. You get what you pay for. You must take care of your equipment like it is the last piece you will ever own . Like I said, all equipment I have is Deere Vintage and Brand New. All sleep in a 40X50 foot covered , insulated Metal building by S and S Steel erectors. Today , myself and two sons keep our homesteads up on a weekly basis, which consist of about 20 acres of manacured lawns. I’m retired from the US Army but the estate is in the family for about 75 years. We depend on John Deere to help keep up busy. We appreciate our Dealers who help keep us happy and repaired on time. Don Hollier and Son in Opelousas Louisiana are truly our Dealer and close Friends. I salute John Deere for their Superior Products. Sincerely Glenn Prejean, USA M/S Retired
Glenn I have a stupid question. I bought a Cub 1220 Hydro, never had a hydrostatic transmission. What is a PTO? “Front PTO”? Hydro dump valve (engage-disengage)? Getting to use it for the first time.

mike alford One month in on my Deere and I could not be happier. I am establishing a new yard and am dealing with a lot of crabgrass.Got a mulch kit installed. First 2 cuts I waited until grass was 8-10 inches high (in spots cause its all spots right now!). Was disappointed in the leave behind and had to cut 2-3 times. Called dealer and they picked it up next am, checked it out and called me up to come over and work with them on understanding how mower would cut with/without mulch kit. They cut some established grass and it cut great. They explained that with mulching I need to be cutting every 4-5 days (approx 2 inches or so of cut grass). I get it now. They spent time with me and did not charge me a dime. My decision between Cup and Deere was more weighted toward support that most I have read here. Looking forward to posting more once the Fall fills my spots in!
Carlton Patrick I would like to hear what you have to say about my situation… I just bought a LA130 and for cut, ride, comfort and all the features, I just could not be happier. However I have a fairly steep hill and this thing just does not seem to want to pull it. If it were not for this hill this mower would seem perfect in every way. I have never had this problem with anything before (1982 Craftsman 10 HP rear engine 30″ mower pulls it without hesitation). I am debating about asking my dealer to check it out, trade it or if maybe I made a bad decision for my particular yard. The LA130 is nice as all get out, it just seems a mower of that apparent quality and power should be able to pull my hill. I have no idea how to tell what “grade” the hill is either if anyone can help me communicate that tidbit of information. I can mow pretty much all of the hill by traversing it, but it really is not all that wide. Down by the road is a short drop that is a little uncomfortable to cut across. I would much rather ride down the hill and then ride back up it. I am thinking of taking the John Deere Promise route out and going for something different in the same price category. Sorry for the bad grammar, my keyboard is acting up. Thanks for any advice or help.
Steve Carlton. I had the same issue when I moved to my new house with VERY steep hills. I had to replace the belt twice in 6 months because it keept slipping and burning. So, I got rid of my JD and bought a Cub Cadet 2542 with the shaft drive and this thing runs up my steep hills without pause. I am amazed at the difference between belt driven tractors and shaft driven. There IS NO comparison. I will never own a belt driven tractor again.
Carlton Steve, I hear ya. The LA130 is a LOT less expensive than the CC 2542 though. My dad has a CC Zero Turn mower that he loves. I just don’t have the monkey to make up the difference there.BTW, my JD dealer in Scottsboro, AL is absolutely awesome. I am 95% sure I will be sticking with my JD purchase and will not return the unit. I may still make another trip with it out to Scottsboro to have them double check everything, but I almost think it is unnecessary.
Steve I got mine as a 6 month old unit with 20 hours on it for $2199. Tell you local CC dealer to call you if they get a trade in and you can get a steal…
Joe I have a X520 and have had nothing but problems! I will never own another JD tractor. The carb is junk, the front wheel fell off at 8 hours. It has been in the shop 2 times for Carb issues… Just stops running.
Carlton I’ve gone through my 2 acres a few times now and I am completely happy with the LA130. It took some getting used to though and once I figured out how to drive it up the hill, things started looking a lot better. It’s the best mower I have ever had. No wheels fell off and it keeps running.
Fred Tedescucci Carlton: “Grade” is a way of expressing the “stepness” of a hill in “percent” rather than “degrees”…. An example: If a hill slopes downward (or upward) at about a 45 degree angle, then the “grade” of that hill is said to be 50%. If it slopes downward (or upward) at a 30 degree angle, then the “grade” can be expressed as 33 1/3%. If – for whatever reason – you need to be able to express the grade of a particular hill accurately, then you will certainly find yourself using bubble protractors, levels, long boards, and the like. Hope this helps… Fred
mower doc cub cadet wins hands down,we all know that cubs are mtd yard machines now,and some john deeres are made at a ex murray plant,but if you want a good one of either,buy one that is 10 or 15 years old they are stouter,and just built better,not really mass produced,its just my opinion,but ill take my cub 1330,any day.
john i have read all the comments about the electric pto on the cub mowers,we have fixed 3 of them at our mower shop by using a test light on the clutch then,seperate the hot and ground,cut the ground from the clutch and bolt the negative to the frame[from the clutch],it worked all three times no problems from any of the three in 2 years,maybe this will help someone
- john -

BIG BECK I have a cc 1046 2007, there is no comparison to
this mower. JD is over price and folks are paying to much money for the jd traditon.

shawn Well, after reading this thread, I will say, I own 2 Cub Cadets now and am looking at buying a new mower. I have a 1978 model 1650 and a 1989 model 1810. I have looked at HD and Lowes and at my local JD and Cub dealers. The mowers at HD and Lowes are not really comparible to what the dealer has on their floor. Of couse, 20 years ago, when the ones I have were built, CC and JD were not trying to compete price wise with what they are now. I can tell you that 20 years ago, you could not go to any JD or CC dealer and buy a 16-20HP, 44″+ mower for under $3000. I can also tell you that nothing at HD nor Lowes campares to either of my older mowers. I have been thinking that HD has the CC 1050 for $1999. That’s 23 HP 50″ deck. I thougt, even if it is lighter and not made as heavy as my older ones, a new mower for under $2000, sounds like a pretty good deal. After reading this thread, sounds like the CC 10xx series has had some issues. I have really thought highly of CC for the quality from the 2 I own. I think I will save my pennies and make due 1 more year and see what my budget can get me into then, from a dealer…
Bill This is my first stab at garden tractor posts. I was just trying to find a set of heavy duty rear wheels for my cub GT2521. While both the 2500 and 3000 seris tractors use the same four bolt pattern wheels, CC has recently deleted the welded reinforcement plates between the mounting holes resulting in premature wheel failure in tractors used to mow on slopes. As for who makes a better tractor? After reading 50+ postings, I can only say YEP! you need to spend at least$4000 dollars these days to get a unit that is really as rugged as it looks, otherwise the color to the paint doesn’t matterI’m on my second GT2521. It’s not the finest piece of mowing equipment. However, I couldn’t beat the deal, and despite a number of “nuisance failures” I’ve been able to keep total cost of ownership reasonable doing all my maintenance and minor repairs.

I have a 48inch deck coupled to a “Cyclone Rake” leaf mulcher/vacuum to mow and clean three hilly acres. I would have had to spend thousands of dollars more to buy a JD with the power and low a CG to handle the side slope mowing I do.

JS Know anything about these tractors, I found a used 2002 GB 360 I am interested in buying.
mike how much weight including the trailor itself, can the cub 1042 haul? just need to know if it can haul a little dirt up and down hills
Hillman I have a 3/4 acre lot that is a ravine setting. The majority of the cut will be done on 15-20 degree slope. What qualities should I look for in a Cub or Deere?
John in Chicago This is more of a John Deer fan site than an objective look at Cub Cadet vs. Deere. As a Cub Cadet owner, I’ve got to add my two cents for the sake of balance.
I have owned two garden tractors in my life, a 1966 Cub Cadet 123 that I bought in 1991, and a 2008 CC 2542 that I bought a few weeks ago. The ’66 CC 123 was in continuous use for 42 years (17 years by me), it was never restored, only maintained and fixed when it needed it. It ran like a new one when I traded it in this spring. Everything they say about old Cub Cadets lasting forever is true.
I traded in the old 123 because they’ve made a few design improvements in the last 42 years. The new tractor is much nicer to drive, smoother, safer and quieter. Changing implements is also a lot easier.
My new 2542 is the same basic design as the old 123. If you take all the plastic and safety crap off the 2542, there’s just not a lot of difference between the two tractors. The new one has a better engine and hydro unit, the old one may have a more robust differential (but it was overkill from the get go, borrowed from a International Harvester Farmall tractor). I have never heard of a differential failure problem with new Cub Cadets, so I assume that the new cast iron cased unit is adequate.
I would bet that a few of the contemporary shaft drive Cub Cadets will still be running 42 years from now (2050!!), and I am sure that the survivors will have had a lot of their plastic and electric components removed or replaced over the years.
Cub Cadets are the brick shithouse of garden tractors, nothing else comes close.

Dave John Deere X360 has the K58H Tuff Torq with 217
Ft Lbs of torque,The X540 has the K72A Tuff Torq with 405 Ft Lbs of torque just for the record.
Snowblowing and snow plowing fine for the K58H,
Ground engaging equipment the K72A would be much better suited for the task !!!

Jimmy I got the X300 a year ago and my neighbor a new cub…not sure what model.Well, mine not been in the shop even once a year later, his HAS, and worse yet, his local Cub dealer closed during this past winter for good, so now he is stuck driving it 45 minutes to the next nearest one. (the local one would pick it up) Sad to say, he is not too happy about going with that cub let me tell you!
Tim Porter just bought the cc LT 1042 after reading this site I hope its honestly a john deere site promo.If not I just got took.By the way it was bought at a very rep. dealer whos been in business for over 20+ yrs. he recommended this mower to me.
kid well since John Deere is closing all the mom and pop dealers cause they only want companies that sell 10 million or more Deers to be in business they only place to0 get a jd fixed near me will be 4 hours away and that’s highway drving

Bill Our small local mom and pop John Deere dealer is still open. So, let’s not start rumors. Truth is, I prefer JD and always have. But you can get good tractors with any brand i suppose. Truth is you can get lemons with either brand. Would I buy a Cub? No. Do they make some good tractors? I suppose.
Baggins Lots of PTO, clutch problems with the Cubs that I’ve seen in this area and talked with neighbors and friends. Lots of people trying out Cubs tho, so they are getting bought a lot. I like Deere a lot better, but many of them are more expensive. I like their ease of use, trannys, set ups, and am just used to using them.

RedNeckTod Funny I read thur most of this and NO ONE mentioned that the JD X300 series has a 4 YEAR WARRANTY, best I can find and I wanted a zero turn too but with just 1.5ac I cant justify the $4-5k
Tony I own a 1996 cub 1864 it has over 1000 hrs on it
and runs like a dream wether I blow snow with
the cc front mount blower or cut grass.
the only repair I have done is replacing the
pto clutch this year. I would recommend a cc
any day super machine!

matt Picked up a new x 320 tuesday. Seems like a great mower. Way better than the craftsman I had. In laws have a JD about a 93 model stx38 still runs and mows pretty good. Deck is a little beat up but they mow with the thing on the ground as low as it will go. Thats why I bought a JD. Love the 320 turns sharp, quiet, smooth running, just a joy to drive.
R I have a LX188 and its the greatest John Deere ever. I love it. I’M A JOHN DEERE DRIVER FOREVER.


  1. Mark:

    I baught a Cub Cadet series LT 1050 two years ago.I keep it in the garage and keep it well maintained.Already most of the paint has peeled off from the top of the mowing deck as well as on the mower its self.The egine knocks and smokes and the trans slips.I was an asst.greens keeper so listen when I tell you this…Stay Away from Cub Cadet.They are nothing but JUNK !!!!

  2. Mark:

    If you can even find someone with in a 100 miles of you to work on it all they will tell you is “it isnt covered” and your left hanging. Cub Cadet is JUNK !!!

  3. CocoaBear:

    Can any body tell me how I can get a free copy for a International Club Cadet GT2544 tractor manual.



  4. Hawkeye:

    I owned an International Harvester Cub Cadet 1100 with a B&S engine for 28 years. It gave me good reliable service during this time but finally developed blow by problems so I retired it, no longer wanting to breathe from its exhaust fumes. Despite the reputation of B&S engines that I’ve read on this site, I had absolutely no problems with mine other than it simply wore out after many years of use. I think 28 years of service is adequate.

    For it’s replacement I looked at the 2008 Cub Cadet LT1050, and the 2008 John Deere LT145. Both retailed for $2000 and had three blade mower decks and electric PTO’s. Although the Cub Cadet had more features than the Deere, Internet blogs from many consumers, complained about it throwing belts way too often, and that the belts were difficult to reinstall. Deere LT145 owners had none of these concerns. I consequently purchased the Deere.

    Considering that in 1980 I also paid $2000 for my IH Cub Cadet, it is amazing that MTD and Deere can still offer lawn tractor replacements with much better features at the same price in inflated 2008 dollars. The new Deere may weigh less than the old IH Cub Cadet, but it rides far better, has twice the power (HP), and cuts grass so much better than the old Cub Cadet. Only time will tell if it will last 28 years, I can only hope I’m around then to find out.

  5. Steve:

    After reading through this entire blog…my thought is that you get what you pay for. I upgraded from a 149 Cub Cadet that ran over thousands of acres in its time. I refurbished it twice between my grandfather’s and my ownership. I sold it for almost what granddaddy bought it for. I replaced it with a 4×4 X575 JD and expect to die in the seat. It is a tremendous piece of equipment with 47″ two stage snowblower and 54″ convertible deck w/mulch kit. Popular Mechanics did an article on both snowblower and deck shortly after I purchased it and had nothing but great things to say about it. Consumer Reports verifies the repair history for JD’s. Again, spend the extra and get unsurpassed quality!

  6. Michael:

    Stay away from Cub Cadet:
    We bought a Cub Cadet model CC760ES and it never worked right from day one. Looked like the factory installed belt was simply too large. We ordered and PAID for a replacement belt that Cub Cadet said went with this brand new mower. We got the same part number replacement belt as was on it origionally from the factory. I installed it, and had the same problem, the drive belt kept slipping off at idle. Cub Cadet recommended we take it to one of their authorized service centers near where we live. Cub Cadet also told us that they would cover the costs of pick up and delivery, as this mower is a commercial size and cannot fit into either of our cars. Now they tell us we have to eat the $90.00 pickup cost. Now if they had bothered to tell me in the beginning that they didn’t cover the cost of pick up, I could have rented a Home Depot truck and delivered it myself to the repair shop for $25.00. If they had bothered to sell us the correct replacement belt when we ordered it, the whole trip to the repair shop could have been avoided, as I am capable of installing a belt myself. I have not been able to cut the 3 acres of grass since early July. They have wasted our time, and they have not only wasted our money, but their own money as well. I just don’t think its fair, or shows decent customer relations, to treat their customers like this. Based on what they have shown us, I don’t think they really care. They don’t deserve your business. Don’t fall for it. Yes their tractors look slick, but if they sell you a bad one, you’re on your own. They will lie to you, “Lose” phone and email records. Check out my complaint on Ripoff Report. Bottom line, I could have fixed this piece of crap myself. These people don’t know what they are doing.

  7. Michael:

    Any you with good Cub Cadet experiences, I have noticed that you had very old models. Perhaps Cub Cadet is no longer what it may have been. These days, Cub Cadet is pure crap. The mowers look slick, with their plastic hoods and fenders, but they roll out of the factory as junk. I think the worst part is Cub Cadet themselves. They don’t know how to handle problems. They are A-holes.

  8. ALH:

    We have a Cub Cadet LT1042 and a John Deere LX280. Both have had their share of problems. The Cub has had problems with the starter from day one and has been a week runner with annoying vibrations until a metal shield/guard came off the mower deck. The vibration ceased after that.
    The John Deere goes through belts like water. We have to keep a suply on hand as they have to be replaced every year. It is a strong runner, though the plastic body panels cannot take much abuse.
    Both machines are about 3/4 years old.
    If I had to by a new machine, I would look very carefully at a third brand.

  9. Roger:

    I bought a x520 John Deere on MAY O7.With a 54 inch deck,it has a built in port wash system, which works great.The tractor has a 26 hp liquid cooled Kawasaki engine.I also bought a 30 inch mechanical tiller for it. I mow 5 acres and tilled a6000 sq. ft. garden with it last year.Also added weights and asnow blade and chains. Total cost ? 8700.00 dollars. Worth every penny of it! Performes flawlessly. This is my third Deere tractor. I kept my last one, which is 9 yrs. old, and still runs like new. I would never consider buying any other brand!

  10. Patrick:

    Ed, you realize how stupid that was? I did work for Deere, no longer. But they are exactly the same, I toured the plant. Why would I keep that a secret, in the Deere wants the dealer channel to drive the business. Why dont you do some research, then tell me I wrong. 100 series in the stores are teh SAME EXACT as the dealers…please research it then come back…

  11. Bill:

    I just got my x304 yesterday so I can’t really comment on durability or compare it to Cub Cadet. I made my decision based on a lot of searching for reviews and comments by people with first hand experience with any brand. I don’t usually count the # of good or bad reviews but look for patterns in the types of issues people have and what seems to crop up most frequently like the PTO issue with CC or the B&S engines in some JD’s. I used to landscape for a state government maintaining highly manicured lawns for the state’s capitol mall. I have thousands of hours operating large professional mowers and I have to say this new JD has the same feel as those did.

    Not to be facetious but I just wanted to correct the explanation of “percent grade” posted earlier. Percent grade is the ratio of rise over run. 45° is 1 (foot) rise to 1 (foot) run which is 1/1 or 100%.

  12. William Hall:

    I owned an IH Cub Cadet garden tractor for 25 years, 12 HP Kohler single cylinder. I was able to do all the maintenance myself, with only the usual wear and tear. I sold it because of a change in lifestyle, moving to an urban environment. After ten years, I recently chose to purchase a JD X320. Memories are funny, but this JD does not have the power or capabilities. I avoided CC because MTD is generally a low end consumer product company, although I do have a few pieces made by MTD.

    I want my old Cub Cadet back.

  13. Eric W:

    I have a CC 1527 for about 4 years now and I have not had one problem with it so far. The only nit pick I have with it is I would like it to go a little faster. I don’t know for sure but I swear it goes faster in reverse than forward which leads me to believe that the pedal is not adjusted properly. If I move into a larger piece of property I might be looking for a larger tractor. I would look at both JD and CC.

  14. djc:

    i bought a 2009 cub cadet lt 1040 it is the biggest junk i ever own first off the trans is just junk it sleeps and when your changing gears it make sa werid noise it rides rough the steerin was better on my 92 murry riding lawn more along with the trans my club is just junk it goes faster in revrse then it doesn on foward the transmiss makes werid noises when you go to slow i would never buy a cc again only have 5 just 5 hours i plan on taking it back to home depot and getting either a craftsmen or a jd never a damnn cc they are complete junk

  15. kyle clark:

    I’ve been using the same Deere STX38 for about 20 years now with no major problems until the trans went out last year. Some other gears going out as well but I did not have them fixed, its time for a new mower. the lawn vaccumm requires more HP to pull. about 1/2 acre of lawn, reletively flat with a lot of trees to mow around. Local shop tells me its the wrong color but I’m not shelling out the $$ for a Simplicity. looking at both Deere LA115 and CC LTX 1042 originally, 1045 only a bit more, nearest TSC is offering LTX 1046VT for only an additional $100 which is still about about the price of the LA115. The 1046VT has a B&S engine like Deere. opinions, recommendations please.

    also, in my search for a new mower i have found the wonderful new improvements we cant live without. “cruise control???” I have always put it in 2nd gear, if i want to go faster, i put it in 3rd. what is the need for all this other crap other than stuff that will break and cost to fix. I dont need an egonomic seat. I’m on it an hour or two at a time. I just need a cup holder for my beer. Purhaps an a built in cooler. sorry, had the get that off my chest.
    thanks in advance for any help

  16. raceman:

    cub was the best when IH made them had nt been the same since

  17. Don Lynch:

    WOW! I must be the luckiest person on this green earth. I was looking for a resale price on a 1042 that is about three seasons old for my neighbor and I came across this page. Another neighbor wants to buy his because of how nice his lawn looks. Weird huh? Man three years and three oil & filter changes, one deck belt(after my neighbor ran over a large branch)I bought my RZT-50 Cub at the same time. (If you are just cutting grass nothing beats a zero turn.) The jury is still out on the i1046 that he is buying new because he has had such great luck with his older Cub. Oil change and greese and a couple of belts (I run over a lot of branches and mulch any thing coming out of the garden.)Not supposed to but, hey. Oh yeah, I have replaced a set of blades and bought another set I have sharpened and balanced to go on the machine when needed. We share cutting 14 acres. Maybe you all are cutting a lot more than us. Or we have the only two Cubs on this planet that aren’t self destructing. Could may be where you bought it? Run around and shop for price, so the same guy selling you underware or shoes is selling you a piece of equipment. If you buy from a dealer it is a little different. The dealer has the deck balanced, air in the tires, oil in the engine, fittings greased. And they try and make sure you buy enough machine for what you are doing. They care, the guy selling underware could give a shi-. Yes a good friend is a dealer, you caught me. Maybe that is why mine works so well. He put in a good word with the factory and they only put good parts on mine. The small list of reasons a new machine is junk. I say a machine because John Deere has these stories, and MTD, and simply everyone else have these horror stories. And they ALL have pluses and minuses. Just look around. My observation is “It” was bought from Loews or Wal Mart, or who ever. They didn’t know it came with only start up oil be cause THEY DIDN’T CHECK IT And R.T.F.M.S. That stands for Read The — Manual Stupid, well you can figure out the rest. After the engine seazed they let it cool, added oil and then started it and couldn’t believe how that brand new machine smoked. You can always tell this guy in the show room. He screams the loudest. (They think that makes their share stupidity believeable. Misaleigned decks cut bad, tires underinflated pop, or cause a bad cut. And where does Wal Mart say to take it for repair? THE DEALER! Oh and I can’t forget the SMART shopper. How much will you take CASH? When it is financed through the back you still pay the same price. The BANK charges you the interest. Everybody knows that they pay less for the machine. (Hello! that is called profit. That is the oil in the furnace, payroll, insurance, light bills, service truck, parts, signs, garage supplies. And they say in this economy! Why do you think all the dealers are closing their doors. DUH! And you thought you were getting out of the show room with a new machine for what? Beads? Ever since you heard about New York going for a bunch of beads from Indians you think everyone will? You think the dealer with all his overhead in such a small building was paying what for a machine? How much did you save to get a machine not prepped from Lowes? $50.00? And you drove around, checked adds, watched newpapers and drove around again. Well I need to get going. I have to call the Smithsonian and see what they will pay for these rare machines we have. They are clearly rare. Just my opinion.

  18. rmgm:

    Our 2-cents worth… 18 months ago, we purchased a used JD C190 – which had about 50 hours on it. The owner of our local pawn shop had used it all summer. Being it was October, we got it for a great price – $1,500! It’s done a fantastic job of mowing our 5 acres, rides great, and no problems mechanically so far. Recently, we’ve also been considering buying a ‘reasonably’ priced zero turn ($4,000.-$5,000.). But yesterday at Lowe’s, we came across a recently returned JD LA175 (used 4 hours). After negotiating the price down to $1,900. (30% off retail), and being it’s still under warranty, we decided to take it. Plan to mow the neighbors’ 3+ acres tomorrow for it’s trial run. The LA175 appears to be a close twin to the C190. If it does a comparable job, we’ll be VERY pleased considering the amount of $$ invested… basically two green machines for the price of one! If we find a similar great deal on a zero turn, we may go for three!

  19. Kenzilla:

    Started with Deere when I was 12. My first job was cutting about 10 acres every week with an 8hp model. I did this until I was 18 and went off to college. I never had ANY mechanical issues. A few years ago, I bought the last parcel of an old subdivided old farm. When I first bought the 5.5 acre property, 75% of it was waste-high grass. I made the virgin cut and have been cutting it ever since with a John Deere LA125 which is only rated for up to 1.5 acres. (But don’t tell that to my tractor!!!) Aside from replacing the mower belt once, I have had no mechanical issues. At the time, this was the most tractor I could afford. Only because it takes me about 7 hours per week to cut my grass, I’m upgrading to an X520 with a 54″ deck. My brother has one and loves it. I KNOW I’ll love mine, too! I am TRULY of the opinion that NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE!

  20. H. j. Wooten:

    I’m having problems with a troy built lawn tractor and noboby seems to know nothing this is discusting since troy bilt is such a reputable dealer, read many discussiond on cadet and john deereseems john has them beat.

  21. garry:

    I have a Cub LT 1042 and so far it is junk, In two years i have replaced two deck belts and one drive belt and the PTO clutch is burned out now. When it was delivered the deck belt was on the shaft instead of the pulley and it would not cut grass at all … I have waited two weeks for the bolt that holds the Pto clutch in place i cant recommend this product at all … i had two of the older cubs (garden tractors) and they were great but not the 1042

  22. darg:

    Purchased a 1046VT 09 about two months. So far no complaints. Cuts grass very smoth and even It appears to be well made. Hope the pto and trans last a long time. Trans made by hydro gear, PTO made by warner i think. Does any one know how these trans hold up to pulling a cart with app. 200 lbs of weight and also a plug erator with app 75 lbs of weight? The fan helps keep it cooler, but still gets real warm.

  23. Gary:

    I have a new X360 John Deere and would like to know how to adjust the idling down.

    Anyone know how to by-pass the back up switch that one must use every time one backs up…hate that.

  24. Linda:

    I’m looking for the roto tiller tines for a John Deere 214 roto tiller with extension. Does anyone know of a source for these?


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