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New Holland TC24 v. Kubota B7500

Some of the most popular features on Internet discussion forums are user reviews and experiences with particular products. In this post, Bob S. shares his experience comparing New Holland and Kubota compact tractors, in particular the New Holland TC24 vs. Kubota B7500. Which is the better bargain?

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Case Backhoes

In this classic thread from our message board, Aaron Freed provides (by his own admission) “probably more information than you could conceivably have ever wanted pertaining to” the Case 580 series tractors and backhoes. Jason MacKenzie and John join in the discussion to round out one of the most informative and thorough discussions of the Case 580 farm tractor and tractor backhoes that we have ever seen.

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Case 580 Serial Numbers #s and Years

Here you have it folks! Another popular feature by way of AJ from our Case tractors discussion forum. Here he has gone to the trouble of providing a list of serial numbers and dates of manufacture of tractors in the Case 580 series. Highly useful.

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What Type of Tractor are You?

Caterpillar Tractor

We know you’ve been asking yourself one of the big questions in life: if I were a farm tractor, exactly what type of tractor would I be? Yes folks, this is right up there with some of those eternal questions. Lucky for you, now you can take this fast quiz and find out!

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A Great Old Caterpillar!

Dave Haynes over at the Fastrac blog waxes poetic about the hobby of antique tractor collection and the friendships that one may form as a result. He also discusses how such a friendship had him driving an old 1929 Caterpillar 15!

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Kohler vs. Briggs & Stratton Engines

For people looking for comparisons of different lawn and garden tractors, nothing is more important than the reliability and quality of the engines (be it Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Tecumseh, or another small garden tractor engine). In this classic post from our lawn tractors/garden tractors forum entitled “Kohler vs. Briggs & Stratton engines”, consumers visiting our site review and compare their experiences with these lawn tractor engines.

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John Deere Lawn Tractors Review

Many of the visitors to our website have strong opinions about the consumer versions of the John Deere lawn tractors. While John Deere is a proud brand name with a long history of quality and innovation, we have indeed had many negative comments about the models of John Deere lawn tractors sold at many retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes. In this popular thread from our lawn and garden tractors forum, the discussion gets off to a fast start between supporters and opponents of Big Green. Follow the jump below to read this interesting set of reviews and comparisons on the John Deere lawn tractors vs. Craftsman vs. Cub Cadet, Simplicity, Gravely and many other lawn and garden tractors.

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Cub Cadet vs. John Deere

Sometimes we’re amazed by how a controversial message forum topic, like oh say, buying a Cub Cadet vs. John Deere, for example, can set off a firestorm of discussion! In this classic thread from our tractors forum, Henry asks some simple questions about the reliability of Cub Cadet lawn tractors vs. John Deere lawn tractors based on Consumer Reports. This was back in January of 2005. This set off a chain of more than 100 posts over the course of 3 1/2 years (and still to this day new people join in on this discussion)! Read this fascinating, informative, and heated discussion between John Deere and Cub Cadet partisans by following the jump below.

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